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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. hikinokie
    Amazon Kindle work on the front usb port?
  2. x RELIC x Contributor

    S/PDIF is max 24/192. Also found on Oppo Digital's website HA-1 specifications
  3. SpudHarris Contributor
    I can vouch first hand that Oppo are very strict about their resellers keeping prices the same. I got an e-mail offer from a reseller when the PM-1 was released offering £100 off the 1st 10 buyers. I jumped but Oppo heard about it somehow and made my guy revoke the offer....
    Not 100% that the PM-1 is great value for money though when you compare the amazing HA-1 which costs the same. Guess R&D doesn't come cheap and most of the leg work was already done with the HA-1.
  4. Brubacca
    I have read through the thread and have some questions for those that have this headphone amp/dac.

    My intention would be to use this as a stereo pre-amp/dac in my setup.

    Does this dac have a very analytical presentation? Does it make you tap your toes, is it musical? How does it do the whole PRAT thing?

    Thanks for any assistance.
  5. Smarty-pants

    I would actually kind of agree about the value of the PM-1.
    In this case the stellar build quality and luxury packaging and such make the PM-1 more of a luxury item compared to their other offerings.
    As such, the PM-2 will be considered the better bargain for price/performance.
    The build quality may not be as stellar as the PM-1, but knowing Oppo's reputation it will certainly still be a high quality product, but just a slightly different build.
  6. jonstatt
    If that happened in Europe that would be absolutely illegal. Price fixing is strictly prohibited and a reseller must be allowed to sell at whatever price they want. A manufacturer can only set a recommended price. Of course there is always politics at play and it is never that black and white. What I will say though is that I know some of the mark-ups on some very high-end equipment and it is totally insane. I have seen evidence of some equipment being priced with 60-70% margin at the reseller, let-alone the manufacturer. As I said earlier in this thread, audiophile technology is a fickle thing with the pricing being more about reputation and "what they can get away with" than true R&D+manufacturing+reasonable profit. That being said, very high-end equipment sells in very low quantities so the profit margin needs to be higher to justify the existence of the company itself!
    This is why Oppo can deliver a product that defies its price point. It has the reputation and market penetration to deliver a quality product at a reasonable cost. I am sure there is still a healthy margin there compared to something like televisions which many companies sell at cost or even at a loss (e.g. Sony). Oppo aims at the sensible end of the audiophile market, and there they can make a product that achieves the quality yet defies the pricepoint of some of its competitors.
  7. jonstatt
    Yes for the headphone amplifier part...This has been compared earlier in the thread. It really depends on the headphones being used. The 105 simply does not have enough power to properly drive an Audeze LCD-2/3 (low sensitivity) or a Sennheiser HD800 (high impedence). The 105 can work with these headphones but it sounds "lazy" because it is lacking the raw dynamics needed due to lack of power. It is still an enjoyable listen, or perhaps I should say, an easy listen.
    Put the same headphones on the HA-1 and the dynamics are profoundly different. The music comes alive and you hear more subtle detail as well.
    I have my HA-1 connected to the 105 using balanced interconnects using the stereo dedicated out XLR connections.
    Also, I did some very brief DAC comparisons and on a short listen I think the DAC performance is extremely similar between the two. However where I did notice a slight difference was feeding a Sonos to the 105 coax input, or the HA-1 input. I don't know if there is a clocking improvement, or better jitter reduction in the HA-1, but there was a slight difference in overall definition/clarity. I was using Spotify high bit-rate audio. What was quite interesting was I had the CD in the 105 and compared it to the Spotify version of the very same CD and they sounded remarkably similar indeed when the Sonos/Spotify was being fed into the HA-1.
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  8. x RELIC x Contributor

    HA-1 DAC is very analytical as in what comes in is what goes out. No coloration, bright or dark to me. It simply shows every detail that it is fed.

    Toe tapping musicality would be more of a representation of your source music and speakers. The DAC doesn't add or take away. Clarity is the word here.

    Pace Rhythm and Timing would be represented by how well your speakers and amp could keep up.

    The basic truth IMO is that the HA-1 DAC is very well implemented with no distortion or grain and will play all the nuances of your source files, good or bad. The trick is using headphones or speakers (pre-amp->amp) that are good enough for the HA-1 to fill.
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  9. Maxx134
    This exactly.
    I would like to add that me and another member with his own HA-1,
    We did notice a "break-in" period where the unit fresh out but had a bit of sparkle in the trebles,
    Which we both noticed disappeared after a certain number of hours. .

    I noticed it was gone well before 50hr mark and other member said sooner I forget exactly but I think about 30..

    What happens then is fairly amazing total clarity and detailing with PRAT and power.
    You sense that you are now in "high end" category equipment, without any lack or want of further upgrading,
    if that is even possible since that may require easily over $3.5k & up(!),
    just for a different high end source dac/amp..

    Anyway, not sure if this burn in experience is indicative to all HA-1 or not...

    The only other SS choice for me personally would have been the GS-X MKII,
    but then I would have to get a DAC to match that high level of performance and that's where I come up with my opinion about the $3.5k lol
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  10. x RELIC x Contributor

    Could be the transistors or capacitors in the analog amp section that settle down after some use as I heard it as well. Not sure about DAC burn in.
  11. sbgunn
    For anyone looking for a discount there's an indirect way to save 5%. If you have a discover card the rewards category is home improvement. For some reason Discover thinks Oppo (and Moon audio, lol) are home improvement stores. They credited me 5% on the oppo for this months statement. The cash back category changes at the end of this month...

    Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  12. Smarty-pants
  13. HiFiAudio
    Don't know if this has been posted, but Digital Trends had a pretty decent visual look at the appearance and functionality of the HA-1 on youtube.
  14. jonstatt
    Request for Oppo. Can you increase or allow configuration of the spectrum analyser to cover a wider range of frequencies? Currently it is ranging from 100-10k, but its outside of these ranges which interests me. Ideally I would like to see representation over the more typical 20-20kHz ranges.
  15. Maxx134
    It has already been discussed in this thread.
    The decision was made for visual practicality reasons
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