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  2. SkyBleu

    Good On-Ear Headphones at $100 (or under)

    Hello all,   I have a friend who is after a pair of headphones at around the cost of $100 (preferably $100 or under AUD). He is new to the audio scene, and I have had a mental blank of what he could get that's worthy around that price range.    He had considered SOL Republic/Beats line...
  3. rjalex

    iPhone 4S with iOS7, CCK, what else ?

    Dear friends, I am very happy with my little home rig (iMac -> Audirvana ->ODAC+O2 combo -> Mad Dogs) and would love some reccomendations for a portable rig.   I have an iPhone 4S with iOS7 and read that via the Camera Connection Kit I can get the digital signal to an external DAC.   On the...
  4. Paul Graham

    HELP! Please... Advice needed.

    Evening folks,    I need some assistance.   As for Desktop/Home Head-Fi I have things pretty much worked out. I have a few DAC's and head amps on the way to try out with various Sennheiser's until i upgrade my cans.   But as for portable I'm just totally stuck.   The portable...
  5. Rijnton

    Will a bluetooth transmitter with apt-x improve the sound from the iPhone 4S ?

    Recently I bought the Philips Fidelio M1BTBL (Bluetooth) headphones for use with my iPhone 4S and, at least for me, they sound great. They support apt-x, but unfortunately the iPhone does not have apt-x. Meanwhile I saw that there are bluetooth transmitters available, e.g. the Kokkia i10s, that...
  6. EnigmaticHipsta

    What to buy since Cowon is not doing so well

    my zune hd is on the fritz and i was looking to buy a cowon j3 32 gb but after a few mins of research  i found they have stopped production and that most cowon products are not doing well, i was almost about to buy an itouch and said f that.   all i need is   32gb+ (maybe an added sd slot...
  7. kpopkitkat

    Need help with new headphones and staticy/fuzzy noise coming from a USB DAC

    Hi all,   I'm technically a new user here, but I've been reading through head-fi threads/reviews for headphones for several years now, and have made a couple of purchases based on people's recommendations that have been really useful. I originally posted this in the recommended newbie forum...
  8. rudi0504

    Please share your BEST SQ DAP or DAC / Amp.combo for I Device and Android as SOURCE For Desktop set up

    Hallo All Friends Please share your BEST SQ DAP or DAC / Amp.combo for I Device and Android as SOURCE For Desktop set up 1 month a go I have tried my DAPs and DAC / Amp combo for I Device andnAndroid as my Source for my Desktop set up . The Result not always good as portable source in...
  9. jdogw

    Budget-Fi DAP recommendations

    So.....Here's the deal. My IPhone 4S which was used to store and play all of my music is sadly getting a bit congested. Now I'm looking to find a DAP to store just music.    Here's what I'm looking for: -<$20-25 -Good UI -Good SQ -Flac support -Very Sturdy Not in any particular order...
  10. basketball

    Iphone 5 vs 4S Which Should I Get?

    So i've had my Iphone 3GS for 2 years now. I must say it has served me very well. It has been reliable and the battery life wasn't a problem. It has also be easy to use, and I haven't lost it either! However now it is starting to get slow, or is it just I think so? Anyhow it is time for an...
  11. elfary

    iPhone 4S + iOS 6: hiss on unlocking/locking sequence ?

    Last Thursday i updated my iPhone 4S 64gb to iOS 6 and right away i experienced two nasty issues that eventually led me to get it exchanged under warranty for a new one running iOS 5.1 at an Apple Store. First issue was that under iOS 6 whenever i unlocked the iPhone by sliding the finger...
  12. Waynester

    iPhone 5 Audio Quality with headphones? is it better than the iPhone 4S?

    just thought i`d ask, very impressed with sound on my iPhone 4S and using my ultimate ears triple fi headphones was wondering if audio had improved, if that`s actually possible?   i have ordered a white 64 gig iPhone 5 2 days ago on Vodafone 
  13. JohnSantana

    transferring high quality audio files into iPhone

    Hi,   As far as I know, using iTunes means converting the musics by default to AAC, So what is the best way to transfer high quality MP3 320 kbps and FLAC files into iPhone ?   thanks in advance !  
  14. elfary

    iPhone 4S & Galaxy S3: Measured performance (in decibels)

    As an owner of an iPhone 4S that just got an offer to swap it for a Galaxy S3 i took a little while to convert the accurate measurements taken by the helpful and skilled guys of   This is just a thread meant for reference aimed to guys that take into account objective data...
  15. slowdown5646

    DAC/Amp Combinations that work well with iPhone 4S?

    I'm looking into purchasing a $200-$300ish DAC/Amp combination to use with my iPhone 4S, which to me sounds decent but not too amazing as is. Has anyone had any success with anything in that price range? For the records, I've been using Westone ES3X custom IEMs for listening. The more portable...
  16. Artmuzz

    Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) or iPhone 4/4S for mobile phone mp3 DAC player combo?

    I am looking for a mobile phone that combines a good DAP player. I am actually looking to buy secondhand under £350. Just now I have my eye on a secondhand Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) and an iPhone 4S 16GB. I have been tempted to buy the Samsung Galaxy S because of its Wolfson DAC and it is £200...
  17. Lynnfield

    iPhone 4S hooked to external DAC yep its working

    I use the camera connection kit. And the Hippo cricri +. Also my iPhone is jailbroken. The last part is: bigboss repo. Cameraconnector. $.99. I have more info if needed.
  18. zacheus

    Apple devices, moderate impedance (80ohm) headphones, a striving audiophile, and a boy.

    I'm looking to make a rig for 2 purposes   1.  for use with my 300 watt stereo system's output after being input through my mbpro.  (this stereo system is 13yrs old; nothing special)   2. for use with my iphone 4s/ipods   I have Urbanears Zinken headphones that are new.   I am looking to...
  19. AnakChan

    Portable Mini-to-Mini Cables Quick Impressions

    I've had a few mini-to-mini SE cables in my possession for some time. Whilst some are mine, others have been on loan to me by the makers for some time. Although I've not paid much attention to them enough, I thought I'd spend some time actually focusing on them, jot down my thoughts and share...
  20. Rijnton

    What is the main purpose of the Accudio Pro app for iPhone ?

    Having an iPhone 4S and Shure S530 earphones, I am contemplating the purchase of the Accudio Pro app. However, although I read some threads here about this app, it's still not completely clear to me what this app is supposed to do. Will it make my Shure 530's (which are in their database as I...
  21. speedracer1

    DAC guidance and expert advice requested...

    Hello to everyone,   I'm new to the forum and don't have any real knowledge regarding DAC equipment (at the moment) but I'm clearly looking for some expert guidance. I recently purchased a pair of Shure SE 846 IEM and they are connected to an old iPhone 4S. Recently I've taken some of my CD's...
  22. Poimandres

    Portaphile Thread

      Customer service is the cornerstone from which a company will build a relationship with it's customers.  From responding to a multitude of questions in a plethora of emails, most of the time within minutes of being sent, to going out of the way to make certain that the customer is ecstatic...
  23. Apple iPhone 4S 16GB - AT&T - Black

    Apple iPhone 4S 16GB - AT&T - Black

    16GB iPhone 4S locked AT&T model. Will work on AT&T. Now you can use your voice to use your iPhone. Just talk to Siri as you would to a person: "Do I need an umbrella?" or "Any great burgers around here?" or "Where's the closest ATM?" Siri not only understands what you say, it knows what you...