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Philips Fidelio X2 : A Review by Baycode

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by baycode, Aug 5, 2014.
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  1. peter123
    Great work Baycode!

    I'm really impressed of charts, pictures and descriptions.


    Edit: I just booked flight tickets to Turkey in November. If I haven't found these somewhere before that I'm coming after yours :wink:
  2. Head1
    Nice photos and review. It's a shame that the signature seems to be u shaped like the X1. The L2 is probably closer to neutral.
  3. obsidyen
    Awesome review indeed. I pm'ed you about where you bought them in Istanbul, would really appreciate a reply. :)
  4. CoiL
    Hmmm... pardon me but apart from removable pads (which are removable/installable same way but glue is also used)... seems not much upgrade from X1. And I really do not understand the problem some ppl are having with X1 highs. Never experienced any. Sound same way like written in this review and also seems to scale up with little amping (tube amp or tube buffered DAC).
    Well, got to wait for head-to-head comparing from someone and maybe upcoming headphonia review will also reveal more exact differences between X1 and X2.
    Great review though! Nice reading and graphs![​IMG]
  5. Netforce
    Wow Baycode, awesome review and amazing photos like always. [​IMG]
  6. AxelCloris Administrator
    Seeing as how we don't yet have the L2 stateside I would imagine we have a long wait ahead of us in the US.
  7. rabbitsfoot

      Yup.... I'm wondering now if the 'X2' means: 'Replaceable Ear Pads' as the description of the sound signature seems uncannily how I hear the 'X1'.  Very nice review Baycode@, thanks for taking your time in putting it all together.
  8. chicolom
    Thanks for reviewing these Baycode, and for taking the time to get some pics of the pads!
    I hope these show up in the US sooner rather than later...
  9. s0ckpupp3t
    You guys haven't noticed the fact that the cable terminates with a 3.5mm plug?  HUGE UPGRADE. :wink:
    At work so I don't have the X1 box in front of me to compare (and couldn't find a pic of the back of the X1 box online) but in addition to the replaceable ear pads, these seem like new items in the description on the back of the X2 box:
    "The layered motion control (LMC) diaphragm delivers high frequency reproduction complimenting the Philips Fidelio sound signature of rich bass, natural mids and clear highs for a more natural sound profile."
    "X2's new enlarged headband with an airy 3D mesh offers an improved range of fit."
    Here's to hoping that Philips refined the sound the X2 rather than just the cosmetics.  Otherwise they should have just called these X1 "stealth edition" or somesuch. 
  10. waynes world
    Or the "Stop your whining and complaining already about the non-removable pads on the X1 wlll ya?" edition :)
  11. obsidyen
    So these are great for EDM? I wonder how good sub-bass extension is compared to HD650s.
    Submariner2 likes this.
  12. mochill
    Great review:)
  13. rabbitsfoot

    Ahhhh....you may have caught something there...perhaps it's not just the 'replaceable ear pads' but the lowering of the cable 'ohmage' a bit too!  You are a sleuth my man! GOOD detective work! Maybe Philips HAS been listening...
  14. Tetonpowskier
    These seem awesome. What is wrong with the treble on the x1? How is the sparkle?
  15. CoiL
    Baycode, can You do us favor and measure stock cable impedance? Wanna see if they have addressed vary impedance measurements and poor quality control.
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