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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. Badas


    I've always purchased black.

    However now I'm looking at the rack and thinking it is too dark.:rolleyes:

    I think the HA-1 might have looked better in silver on top of my rack.

    So I vote silver.
  2. MattTCG
    Nope...anything but black on top of your system would have stuck out like a pimple on a supermodels behind. 
  3. HasturTheYellow
    This is how it was in the BDP-105 and we had a numerous complaints by people who wanted to still use the pre-amplifier outputs while using their headphones. This is why we made an extra option in the menu of the HA-1 which allows you to change the MUTE on the player from muting the headphone amplifier and pre-amplifier outputs to only muting the pre-amplifier outputs.
    So it is something that you unfortunately just need to enable on a per use basis and not something that will be done automatically.
  4. Zurv
    oh the wife doesn't like me taking to long to mute... a fast change when plug'n in the headphone is nice. But i'll survive... maybe... 
    also, any plans for Windows Phone app? (yes, i'm one of the 6 ppl in the world that has one) or a windows 8 app that i can use on my surface 3 pro? :)
  5. Badas

    What like my Senny HD700's :D They are nice and silver.

    Hey, someone on another thread said the HA-1 is not a neutral amp and was bright and only designed to work with the PM-1.


    Still trying to decide which HP to get next. I want bass. The biggest amount of bass. Any recommendations?

    Ones I'm looking at are:

    Alpha Dogs, HE-400, LCD 2 and 3.

    Ones I kinda disregarded. PM-1and 2. HE-560 and 400i. As I've been told I won't be satisfied.

    Is there an equaliser thingy I could install to give tone bass control?
  6. mikeyatswb
    I'm listening to the TH 900s through the HA-1 right now (via an iMac + iTunes + BitPerfect through USB).  It's phenomenal.  The HA-1 works just as advertised, including the remote control App.  Flawless (so far).
  7. MattTCG
    Lcd 2.2 pre-fazor. 
    Badas likes this.
  8. Badas

    Is my understanding correct? That is not the new model is it. Can you still buy these new?

    What about the bright comment on the HA-1 so it would suit the PM-1. Is that correct?
  9. HiFiAudio
    Look at the bench tests, bright comment, BS only.
    Badas likes this.
  10. JML
    I fixed my problem with the bit rate/sample rate.  I tried just about everything, but unchecking Audirvana’s “low level playback” settings and then rechecking them restored the proper operation, with iTunes alone and with Audirvana in iTunes integrated mode.
  11. Badas

    Thanks Dude.

    I don't really understand all those graphs. :xf_eek: Sorry I'm a bit of a hick.

    Really in New Zealand where I'm from. There is a whole lot of cows and sheep and know one but me into Audio.
    So I'm really alone and get left behind on all that stuff.

    The BS comment made sense to me tho. So I grab any HP that I like the sound signature on.

    I think the LCD2.2 is the one to go for.
  12. x RELIC x Contributor
    I have one of the first retail black ones. I want silver.

    Damn you impatience!!
  13. HiFiAudio
    The frequency response plots, another one from that recent french translated review of the HA-1 you read as shown here, note the flatness.  No elevated frequency.
    From 20 Hz to 20 kHz, dB -0.16, +0.01
    From 40 Hz to 15 kHz, dB -0.04, +0.01

  14. HiFiAudio
    Although I like Black I like Silver better, more of a decision to what it is sitting next to.  [​IMG]
  15. Badas

    Brilliant. So I did well for my first HP purchase. Can I assume that the amp section is fairly powerful and I choose most HP's within reason to use with it?

    I'm loving this hobby. I am very quickly moving from a Home theatre enthusiast to wanting to experiment with HP's.
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