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Philips Fidelio X2 : A Review by Baycode

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by baycode, Aug 5, 2014.
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  1. waynes world
    Interesting. My X1's don't even think about making a meal out of my Nickerfied 50RP's!. But I suppose there are lots of variations to modded 50RP's, and we don't yet know how much of a difference there is between the X1's and the X2's, and of course personal preferences comes into play. Ultimately though I'm glad that you are liking the X2's so much!
  2. Ontology24
    Very nice review @Baycode! Based on the description, these sound very familiar to the X1. I hope these are more refined sonically though. 
  3. Lorspeaker
    Baycode...u need to find a pair of X1 n complete this review. $$$ lolz.
    buy the hd650 too...and then the LCD2..and give us a big shootout !! :p
  4. gr34td3str0y3r
    yeah. thats exactly what I said in my first post. 
    The X1 does NOT use real leather. I didn't think anyone was under the illusion that 150 dollar cans did. They sound great though, but they are just fancy looking plastic through and through like 99% of all the cans under 300/400 bucks. 
  5. thatBeatsguy
    Holy wow. Removable earpads. These are the ultimate headphones. Period.
  6. waynes world

    +1 indeed! :)
  7. Exesteils
    .... I need these. And the new Sony Flagships.... My wallet is not happy.
  8. mochill
    Sony vs. X2 showdown :)
  9. CoiL

    Also confirmed by my mother who has been doing leather handicraft for almost 20 years. X1 headband uses real leather :wink:
    Not that I care about it. Even thinking about removing it to reduce weight.
    Yes, X1 is using REAL leather. Plastic? Aluminium swivel rings. Aluminium cups edges. Cups itself are plastic, but quality ones. Metal grills. Metal headband arches. 99% plastic?[​IMG]
    O_o sibilance on X1 ? Really? Must be coming from Your source/amp. Also might be case of no proper burn-in. Never heard any sibilance with X1.
  10. Ontology24
    I do remember the X1 headband having that leathery smell whenever I put them on for a listening session when I owned them. The leather itself is thick and stiff.
  11. peter123
    Thank you!
    Yes I'm really going to Turkey on November 20'th so you better hide those X2 if I still haven't got a pair by then [​IMG]
  12. attika89
    Yes, I wouldn't mind if it was just a little, but it hurt! I was letting it burn in for days, but it didn't tame down. It was so bad I just had to send it back...I wanted a replacement originally, but it was out of stock...
    Some helpful members tried those songs too, and didn't hear sibilance.
    I can hear no sibilance with the same setup and same songs with the HE-400, so there must have been something wrong with my X1.

    This is so strange though, I was browsing through my photos just a few days ago when I saw the X1 and it got me thinking about trying it again. And now I see this review and I want them again even more...
  13. allets
    I hear sibilance with the X1 I got too and they're not really as people here describe them to be. Maybe you and I somehow ended up with Fake X1's? or we have the same ears that nobody else has.
  14. Ultrainferno
    Are you even sure this X2 isn't fake [​IMG]
  15. allets
    What's a Swede living in Norway doing in Turkey on November 20? Is there a rave going on? [​IMG]
    Baycode abi, thanks for your effort and time in writing this up. I'd like to see a similar review on the AvB signature line. These are interesting cans ama unfortunate that it seems to have the same size and fit as X1.
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