The New iRiver/Astell & Kern AK100: A High-End DAP
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Jun 29, 2010
Seen via Headfonia on Facebook.


Equipped with the Wolfson 8740 DAC

The world's highest performing 24bit/192kHz stereo DAC.

  1. First portable device with the Wolfson 8740 DAC. 


96 GB of total memory capacity

Equipped with dual Micro SD card slots to support up to 96GB. 


Head-fiers seem to enjoy its small size.

Good feedback on overall size, people seem generally happy about is UI.

No gapless (maybe implemented at some stage), maybe implemented in the upcoming AK120

Complaints about its high headphone output impedance (22.41ohm) which means it can not give accurate portrayal of some CIEMs/IEMs signature sound. This has been `fixed` by mods such as Red Wine Audio mod to 1ohm - the RWAK100.

Also are the stage 1,2 and 4 mods coming out of Indonesia(?).

*Soon there will be the AK120 which will have HOI of 3ohms. 2 Dacs and more memory space.

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Yes, it's really going to be made by iRiver and it's called the AK100!
The URL:
A rough (but tidied) translation:
Capable of high-resolution sound reproduction -- at a maximum of 192kHz/24bit -- this portable Hi-Fi audio player pursues source-quality fidelity and playback: The forthcoming Astell & Kern ® AK100.

Very soon, Mouse Computer Co., Ltd., plans to announce that the AK100 will be the first product in their new Hi-Fi Audio Series. The Astell & Kern ® luxury model also supports high-res sound at 192kHz/24bit, making it the flagship of the iRiver brand.
Further details will be forthcoming.

For more information:

Your Contact TEL: 0570-002-220
Journalists' Inquiries TEL: 03-6739-3812

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For the sake of clarity, would you consider renaming the thread something like this?:
The New iRiver AK100: A High-End DAP
Astell&Kern is involved, but this is an iRiver device.

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Someone has already tested this on facebook and they mention this:

-optical and coax inline
-32gb onboard + 2x32gb microSDHC (tested 64gb and there's no problem :wink: )
And few other nice things.
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Finally a possible upgrade from my olde iriver 120. Still sounds good today (though I tend to use the ipod touch as my main mp3 player these days). Lets hope for a)european/worldwide release and b)not too pricey!

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