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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. Maxx134
    Wow that's the third time I here its sold out (!)..
    I bought mine within the first hour, ha.
  2. bfreedma
    Maybe they've only built 3 so far  [​IMG]
  3. HasturTheYellow
    The HA-1 has no decoding capabilities, so you can't connect a USB drive to the HA-1, for example, and have it decode the audio.

    You will need another device, like a personal computer, iPhone/Pad/Touch, MP3/MP4 player, Blu-ray player, etc decode the audio for the HA-1, then feed a signal for the HA-1 to amplify.
  4. HasturTheYellow
    Unfortunately we never offer discounts, other than when we sell refurbished products.
    As for the stock of the units, we do anticipate more units becoming available late-June. The HA-1 is a high precision product, so the manufacturing time is much longer than we had anticipated based on previous experience manufacturing our Blu-ray players. This was also true for the PM-1 which had sold out completely during its first run, but was replenished as units became available.
  5. giedrys
    That's quite alright, some of your dealers will.
  6. Smarty-pants

    No, they won't.
    One of the staples of Oppo products is that they are known for offering a great value for the price paid.
    As such, Oppo Digital has always sold their products with a solid set price.
    They have never offered special discount or sales because their products are not marked up for maximum profits like other OEMs.
    The same goes for dealers who sell their products. They have also always sold at the same price that Oppo Digital sells for in their online store.
  7. giedrys

    I like your nick, you speak like one :D
    I own Oppo BD player, paid less than MSRP from authorized dealer last year. I could send you a proof but then again- I don't have to prove anything to you, do I? Yes they make great product but they are not the only ones. I mean if you are  apple-like fanboy, you are welcome to buy them at full MSRP, but speak for yourself and don't expect everyone else to pay whatever the manufacturer asks, no matter how good the product is.
  8. x RELIC x Contributor
    Didn't think I'd use the mobile input very much but I just hooked up the iPad (4) straight to the HA-1 with the lightning cable and watched a movie. Sounded great! Nice and punchy with great detail. Nice. And super convenient with just the lighting cable to hook up.

    The HA-1 is the gift that keeps on giving, especially when the wife wants to watch those damn dancing shows! :rolleyes:
  9. avraham
    Maybe HA-2 should offer a HDMI input so that decoded audio media could be fed to the onboard DACs on the headphone amp, bypassing the DACs of the BDP-105(D) or whatever player.  Although I am still not convinced that the DACs in the HA-1 are superior to the DACs in the BDP-105(D).  I think I would find rather inconvenient to have to hook up to a computer to player certain digital files.  I would be very happy to beta test the HA-2.
  10. Smarty-pants

    If anyone is selling brand new Oppo players (that are not backstocked older models, open box, scratch and dent, refurbished, etc... to the general public)
    for less than the MAP price set by Oppo, then it's the first time I've ever heard of it.
    Of course it really is just an unproven claim unless you do provide the proof you claim you have. :wink:

    Not sure what Apple even has to do with it. I was just reporting how Oppo's pricing scheme works.
    I know that Apple products do sell for less than MSRP from resellers and retail stores, so that comparison doesn't really make much sense.
    Previous comments are not suggestive toward "paying full MSRP as opposed to not".

    I am a person who NEVER pays full price for products.
    I always get them at the lowest price possible so I can use the money saved toward other needs and wants.
    However when a product can not be purchased at a lesser price, then you pay what it costs or don't buy it.
    I'm sure many people would love to know where they can get Oppo products below MAP and MSRP prices, so again please feel free to share your source. :)
  11. x RELIC x Contributor

    Why would it be superior? They use the same DAC. It's the amp section that's better and geared more to 2 channel HiFi and fully analog and balanced on the HA-1.
    HasturTheYellow likes this.
  12. yoyowiggle
    Thanks! I did talk with MagnoliaAV and they are going to be carrying it!
  13. akhyar

    Any news yet on the released of silver-coloured HA-1?
  14. rgs9200m
    OMG those dancing shows. 
    Aren't those used in a video loop at Guantanamo Bay to extract confessions?
  15. HasturTheYellow
    The next shipment will contain the Silver HA-1 Headphone Amplifier. We expect these towards the end of this month.
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