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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. SpudHarris Contributor

    Giving that a go with my Fi-Q and have to say it's very, very good. Would never have thought to do that :beerchug:

    For amps like the Fi-Q it is also a neater solution to feed the front input....


    It's late now so will evaluate more tomorrow. Man, this is just the gift (to myself) that just keeps giving!!
  2. olegausany
    You need way more than 50 hours of burn in time
  3. gotoma8
    Will do...right now it's on 1.5 hours...I am contemplating leaving it running overnight.  Don't know if it would be smart as I am in a business complex at work...power can be lost...don't want that chance to hurt the HA-1, right?
  4. olegausany
    I'm burning in HE-560 for more than 120 hours without problem
  5. Smarty-pants

    Right now I do have it in the media room and run the dedicated XLR 2CH output directly to the HA-1 and then on to a power amp.
    I use the 'bypass' mode for movies, and also use the optical connection for RBCDs.
    Eventually I will put it back in my office for headphone listening, along with a 2CH power amp, Oppo player, and a set of speakers for a nice 2CH office setup.
  6. gameon
    I just Received My Oppo today and been listening for about 2hrs now, I actually hooked my Lyr2 ( with some tubes rolled in it) up to the Oppo using it's internal dac, running off my Mac via usb and it sounds awesome.....
  7. MattTCG
    What was your previous dac for the lyr? How does the HA-1 compare to the lyr?
  8. jonstatt
    Thank you very much for coming back to us with this. Although these are very good opamps, I think you do need to consider discrete output stages for the HA-2 :)
  9. hikinokie
    Oppo inputs don't support lossless sound?
  10. Maxx134
    Have to agree totally about the irDAC was excellent but this HA-1 unit just leagues ahead and now is just totally transparent to me when I listen to music. .

    The unit typically settles from sparkly to transparent once burned in and it is believed to be the amp stage more than the dac that benefit from the burn in process but I forgot how many hours I posted way back I think it was about 4-5 days continuous. .

    This idea exactly. .
    This explains alot why it perfoms so excellent as dac/amp stand alone,
    and then why some earlier posts commented how it did not measure up to some "end game" units when using the rear connections as dac or amp only,
    As oppo designed using op amps in back there..
    Too bad they didn't go discreet on the analogue input/output stage.

    I feel that if those back connectors had the power & quality of a discreet stage that no one could fault it..
    Then again we probably talking mainly very small "end game" type of critique or pickyness..
    And doesn't affect the USB that most like me would use so understandable for the price.
  11. gameon

    I was using my old Denon 5000 with bur brown dac's which are considered reference dac's, I believe 7404 bur brown or something, I was using optical from my Mac to the Denon out to the lyr2.
    I think with the Oppo everything sounds awesome, The Lry2 , I love the sound of the tubes better, but the Oppo is different sound also, and it sounds Awesome for a solid state. I think I have the best of both worlds now. The Oppo is very clean, with good dynamics,open sounding,although i have to turn the Oppo up quite a bit on high gain for my Audeze lcd2 Hp but at the moment i'm not using balanced which should give me some more gain. The Highs are a little better on the Oppo, but I love the mid range and low end with the tubes that I'm using with the Lyr2, I'm a little more sensitive to the high range treble with my ears, but by no means is the oppo bright, just more clarity in the highs, It's a trade off, like i said I'm happy with both and Have the best of both worlds.
  12. Smarty-pants

    Not with bitstreaming of TrueHD, DTSHD, and DSD.
    It does easily accept high bitrate PCM and LPCM, and AAC too I think.

    (for clarification, this is for the Oppo optical players, not the HA-1)
  13. gotoma8
    Hi all,
    FYI, I am still breaking in my HA-1.  I have a few questions, mainly using JRiver with it.  What should my settings be in JRiver to optimize the HA-1?  I am talking about DSP & Output formats, bit-depth setting and other settings that JRiver has.
  14. HiFiAudio
    A bit off topic.  Just follow the general setup shown here.   I know this is for a exasound, just choose the HA-1 instead when detected.   You don't need to go overboard with optimization with JRiver 19.
  15. Zurv
    god damn this site!! :) Oppo HA-1 ordered!!


    now i have 5 DAcs and i really only need one (well.. the dragonfly 1.2 for the laptop is still useful)... argh!


    life is hard ^_^

    (the other DACs being, audiolab M-DAC, Fostex HP-A8, AudioQuest Dragonfly 1.2, HRT MusicStreamer II, and now Oppo HA-1 (coming this Friday... damn you all!)
    gotoma8 likes this.
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