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Philips Fidelio X2 : A Review by Baycode

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by baycode, Aug 5, 2014.
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  1. keanex Contributor
    I love your review style, keep it up!
  2. Baycode
    Thanks for your encouragement !    [​IMG]  
  3. MarcelE
    I also find that weird as I find them on the slightly warmer side of the spectrum.
    Not using any amp/dac combi (yet) but I've only slightly upped the treble for clarity. It's not really necessary but I just like it that way.
    Still enjoying the X1 immensely. I really wonder what the difference is with the X2 (sonically - I don't care that much for removable earpads, never had to change them with former headphones).
  4. grizzlybeast
    Here is the reason for my doubts
    When and before the l2 came out there was quite the buzz about the new driver that they had come out with. It wouldnt make much marketing sense for them to put money into making a new product and not go off of the momentum of the hype that was around the l2 if the x2 is going to be their flagship. 
    Not that I dont believe that baycode has something special but I am curious as to how special it is as well like @CoiL
    They know the l2 had some hype around it so whats the deal with the x2 and do they not have the funds to undergo a product launching worldwide?
  5. Ultrainferno
    The X2 will be presented to the world in September at IFA in Berlin. I spoke to the Philips people about the X2 and to them it is a mystery how this one unit got on the market, it should not have. Therefore I do not take into account any of the impressions so far, no offense to the reviewer, but we don't know if this is a real production version.
  6. CoiL
    Good point. Also waiting for official release and proper comparing with X1. For the sake of the reviewer I do hope he got legit and final production version. Otherwise a good review will be "wasted".
  7. NinjaQuick
    While everyone might have different concerns about this, I will say this:
    I have worked on the production/delivery/stocking side of products in the past. Planning shipments, deliveries and stocking is highly dependent on customer (retailer) wants and needs. We might make hard deliveries a few months in advance so that manufacturing never ramps up too hard and instead we can maintain a steady hardware stream leading up to and after release. This is something I have generally done when facing long term flexible production runs using facilities that are owned.
    If Philips is using their own manufacturing, then they might be doing a low ramp, low shipping impact retail push, then the product is a first batch set of cans. If Philips is doing an all-in production of full retail capacity in a month or two of factory time then the reviewer was unfortunately handed some kind of fake hardware.
    Basically, I find it more likely that the hardware is legit, and that global deliveries of the headphones have been going on for quite some time. It just isn't a very well kept secret.
  8. Nada190
    I think I might need a pair...
  9. Baycode
    Even if someone who still have doubts of the reality of the X2, then check the Hong Kong's box text after the introduction of X2 at the Hong Kong Audiovisual Exhibition:
    (...and for some of you, I gave honest information and impressions for you. Do you think buying a product with hard earned cash, making a review and shooting those photos/editing them, is an easy thing?  I did all these and you thrown stones to me... )
    And in the end I would like thank you for my supporters in this thread!  [​IMG]
    PS: There is photo of Bass Plus Cushions. The explanation (translated form Chinese) is here: "Agents send a special edition ear PAD ~~ heard bass strengthening effect!"
    louie louie likes this.
  10. Riza Hawkeye
    So far the impressions sound remarkably the same as my listening to my X1 - hopefully they are a substantial improvement and I'd instantly upgrade.
    Detachable pads is the number one best thing ever about this, praying a replacement pad will be easily obtained.
  11. Ultrainferno
    You're not getting the point. We have nothing against you or your well done review. we just question the "production version status" of your X2 as it shouldn't be sold yet (and can't be sold yet according to Philips)
  12. Head1
    My gut feeling is they are genuine. Baycode, perhaps you can say which dealer in Turkey you bought them from. How many they are selling? etc.
  13. Exesteils

    Don't think anyone doubted your review Baycode. Some are just overly cautious about the lack of information on the X2 themselves.

    Personally, I've been keeping up with its development so I don't really have any doubt. But seeing the pics in the link you posted, and considering how closely the HK market is related to my country, I can't but feel excited about it's release.
  14. Lorspeaker
    baycode must have bought a show-released batch with a gift boombasspad...
    loads of work to churn out a review like this..
    much much appreciated by alot of us.
    baycode...howsda bass with that special pad?  Is it thicker than the stockpad?
    u must be deliriously happy !!
  15. grizzlybeast

    You know what brother you spent a great amount of time to do something very special and in depth. I personally am not tryong to throw stones but just saying that i have reasonable doubts. Not at your efforts or ears but unless you have heard or had the x1 I am only 75 % in belief that you have the production version of the x2, or that the x2 isnt the same as the x1. I that link i have yet to click on may help 10% more. I am thankful for your impressions and sorry I offended you.
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