Questyle QP2R

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by unknownguardian, May 17, 2017.
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  1. UELong
    Of course. I should've realized. Thank you.
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  2. ChisChas
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  3. brams
    Does anyone know when the HB2 will be available for sale? Also, is it just me or is there generally less buzz around the QP2R vs the 1R?
  4. UELong
    My impression from reviews is that Questyle has learned from the 1R, and redesigned the 2R from the ground up. The only reasons I haven't tried to get one, besides money issues, is that I don't have any balanced cable for my IEMs, and right now, two 200GB memory cardsare cheaper than one 400Gb card.
  5. skablin
    I saw in another thread you got the new DAC in, QP2R as well or not yet?
  6. glassmonkey
    I am so happy that I can see the full album art now. The half art view was driving me nuts when I had to look at it. Much better now. :)

    I have an unboxing and initial impressions post set for Monday. The QP2R sounds beautiful. I'm saving my UI comments for the full review, but currently find it to be not too bad. The scroll wheel is a bit slick, but comes with a sticker to help with that. I'm currently working without the sticker to make for better photos. Shiny shiny. Most useful trick in the UI, holding the back arrow button. This takes you back to the base menu which then allows easy selection of sound options like gain and bias and easy navigation of music categories. Most annoying: the old Hiby pain of them not having Genre broke down by artists and albums-it's just a list of tracks. Hiby finally fixed this in their 3.0 player after two years of me complaining about it. Hopefully they'll roll it out to all my Hiby OS players now. Keep on 'em, Questyle. Don't let them shunt you out now that they are manufacturing their own players.

    I hope all the folks in the States can get their hands on the QP2R quick. It is excellent. I drove the HiFiMAN HE-1000 v2 in my HiFiMAN Susvara review off it and it was not lacking. When I do my HE-1000 v2 review, I'll do some more in depth listening. I just did a taste in the Susvara review:

    The Susvara is better than the HE1000 v2, but it also comes with more amping requirements. I can drive the heck out of the HE1000 v2 on the Questyle CMA600i, it really doesn’t need the Formula S. The Susvara needs the extra amping. The Susvara will never be amenable to being driven off a DAP like I’m doing off the Questyle QP2R in balanced mode right now. I’m listening to Amber Rubarth – Washing Day off the QP2R right now in High Gain with High Bias (volume 107 out of 120) and nothing sounds strained, nor does the soundstage sound compacted in any way.
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  7. MTMECraig
    Not yet Skablin :/ I thought it might be delivered all together but our shipment of QP2R has yet to arrive
  8. glassmonkey
    Full impressions up here, summary below, with some pics. HeadFi is still stupid when it comes to image size adjustment or using tables. Sorry for the copious size.

    Pros: gorgeous, expansive soundstage, detailed, big power, great texture and natural timbre to instruments, nice packaging (pics in link)
    Cons: The wheel is pretty slick (still functional and a sticker is included for grip), genre is just a list of tracks, UI could be faster, hard to find a good case

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  9. ChisChas
    Not sure I should be thanking you for putting temptation in my path, I am listening to one of Matt's loan Utopias as I type this, not sure he would thank you either (I'm kidding you) but a fascinating review of the Susvara, very enjoyable and interesting. Yes, as you say, shame the Susvara isn't at the already full Utopia price point. I think for me anyway the problem is the cost of the amp/dac to go with the Susvara, the already expensive set of HP's doubles when you factor in worthy enough amplification. I bought my QP2R at the Indulgence Show and listened to a not run-in pair of Utopias with it (and my K812's) and Kevin recently very kindly provided a 1m Atlas Zeno Balanced cable so I could use the 2.5mm output on my QP2R with the Utopias, the QP2R and Utopia pairing works beautifully, even better with my Hugo 2, but the DAP is an essential part of my listening.
    I visited Audio Sanctuary earlier this week (a little cable problem) and lent Matt's Utopias to another customer whilst I had a very brief listen to the HE1000 V2 using the SE output on my QP2R and I quite liked what I heard (very briefly) but realised I needed a Balanced cable as the HE1000 V2 requires more driving than the Utopias do. I felt, with the SE output, there wasn't enough oompah to do the HE1000 V2's justice and maybe when I switched back to the Utopias, I thought the V2's bass was slower? Maybe this was down to the inadequate power for the V2's of the SE output? Love the Atlas Zeno cables, I have one for my K812's.
  10. ChisChas
    What's wrong with the standard case? The latest version is cheaper than the original QP1R case I bought with my QP2R. I've had an aperture cut in the left side so I no longer trigger one of the controls as I take my QP2R out of my jean's pocket. It was driving me a bit bonkers.
  11. wtaps.604
    I think this is going to be my first high end dap. I have been going back and forth between this and the audio-opus opus#2, and even the ibasso dx200, but I keep looking for all the info and reviews I can find on this. For a mid to high end player would this be on everyones short list? Should I be looking elsewhere or at this price point is it pretty much near perfection?
  12. glassmonkey
    I would make a decision based on what you will be driving. I got hiss on sensitive IEMs with the QP2R. It does brilliantly with higher resistance like the UERR and the HiFiMAN RE-800 and RE-2000.
  13. glassmonkey
    To be fair, I've only ever listened to the Utopia in show settings. I know it feels heavier, but I haven't had a head to head. Matt still might find himself satisfied, if I get a pair of Utopia's to review before I have to give the Susvara back.
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  14. wtaps.604
    As of now I have an older pair of Westone 4's. But I would be upgrading the IEMs along with the player, I do not have a real budget per se, $1000 or so for the player and $1000 or so for the IEMs. I could go higher or save some $ either way. I just want something that will last with no need to upgrade within a year.
  15. ChisChas
    I'm biased because I love my QP2R, I upgraded from a Cowon Plenue 1 and was very glad to do so. I love the design, the finish (I chose the blingy but beautiful gold), the SQ is amazing with my AKG K812's and with the Focal Utopias I'm borrowing over Christmas (I've run them in, they were a bit rough before), the Balanced output is very useful (3.6 Vrms v 1.8 Vrms with the SE output), I like the wheel because it now works properly (apparently it didn't always with the QP1R) and the single card slot takes up to 2TB although you can only get a 400GB micro SD card at the moment. The Ui is fine for me but I can't claim to be particularly experienced with UI's (this is my 3rd DAP after my iPod Classic). I looked at the DX200 but another Head-Fier advised the QP2R in preference but it is cheaper.
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