Can Rx Mk3-B, Cypher Labs db Combo drive Beyer t1?
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New Head-Fier
Oct 27, 2012
Hi, I am new to head-fi, and am hoping to get some advice. So, i am testing my new portable set up: Rx Mk 3-B with new Solo dB., and iTouch. When using my Shure 535, it really sounded powerful. However, with the Beyer T1, i felt that the solo/mk3 combo was not driving the t1 that much (even at full volume and high gain.) It also didnt sound powerful when i connected the solo to my beyer HBC1 base and beyer dt880. I was testing with Rhapsody and aac converted files. Thanks and would appreciate any help from the experts.
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T1 is beautiful headphone. But you have to use desktop amp to get enough power. I have ipod+clas+continental/rx mk3+T1/LCD2 rev.2
The LCD2 is far better than T1 on this set up. But when I'm using T1 with desktop like beta22 and Burson its sing better.

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