Portable Mini-to-Mini Cables Quick Impressions

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  1. Nicholaszz
    Sorry for bringing up this thread. I am really interested in Mezzo Soprano cables Oyaide straight gold plated connectors. How do i get about buying one? I live in singapore
  2. fiascogarcia
    Not sure if the website is still up, but it used to be mezzohifi.com.  Otherwise, you might contact Music Sanctuary, as they have carried the Mezzo items.
  3. AnakChan Moderator
    It's been some time since I've updated this thread and it's not that I've run out of mini-2-mini to review. In fact 2 years back @KB passed me this mini to mini and I callously put it aside and never got around to reviewing to it until now. In fact, I don't know anything about this cable still as the box has no label so I don't know the name, if it's still being produced, nor how much it costs! For now I'm going to call this the ALO Autobahn IC until I find out the official name from Ken.
    For one, this is one hefty mini to mini! The girth of this cable is hefty, along with the 3.5mm plugs used. You know Ken/ALO means business! Surprisingly though, the cable is flexible as seen in the pix below.
    Comparing this to my trusted reference Tralucent Uber v1.0 mini to mini, this cable keeps up extremely well. ALO Autobahn IC just keeps that highway open between the DAC and amp. Sonics don't sound restrictive, doesn't sway the frequency response in either way - it's like the cable is "not there".
    Below, I've used ALO Autobahn IC between the AK380 Cu and the Shure KSE1500. If one is familiar with the KSE1500, it's an  ethereal micro detail demon and completely transparent. With Ken's ALO mini-2-mini interconnect, the sonics aren't compromised. I don't know what he's put into this thing and how much he charges (or charged if he doesn't make them any more) but I'm liking this mini-2-mini IC very much. In fact I truly regret not opening up the package earlier (like 2 years back!!). I think this may well be my one of two primary ICs to use as I think it's somewhat more durable/flexible than the Uber which is solid core and I'm super cautious of it.
    [Edit: 7th May '16] I got a response from Ken. This mini to mini was the best in the ALO line back in 2014. The mini to mini was called "Super Cotton" and the one pictured above is a 8 wire solid 22AWG high purity silver with extra soft temper version which sold for $350. Each wire is put through a cotton jacket, then the 8 wires are hand woven together. So it's quite a slow but cared process in making each of these mini to mini.
    ALO still has a few handful of these left. I'd guess you'd need to ping them specifically as they're not on the ALO home page anymore.
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  4. RuFrost
    I want to try this "silver beast" it so bad)) Inform me please, if you sell it))
  5. AnakChan Moderator
    I updated my post as I got some feedback from Ken Ball with further information about this cable. Seems it's called the Super Cotton and he doesn't make them anymore however has only a few left. I'm continuing to burn the one I have and will probably make it my default mini-2-mini.
  6. h1f1add1cted
    My favorit Mini-to-Mini cable, from QE audio systems (a German custom cable vendor):
    This was built on my request. Very happy wih it, best IC I had so far, a bit bulky but very high grade build and quality.
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  7. nephilim32

    Once I can afford the Woo WA 8 I'd like to attach it to my AK JR with this kind of quality. :)
    This QE Audio cable looks absolutely beautiful. You must have a lifetime warranty with that 3.5mm beauty. :wink:

    Looking good man. That braiding reminds me of what Double Helix cables are known for.
    If you don't mind me asking, how many precious Euros did that set you back?
  8. h1f1add1cted
    I've send you a PN with contact details, the best is to ask him directly, the cables can be always customized of course.
  9. seeteeyou
    ToTL product from Vertere Acoustics, 750 bucks @ 20cm
  10. RuFrost
    So the thread is dead?((
    It seems like people just gave up audiophile-sandwiches...
  11. AnakChan Moderator
    DAPs seems to be more favoured than stacks these days. Although not absolute, it seems it's primarily(majority) Chord portables that's been stacks alive.
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  12. fiascogarcia
    Wow, hadn't had a post on this in forever! I could throw this in; Toxic Cable Hydra 18awg 3.5mm to 3.5mm.
    Toxic Cable Hydra 18.jpg
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  13. AnakChan Moderator
    How's the Hydra??
  14. fiascogarcia
    Beautifully constructed. A little stiff, but to be expected from this heavy gauge. And maybe the best compliment I can offer is that it adds no coloration of its own to the sq, to my ears. It transports everything your source provides, from impactful lows to natural mids and clean, clear treble.
  15. Bosk
    Just wondering if anyone has tried ALO's latest Reference 8 mini-mini, or perhaps the pure silver mini-mini from Effect Audio. I'll be in the market for a 3.5mm IC soon and its difficult to find reviews on the latest offerings from the various boutique cable companies, mini ICs seem to have gone out of fashion in favor of IEM cables.
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