magni 3
  1. Desta1972

    Grado (tri-)Dilemma

    Hi there. Here's my ID: New Member and newbie in the world of audiophilia 90% classical listener (and very demanding in timbrical quality) / 10% everything that's not hip hop. 100% PC (for job reasons) / high quality streaming (Spotify Premium/Idagio) I recently decided to take a survey in...
  2. Schiit Audio Magni 3+ and Magni 3 Heresy Headphone Amp and Preamp

    Schiit Audio Magni 3+ and Magni 3 Heresy Headphone Amp and Preamp

  3. K

    AKG 702 or 712? Matching budget amp

    Hello, Been a passive reader for years, Excited to be part of this community! After getting the taste of amazing Akg k92, I am so eager to get my hands on k702 or k712. Please suggest a matching amp. I am considering Shiit magni 3 or cayen C5. The options for amp is fairly limited to these...
  4. B

    Magni 3 enough to drive DT 770 600ohm?

    Is it enough to drive without problems at non-dumb levels of loud? Some people said it's enough for 600 ohm, others don't so im not sure.
  5. J

    Dac for gaming use, budget 150-200 $

    Hi I'm looking for a dac , I usually play FPS , few time watching Films or Tv Series my budget is 150-200$ and I have AKG K7XX and magni 3 so what do you recommend ?
  6. chekrdnickrs

    Help Me Complete My (Planned) Portable Setup!

    Hi guys, new Head-Fier here! I've just finished buying my home setup - Laptop > Modi 2 > Magni 3 > HD6XX (Still on the way) - and am now looking at putting money aside to improve my current portable rig, which is merely an AK70 (not the MkII, the first one) and wired Sennheiser Momentum 2.0s...
  7. Grado Diesel

    Schiit Magni 3 vs Schiit Vali 2

    Late last year I purchased a brand new Magni 3 because I was kinda interested in the new volume potentiometer and also in hearing a pure solid state amp. Right outta the box I was blown away by the Magni 3’s wide soundstage and extra detail to the bass guitar that it provided. However it also...
  8. B

    Magni 3 + Modi 2 Uber vs. O2 + OL DAC vs. A30 + D30

    Hey guys, I'm basically looking for an amp and DAC for my DT 990 Pros. I've been researching for a good month now, but I've been unable to draw a conclusion on what is the "best" option in the budget of ~$250 USD, so I decided to finally post here. From the information I gathered, there seems...
  9. A

    Magni 3 Volume Levels

    So, I recently just purchased a Magni 3 Along with some DT 990s (250) and for the DAC, I'm using a Xonar DX. So, the thing is, they sound amazing and all, but is it normal to be able to max out the Magni on Lo? I mean, they certainly get kinda loud, but just barely. Is that normal? Now, I know...
  10. M

    Fulla 2 vs. Magni 3 + cheap DAC

    Hi all! I'm new to the community, dipping my toes into audiophilia and have found such helpful information here - so first off, thanks! I don't want to re-hash questions that have been answered a million times, but I didn't see this specific topic discussed in my search through the forums. I...
  11. luckybaer

    Need Help - Gumby + Mjolnir 2... Worthy Upgrade From...

    ... Mimby and a mix of the Vali 2 & Magni 3? I'll eventually upgrade, and I like the Schiit products so far, but I could pull the trigger within the next couple of weeks if I wanted to. Has anyone else made a similar jump? What can I expect? The headphones I currently have: HD650, DT880...
  12. 441879

    Recommended Headphone pairings with Magna 3/Modi 2

    Knowledgeable Schitt Magna3 owners: what in the reasonably priced ($400 or so) full sized cans category really plays nice with a Modi 2 / Magna 3 stack? I’ve got one the way and thought I might as well see what people recommend in phones. My personal preferences: My favorite headphones are my...
  13. doommachine_

    Considering upgrade from 598cs to HD6XX

    I am considering moving up to the Massdrop HD6xx or HD600 or 650 from the 590cs's I have now. I will be diving them through a Schiit Fulla 2 and may get a Magni 3 if I need more power than the fulla can muster. I am wondering what difference I should be able to hear if I invest the 200-300 in...
  14. zerouse7en

    Is iFi iCAN SE a worthy upgrade from FiiO E10K? Or some other Schiit?

    Well, I used to use the DAC/Amp combo Fiio E10K and was quite satisfied with it, but since I built a new PC running Win 10 the E10K has been collecting dust at the corner of my desk. I listen to heavy metal and 'epic music' (if you aren't familiar with this term you may search for "Sun" album by...
  15. Jlava

    Magni as preamp for powered speakers?

    Hi, I have a pair of powered speakers but I am not sure what to buy to help with the volume control. I heard the magni 3 can be used as a preamp? I was thinking of buying the magni/modi to be able to control the audio and use the headphone amp in it as well. My question is if magni can be used...
  16. deadman_uk

    Upgrading My Audio Equipment?

    I do a mixture of gaming and music listening on my desktop computer, with the occasional movie thrown in. I mainly use headphones but the speakers do get some use occasionally. Both headphones and speakers are plugged into my amp. I am using the following for audio: Headphones = Audio–Technica...
  17. CarlosUnchained

    Magni 3 Impressions

    Frequency Response: 20Hz-20Khz, -0.1db, 2Hz-900KHz, -3dB Maximum Power, 16 ohms: 3W RMS per channel Maximum Power, 32 ohms: 2W RMS per channel Maximum Power, 50 ohms: 1.3W RMS per channel Maximum Power, 300 ohms: 430mW RMS per channel Maximum Power, 600 ohms: 230mW RMS per channel THD: Less...
  18. Baycode

    Philips Fidelio X2 : A Review by Baycode

    Philips Fidelio X2 (Price: 299 Euro):   A Review by Baycode CATEGORY: Full Size Open My 7 years old daughter enjoying the dad's X2    (these sweet factors postpones all of my reviews!) Intro to Baycode's Reviews with Graphs: I always prefer to see "detailed but simple and easy to...