Questyle QP2R

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by unknownguardian, May 17, 2017.
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  1. mwhals
    This is exactly why I am not buying a QP2R. My next DAP will be something other than Questyle.
  2. MP800
    Yesterday I demoed the 64 audio U12, U18 & Fourté in ears with the Qp2r. When using a balanced cable there was some noise. I didnt hear this on SE. Any one else notices this?
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  3. Mimouille
    I tested the QP2R à while ago with the very sensitive VE8 and it was a hiss fest. To be fair the VE8 hisses with several sources, but the QP2R was the worst I tried. Apart from that it sounded good, but I wish I could try with less sensitive iems. Did anybody have a chance to compare to various TOTL DAPs? WM1Z, LPG, DX200, AK380, SP1000 ?

    Thank you
  4. ChisChas
    Oh dear, not this negativity AGAIN! This whole issue came up in the thread a while ago, what useful purpose does it serve to repost this post? And Questyle have just released another firmware update for the QP2R which has been posted in this thread. If you wish to repeatedly whine about the QP1R, kindly do so in the QP1R thread.

    As a happy owner of a QP2R, don't buy one if you feel so negatively about Questyle and their product. Please buy something else and go and complain about that product/brand on another thread.

    This is exactly what John Franks, the MD/CEO of Chord Electronics, posted in one of the Chord Electronics threads, he told the poster he didn't want him buying their products.
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  5. ChisChas
    Having been loaned a pair of Utopias, I bought my own from Audio Sanctuary last Friday. The Utopias sound wonderful using Atlas Zeno Balanced cable (thank you Atlas for providing this for the loaner Utopias) and they sound even better with my Chord Hugo 2. My birthday next week so the Utopias are a great birthday present, from me to me, wi-fi blissfully ignorant about cost of TOTL hi-fi :blush:

    Was listening to Sia's 'Some People Have Real Problems' album this morning (WAV 16/44.1) and also the beautiful Arnesen 'Magnificat' in 24/96, the combination of the QP2R & the Focal Utopias = joy
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  6. glassmonkey
    Balanced out hisses more than single ended, in my experience. I think SE with a Ultimate Ears buffer jack will solve many hiss issues. I'll test out when I do my review. All my best cables are balanced, though.
  7. UELong
    That's the main reason I don't subscribe to the QP1R thread, anymore.
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  8. MP800
    Thanks for your response. Yeah someone told me about IFi Iematch or ear buddy which are similar products. I might give that a go when I get the A18T’s. :)
  9. twister6 Contributor
    as well as iEMatch and Ear Buddy from iFi :wink:
  10. glassmonkey
    Don't Earbuddy and IEMatch work by increasing impedance? The Ultimate Ears buffer jack works differently. My experience with the Nano iDSD BL was that IEMatch altered my Noble Encore's bass a little bit. The buffer jack hasn't affected tonality in my recollection. Will need to do more tests.
  11. twister6 Contributor
    I meant those recommendations to reduce hissing. Regarding tonality change, you are right, they work on case by case basis, depending on impedance and crossover design of different multi-BA and hybrid iems.
  12. ChisChas
    Well that just proves why we all need to work towards keeping this QP2R thread enjoyable to be part of imho.
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  13. UELong
    That's why I'me 'ere. I don't need to upgrade to the 2r, only because I still like my 1R, and Questyle in general. I've secretly been wondering what a couple of 800R golds fed from a H2 or DAVE might be like. I'm thinking that Questyle's current mode amplification might be the transparancy that a Chord DAC would complement.
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  14. esauseesaw
    It would sound sublime! :L3000: Here's some interesting feedback though...

    I had a DAVE owner trial the complete Golden stack (CAS192DG, CMA800PG, 2x CMA800RG). He felt that the complete Golden system sounded better than his DAVE feeding 2x CMA800RG, but both better than straight out the DAVE. I guess it has to do with the synergy between same brand products, since they are designed to work best together. I was VERY surprised the Questyle DAC could compete on that level but I do tend find the differences between DACs to be more subtle than the difference better amplification makes, especially depending on the headphone. I think he used LCD4s.
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  15. ChisChas
    Perhaps you should persuade more people to trial the Golden stack, sounds like a good plan?
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