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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. Maxx134
    It seems like a typo to me as he refers to the test section which stated opposite.
    Looking over to the "Lab Report" section,
    It stated USB is better.
    Also stated the HA -1 pushed 8.5w (!) before protection set in!
  2. gotoma8
    Hi, thank you...I've scoured the JRiver Interact Forum, but still have not found what is recommended for the HA-1, actually there isn't much on the site for the HA-1 in specific.
    I have, for now, chose to go with "NONE" as Output Encoding, letting the HA-1 decipher it at bit perfect with no up-sampling.
    We'll see.  
    Any JRiver MC19/PC users out there with the HA-1 like to comment?
  3. Stereolab42
    Output encoding should usually be set to "none".
    Audio device should be "WASAPI", and set System Volume to "disabled". This gives JRiver exclusive control over Windows sound and gives the Oppo exclusive control over volume, as long as you have a track playing in JRiver.
    Bitstreaming should be set to "DSD", otherwise JRiver would try to convert all DSD to PCM in software before sending it out over USB, which is not what you want since you own a DAC that can handle DSD itself. (Downside being you can't apply EQ or other software DSP filters, of course.)
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  4. gotoma8
    Thanks for the advice.  Shouldn't the Audio Device be in ASIO as that's supposedly the latest and purest?  Also, how do you disable system volume and lastly, why can't I get sound from playing other media, like from youtube to go through the HA-1?
  5. HiFiAudio
    ASIO requires a driver from Oppo Digital.
    Software Driver for USB Audio DAC:
    For Windows computers (XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8): software driver download link. Please unzip the downloaded package and double-click on the "setup.exe" file, then follow the on-screen instructions to finish this installation. Select the HA-1 as your sound output device by setting "Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Sound -> Playback" to "OPPO HA-1 USB Audio 2.0 DAC".
    Instead of scouring the forum, should have just logged on as new user and posted a question in the win mc 19 forum, someone would reply.
  6. gotoma8
    Thanks...I did download the USB Driver from OPPO when I installed and hooked up the HA-1.  Having done so, then, is ASIO audio device recommended over WASAPI?
  7. HiFiAudio
    If you want to play native DSD up to DSD256 yes.  Good luck finding DSD256 content. [​IMG] 
  8. pragu
    Is anyone else having trouble getting output from chrome on a mac? I'm not sure if it's a chrome bug or something wrong with the driver, but they won't play together :frowning2: 
  9. Dixter
    Over in the ifi micro iDSD forum they are finding out that you can use Jriver to convert MP3 on output to DSD and getting good results...
    I tried it today and it does seem to work well with the IDSD...  might try it with the HA-1 and see...
  10. JML
    I almost hate to ask the obvious question, but did you change the basic Sound output settings in System Preferences after connecting the HA-1 for the first time?  If you don't, you won't hear anything from your Mac unless something like Audirvana chooses the Oppo for output.  I forgot to do that at first and wondered why iTunes alone wouldn't play through the Oppo.
  11. pragu
    Oh yeah, I have it set up as a multi-output through the mac's Midi settings, so that I can A/B test the HA-1 and my WA7. Every application seems to work except for Google Chrome (and Chrome Canary).
  12. MattTCG
    The guys at Schiit have held this position from the beginning about their dacs. 
  13. drews
    For 'Native DSD Capability' you should instead select 'DSD over PCM' if you want the HA-1 to decode DSD files (Audirvana's automatic detection doesn't seem to work for the HA-1).
  14. JML
    Thanks!  I haven't yet downloaded any DSD files.  I appreciate the tip.
  15. Uniquexme
    Thanks for the reply. [​IMG] shall compare against mine when i go off work. 
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