Portable Mini-to-Mini Cables Quick Impressions

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  1. Leo888

    Hi fiascogarcia, may I know if your are referring to the SPC Colour Cyroed from Audio Minor eBay listing. Thanks.
  2. fiascogarcia
    This is the one I have, but I think he also has a pure silver, which I have not tried.  I'm currently using this one to connect my Dragonfly to a portable amp when using the laptop to play music.  Connectors are on the larger size, but have given me no problem at all.

  3. Leo888
    What you have right there is on another level compares to what I ordered. Btw, very nice rig. I ordered  the SPC Colour which is not the one you have but instead of 3 cable braided, I opted for quad braid and it's on it's way to me now. Hope the price/performance is good for what I paid for. Now, I really feel I should have jumped for the one you order, haha. But the time will come.
    Thanks for your feedback fiascogarcia, appreciate it. 
  4. fiascogarcia
    You're so welcome!  Like I've said before, IMO the cables don't make a huge sonic difference, so I mostly buy for aesthetics and quality of construction. [​IMG]
  5. Leo888
    Thanks for the thoughts fiascogarcia. That's good to know and may keep my wallet safe for some time, haha.
  6. AJHeadfi
    See! Your tinnitus is from listening too much to the most pure silver 'zing', everything in moderation. [​IMG]
    I'm saying that selection of cable is all about synergy with that which it connects, the better the synergy the more enjoyable the whole system is to listen to.
    Obviously aesthetics are by far the most important aspect of any cable. That's why I use purple.
  7. audionewbi
    Cut on salt, some times the tinnitus is due to blood pressure.
  8. rudi0504
    Today I just received 2 sets Double Helix Cable ICs

    1st is
    IC DHC Chaperone 3 is from DHC in Silver


    2nd is
    IC DHC Chaperone 4 is upcoming from DHC in copper

  9. ShibeSuchBass
    Sorry if this is necro, as the last post was two months ago.
    I just stumbled upon this thread and I'm pretty fascinated, but confused. Obviously these are cables, and short ones for portable amps and such. I have always believed cables dont make a difference, but the first post described how different each one made the sound change. What makes these special to influence sound so much, and so expensive? I think they look way different than normal sleeved cables, is it for looks or are the exposed cables done so for a purpose?

    Can anyone explain our introduce me to these cables? Thanks
  10. fiascogarcia

    You're not too far off.  Aside from the technologies of the cable construction, sleeving materials are also different from cable to cable.  They can influence the tonality of the overall system, but the changes are very subtle, in my opinion.  Best bet, to me, is to get phones, DAP, DAC, amp, etc., that are of a quality you enjoy, then get cables when you want to enjoy an extravagance or aesthetic improvement to your system.  Again, IMO!
  11. AnakChan Moderator

    Agreed. As such despite me kicking off this thread (and I still do intend to continue as I have a new ALO ribbon cable to review), I wrote this :-

  12. fiascogarcia

    I know, and still these cable pique my interest!  [​IMG]
  13. E3E
    Wow, such small, yet expensive little cables. Welp, whenever the day comes that I get the funds to really audiophile it out, or erm "head-fi" it out, I will buy all of my dream equipment and move on from being an amateur, aspiring audiophile. :p
  14. AJHeadfi
    How is the Hitachi Metals HiFC 6N supplied with the Fostex HP-V1?
  15. mannkind246
    Has anyone tried this silver plated OCC 3.5 cable?

    Below is the image:

    How it compare to Tralucent Uber 3.5 mm cable?

    May I know if Tralucent Uber 3.5 mm cable has the best detail and sound stage among the cables that discussed in this thread?
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