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Questyle QP2R

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by unknownguardian, May 17, 2017.
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  1. Darren Cotter
    Never had an A & K, but when I've seen them mentioned in reviews as comparisons against the reviewed DAP, usually it's the 120ii, it's stated they are smooth. Is this a break from the house sound?

    When I had a QP1R I didn't think it was at all warm so the Kann must be cold.
  2. Bart147
    Perhaps a better way to put it is that the Kann sounded too smooth (not enough sparkle) to my ears , YMMV of course.
    Despite the 1 card slot I'm very much looking forward to the QP2R .
  3. Darren Cotter
    I have all my music on my laptop and use a headphone amp/DAC to listen to that.

    With my portable gear, a FiiO X5iii at the moment is to use one only card anyway. Most of the artists I have on my laptop I not only have all their albums, but also a greatest hits. So for the artist I don't listen to as much, I just include the compilation album on the one card. This almost halves the space needed and will just fit on a 200gb card.

    So although I think it's a bad move to "update a DAP and remove something, it can be worked around. For me at least.
  4. headwhacker
    I tend to put only the tracks I like listening to for a particular album/artist. This way I save a lot of space on my player's sd card and only need to listen on shuffle mode for all the tracks I have in my card.
    jmills8 likes this.
  5. jmills8
    Good idea, I try doing that but usually too lazy so I just skip the tracks I dont like.
  6. soundblast75
    @Phil pls let me know when you get it.interested plus the docking.cheers mate
  7. Klonatans
    I just saw it at Munich High-End show. The wheel works pretty well and unlike its predecessor it has physical buttons. But the single microSD slot is a deal breaker for me. I also don't understand why its software support 200 GB at max if 256 GB cards are available long ago. I'll keep my QP1R forever.
    Deano1974 likes this.
  8. AxelCloris Administrator
    Many if not most DAPs that state they "support up to 200GB" can playback from 256GB cards, they're just not officially supported.
  9. mwhals
    The QP1R did not state it could use 200 GB cards, but yet it does. I would bet the QP2R can support 256 GB cards. It is still not 400 GB though.
  10. Klonatans
    Thanks for the hint. Can some QP1R owner confirm it works with 256 GB before I proceed to purchase?
  11. Darren Cotter
    But why don't Questyle go on their local Amazon and buy a Sandisk 256GB and then put on their official bumpf!
  12. AxelCloris Administrator
    You're essentially asking a company to guarantee that their product will work with an entire category of MicroSD cards (all 256GB models) because it works with a single brand (Sandisk). That's not wise on the company's part.
  13. mwhals
    I wonder if the UI is improved over the QP1R. It seems like it will be the same.
  14. buke9
    As I haven't heard the QP2R yet I can't say. I think the QP1R sounds so much better than the Kann I doubt the QP2R is going to sound worse. I was totally unimpressed by the Kann the fluted body is a just what were they thinking.
  15. Greg02
    Is the implication here that they test a comprehensive subset of MicroSD cards 200GB and below?

    I'll admit, I don't understand what the failure mode with high capacity cards is. I'd assume that the physical board requirements are the same for each card (certainly SD slots on computers can read all different capacities), and it's unclear to me what would break on the software side. Maybe too many files causing scale issues?
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