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Philips Fidelio X2 : A Review by Baycode

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by baycode, Aug 5, 2014.
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  1. peter123
    Oh, it's top secret [​IMG]
  2. Baycode

    Ok who wants to send their LCD2, HD650 or X1 to me :p. Only kidding :) LOL

    Great, I will PM you Peter :wink:

    LOL! Someone should be a real fool to produce a fake X2 faster than or as fast as Philips! There are no ww awailibilty, sale numbers and settled pricing yet! :wink:

    You're welcome :)

    Yes, its nearly the same HP from the photos. We need to know what upgrades have been made for sound (other than aesthetics, upgraded cable?, and removable earpads... Wish I could find time and budget to make new reviews... ATM there are some new iems waiting for me :wink:
  3. Exesteils

    Think that's code for "my wife is around so I can't say." :D

    Looking forward to all these new headphones . Too bad it's still a ways away before I can get my hands on them.
  4. Nytkim
    Wonder how these will compare to the he-400i and the new sony headphone to replace the ma900
  5. peter123
    LOL, lets just say it involves having fun [​IMG]
  6. Riza Hawkeye
    The new sony is a closed back based on what weve seen so far so not really a MA900 replacement. I think it is also quite pricy like a flagship price.
  7. obsidyen
    We should do a Head-Fi meet in Turkey. :) I have a Chord Hugo, Meridian Explorer and Senn HD650s. I'm considering buying Fostex TH600/900, Fidelio X2, the new Sony flagship. One or two of those.
  8. Rave77
    Philips facebook say September availability for the X2.
  9. Drrizzt
    Philips should release something like the Fidelio Z1, in order to compete with the T1, He-6, HD800, and so on, because unless the x2 is significantly better than the x1, i feel they're on the same league that the likes of HD600/650...
    Would be good!
  10. Exesteils

    Which is good news since I get to have about 2 months to save up for it.

    also, Overclockers.uk linked Bay's review. You're famous!
  11. Ultrainferno
    What account would that be?
  12. maricius

    I do think the X2 would probably be much better. It should be considering how much better the L2 is compared to the L1 and X1. I'm thinking HE-500, HD700 league. Maybe sonewhere in between those mentioned and the summit-fi flagships.
  13. Drrizzt
    We'll find out soon enough with the multiple reviews to come in a near future i guess!
  14. Baycode
    Good idea obsidyen, I think this has never been done before ? [​IMG] will PM you on this [​IMG] 
    Wow, thanks for informing @Exesteils  [​IMG]
  15. Baycode
    Pricing seems interesting on Asian sites (check this web site). That site sells it for 1666 SGD (equals apprx 1333 USD). But according to an European site it seems 299 Euro which translates in to 399 USD. Also the photos on these commercial sites are not belonging to the real product, they are just computer renderings (color, ear-pad surfaces and headband seems slightly different).
    I believe these photos are belonging to the design bench of X2 (source of the photos: avcesar.com)
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