1. kimvictor

    AK100 22Ohm Bypass DIY

    So, if anyone was following the AK100 tread, I've decided to mod my AK100 myself. The cost of modding, if done by RWA or MS, is $250. That's already bit too much and considering the $80 shipping to RWA and $30 shipping to MS(I live in Korea) as well as the wait time and possible customs issue, I...
  2. milarepa

    Mezzo Soprano - mods & cables - impressions thread.

    Having just got my hands on a Mezzo Soprano AK100, MS-AK100, I figured I would start up a thread where Mezzo users could post their impressions and feedback. Mezzo Soprano HiFi is a Thailand based company that currently offers a modded edition of the AK100 DAP and a range of cables. Phanom, the...
  3. ExpatinJapan

    The New iRiver/Astell & Kern AK100: A High-End DAP

    Seen via Headfonia on Facebook.       Equipped with the Wolfson 8740 DAC The world's highest performing 24bit/192kHz stereo DAC. First portable device with the Wolfson 8740 DAC.      96 GB of total memory capacity Equipped with dual Micro SD card slots to...
  4. kimvictor

    Mid Tier DAC for AK100

    Hello all!   I would just like to ask for some advice on a small(preferably) DAC that is going to be used with AK100. It's going to be fed through optical, so a optical-in is a must. I absolutely don't need a amp with the DAC. I am happy with my UHA-6S.MKII. Budget is around $200. I been...
  5. AnakChan

    Portable Mini-to-Mini Cables Quick Impressions

    I've had a few mini-to-mini SE cables in my possession for some time. Whilst some are mine, others have been on loan to me by the makers for some time. Although I've not paid much attention to them enough, I thought I'd spend some time actually focusing on them, jot down my thoughts and share...
  6. likearake

    Mezzo Hifi - New AK120/AK100 Mods (WM8741 in software mode)

    Hi Head-fiers   Just wanted to alert people to these new mods. I was just about to finally dive in and buy an AK120 so had been doing some research. I've found some (very favourable) reviews of the MS-AK100 mod on head-fi so I headed to the website and found this new mod...   It looks as if...
  7. Mezzo Soprano MS-AK100

    Mezzo Soprano MS-AK100

    The Mezzo Soprano modded edition of the AK100