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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. akhyar
    ^ good news indeed [​IMG]
  2. x RELIC x Contributor

    Had a good chuckle there!!

  3. Maxx134
    Kinda feeling sorry for you dude,
    Because I don't see this unit ever getting to you unless you catch it before it sells out again, at FULL PRICE (!)

    Implementation iis everything. .
    You just read it takes longer to make and being a precision unit..
    Sonically,(For audio) don't think the 105 could touch it.
  4. x RELIC x Contributor

    What? No. I agree with you. We're on the same page. :wink:

    I was simplifying based on the comment they said 105 is better, which I highly doubt given that the focus is not only on 2ch balanced output in the 105.
  5. musicheaven

    Alright! :gs1000smile:
  6. craftyhack
    You could always buy the new one on eBay for $1499.  I don't get the auctions I see on eBay, selling PM-1, 105D etc. a few hundred higher than Oppo Direct, and most are either in-stock or will be soon :shrug: from Oppo, perhaps money laundering :D.  Still haven't used my HA-1 yet, but so far sounds great with LCD3(SE and Bal), LCD-XC(SE and bal), Roxanne(SE only, still waiting for bal cables dang it), Ultrasone Pro 900 (SE), HD-650(SE), Shure E500, TripleFi 10's, Sony XB-1000's, and a few others, HD-800's coming soon.  I will publish more extensive review with each set of HPs including comparisons from different sources (AK100, AK240, JRiver, ZX1, HTC One, etc.), different formats(DSD 128->streaming audio), against other amps that I have (not many, Valhalla, Mjolnir/Gungnir, e09K/E17, AK240 on board for IEMs, although I am looking at other amps now, what I really need to know is what is considered to be the most "transparent" SS amp that exists under say $2K, and opinions obviously vary :wink:, so I have will have to spend time looking for waveform comparisons or something in the near future).
  7. Brault
    Craftyhack, are you for real? You really have that assortment of phones and amps to compare?

    I look forward tp your review reports. Really!!

    My needs are simple...I'm looking for a balanced preamp, with remote, that can also do good DA conversion on USB, passthrough, and bass management (not critical if I upgrade my subs), feeding an Emotiva XPA-2 that drives MG-12 speakers, AND performs well feeding Q701's or HD650's. the volume control on my Emotiva XDA-2 dac/preamp makes me crazy, and its remote is bizarre, it's gone as soon as I find a replacement. This might be the HA-1...

    Does anyone have experience with HA-1 volume control with the remote when used as a preamp?
  8. rgs9200m
    Or you could buy this:
    My PM1 sounds great with my Headroom (I left impressions in the PM1 impressions thread).
  9. x RELIC x Contributor

  10. Smarty-pants

    Several reasons I can think of...
    For the players, most of them are modded with kits to make them region free for Dvd and Blu-ray playback in all regions.
    As for the amps and headphones, I would imagine they are offering them to overseas buyers to save some money against what they would pay in their own region, and especially if they aren't offered for sale at all in their own region, then that would be a reason too.
    Not everyone knows that can be ordered direct from Oppo and shipped anywhere in the world.
    Another thing to note, is just because something is for sale on Ebay doesn't mean it will actually sell at the asking price. :wink:
  11. mrscotchguy

    Any word yet when authorized local sellers will have access to the HA-1? Hopefully by July?
  12. HasturTheYellow
    Not yet. We need stable stock of the HA-1 before we can release it to the resellers. Once the stock has normalized, we will be able to start seeding units to our resale partners. Usually, new products is released to resellers within one to two months of becoming available on our website. So it may still be another month before we start to see the HA-1 sold through Official OPPO Resellers.
  13. Sonic Defender Contributor

    Are you related to Bill Gates or something? LOL
  14. mrscotchguy

    That's basically what I was told by a rep pre-launch. I had feeling you were going to sell out. I'm patient on this end still, all my HA-1 cash is still tied up in our moving. Late July is good for me.... Might get antsy after that :)
  15. LajostheHun
    Do you guys offer audio demos at your Mountain View location? I know you have 30 days trial, but I would rather audition it before purchase. I live in the North Bay about 90 minutes drive from you.
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