1. Musicdiddy

    Closed back headphones for Solo/RX MK3

    I know there are loads of threads asking which headphone but........... I have a CLAS -db>ALO RX Mk3>Ipod Classic which I use mainly with my B & W P5's. I also have a pair of ACS T1 Lives which have gone back for adjustment a couple of times because I am not happy with sound - the soundstage is...
  2. Dragoon47

    Office Head Phones for RWAK100

    I am about to purchase RWAK100 and I will pair it with the ALO RX3, head phones LCD 3 and Future Sonics MG6PRO with Toxic Cables I am looking for a recommendation for head phones that I can use in the office, I am thinking Sen Momentums, would welcome thoughts Thank you
  3. ChrisSC

    Who Makes Portable Balanced Amps?

    I'm making a list of all the portable amps out there for quick reference- here's what I got so far...   1) ALO-RXmk3b   2) ALO the International   3) ALO the Island   4) RSA Lightning f35   5) RSA Blackbird sr71b?   6) RSA Protector   7) RSA Intruder   8) iBasso PB1 Toucan...
  4. Sound Eq

    which has more bass slam ibasso PB2 or ALO RX MK3 B+ or Triad audio L3 for my lcd 2 rev2

    So Maybe you read some of my posts   I have the chord hugo and use it with my ipod and listen to the LCD2 rev 2   The hugo alone does not give me the bass slam I want with the audeze lcd2   I am looking for an amp that can add more color warmth and bass slam to the lcd2 which is best for...
  5. Sound Eq

    which has more bass boost centrance hifi m8 or alo rx mk3 B

    hello everyone I was wondering which has a more bass boost centrance hifim8 or alo rx mk3   and which is better for audeze lcd2 rev 2 non fazor
  6. jaganeee

    Ibasso dx100 vs CLAS DB + Rx MK3 B

    i am in little bit confusion to buy either standalone Ibasso dx100 or CLAS DB + Rx MK3 B for my Sennheiser HD650 i am having ibasso dx50 and ipod touch as a source with me. any other setup is also welcome.
  7. ClarinetsRock

    New to portable amps

    Hello All!   I am new to portable amplifiers and I am currently saving up for some really nice headphones from Sennheiser.    I heard that most computers will drive these no problem, but a mobile device like an Mp3 player or CD player or phone will not drive them as well.    I was...
  8. shaocaholica

    iPod 5/5.5 'fitted' amps?

    Did anyone ever make an amp for the iPod 5/5.5 that was either fitted to match its size and form factor? Everything I can find right now is usually too small and a few too big with most being sized comfortably for iPhones which makes sense.
  9. Deeman

    Cheap vs Expensive (portable) Amps

    I've been looking around here...and ive not been able to find a thread that could answer my question for me...   So I've just been wondering, what is it that an expensive amp can do that a cheap amp can't do. If there is a substantial difference, when does price/quality ratio start to get...
  10. masteryd

    How much improvement Can I expect from buying a portable AMP/DAC?

    I have been reading a lot of articles about how much feeling that sound is improving you get from portable amps or dacs are placebo effect.     So I ask the experts.      How much improvement would I get if I hook up my ipod to a ALO RX MK3 B or dacs about this level?   I am using...
  11. wru1

    ALO RX-Mk3 B+

    has anyone received the new version yet?   interested in any inputs on noise floor correction...
  12. RTWHeadfier

    A Rig to take Round The World.....what would it include and why?

    So you know the've got your rig at home, you've your source and collection sorted....and what with location/portability not being an issue, all is fine and dandy.  But what if...    you gave it all up, quit the rat race and went round the world for 8 months?  What would you...
  13. ambchang

    ALO Audio Rx MKII - Where's the love?

    I have owned the ALO RX MKII for a while, and I still love them.  However, they seem to not have a huge following, and is routinely being skipped over in discussions about the best, or even better, portable amps.   They sound fantastic to my hears, with a hint of emphasis on the bass.  It...
  14. chickenparm

    Best choice for portable Amp for LCD-2s??

    Hey head-fi, I am obviously new here and relatively new to high end audio listening. But it's simple I am going to buy LCD-2's and I know that with a very expensive, highly specialized pair of headphones I will need a relatively expensive and specialized Amp (which i will get one), and someone...
  15. MusicHaven

    Can Rx Mk3-B, Cypher Labs db Combo drive Beyer t1?

    Hi, I am new to head-fi, and am hoping to get some advice. So, i am testing my new portable set up: Rx Mk 3-B with new Solo dB., and iTouch. When using my Shure 535, it really sounded powerful. However, with the Beyer T1, i felt that the solo/mk3 combo was not driving the t1 that much (even at...
  16. bmichels

    High end battery operated portable 24/192 USB DAC/Amp

    Hello gentlemen, I am looking for a super High quality portable 24/192 kHz Async USB dac/headphone amp To use When I travel with my MacBook Air, my tablet PC or my Samsung galaxy S3. It Should be battery opérated when connected To my smartphone ... I thought RaySamuel's New INTRUDER DAC/Amp...
  17. Gooby

    Do you need an audiophile grade MP3 player when you already have an audiophile grade portable amp?

    I was looking at some MP3 players like the Colorfly C4, iBasso DX100, etc. and they look really nice and I kind of want to buy one. But I have an iPhone and was thinking if i needed to get one of those MP3 players if i had a "good" amp like a Fiio E17 or something. If i were to get one of those...
  18. dungie

    Advice needed on ultimate transportable setup

    Hi everyone,   Suppose I have a backpack ready for hi-end audio. Suppose I'm not strong enough to carry things like RWA Isabellina HPA with me. For simplicity, let's limit setup with 4lbs. What components should I choose?   Source: is there anything better than battery-powered Apogee...
  19. IsaacRCCL

    Looking for Help on Headphones

    I'm going portable with my new love for making music (Dubstep/Electro House/ Hip Hop)   So I got a New Macbook Pro/Tools and soon will have everything setup. Now I need a good pair of audio headphones to go with my portable studio. Since I do a lot of traveling I find myself in weird...
  20. Sorensiim

    So, I'm looking for that perfect amp...

    I'm in the process of selling my DX100 and now I'm looking for the best possible portable amp to match my DX50. Now, before you all start screaming "You need the [insert favorite amp here], it's so awesome!", there are some points to consider. Boring, I know, but it will make this thread a lot...
  21. DougofTheAbaci

    Neutral Desktop Headphone AMP for Heir Audio 4.A CIEM?

    I have a pair of Heir Audio 4.A's currently running out of my Leckerton UHA-6SII (which I love) but I want to be able to leave that at the office rather than shifting it back and forth every day.   I like the neutral sound and would like something that kept that relatively similar. However...
  22. nucgaek

    Ultra-portable Amps

    I was just wondering what ultra-portable amps were available? The only ones I've seen so far are the Digizoid ZO2 and the iBasso T3, other like the T5 are similar in size but muc heavier, so  is there anything else worth considering in the $60-150 range?   Some specs:   Digizoid ZO2.3...
  23. jaydome

    Is it worth getting a premium portable amp for the JH16?

    How big of a difference will I see in the lows with a CLAS+Pico with iPhone 4S / Sansa Clip+ ? Should I spend the extra money and get the Rx MK3? I don't care about the cost as much as I care about portability and punchy bass, good vocals is a plus. Considered Mustang for vocals but I read that...
  24. mjlee181

    reccomendation on new portable rig set up (dap emphasized)

    hi all, i'm new to head fi, i'm planning to upgrade my portable rig, currently my dap is fiio x3, but i have read many review that gives thumbs up to CLAS which really tempted me to buy an ipod classic and CLAS -r to replace my x3 since i have alo audio rx3 mk-b+ which is great companion of the...
  25. kskwerl

    ALO RX MK3 vs SR-71B?

    I can't decide. I've ready that the SR-71B can drive the HE-6 pretty good but what about the MK3?   The other thing I was wondering was if the either of them have a 1/4 jack for SE cans or can you only use RSA?