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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. Raptor34
    I tried the "feet".  The HA-1 temp was the same, with or without the risers.   It looked Dorky to boot.   No thanks.  I trust Oppo design expertise to keep the innards of the HA-1 at the right operating temperatures without mods of any kind.   Fans indeed.  [​IMG]     
  2. Badas

    Yeah, but did you read one of the most extensive reviews on the HA-1.
    Where they talk about vibration concerns and recommend feet. It was the one main fault they found. So by adding feet you help with two issues.
    Main comments:
    A little neglect is noted, but each judge whether or not it makes a difference. Indeed, the HA-1 used in the typical feet oppo. These feet of plastic terminated by a rubber pad dedicated to the absorption of vibrations. These feet are relatively effective and it is clearly obvious that we can do much better. OPPO must know for a fact, because the manufacturer offers an optional dedicated support to the HA-1. This support is an additional cost of course, but I urge you to consider it as a good investment. Alternatively, you can opt for an alternative mechanical decoupling, such as skates or Stabren Oehlbach. Going back to the support of HA-1, it looks like a wooden faux making use of the same veneer finish that support the headset OPPO PM-1. The support on which will rest the HA-1 is an elevated Plexiglas plate by spacers made of metal. This means that there is a vacuum, it will improve the cooling of the HA-1 and provide better decoupling. The HA-1 will be better isolated from vibration and should run cooler.
    Poor English as it is translated but you get the idea.
  3. Northman
    I have just had a 3 hour session with my setup, and I would say it does sound a bit bright to begin with! But after 30-60 min, while it warms up I feel it softens up and smooths out any harsh sounds. 3 hours of different acoustic artists.
    Funny thing is, my USB cable in "cold" mode, is stiff. 1 hour into my session its pliable and soft, and the HA-1 is quite toasty to the touch.
    It feels like I am listening to a ( at least after reading tons about these ) Sennheiser HD800, in which they are very revealing. If the recording is rubbish, its no point in listening to it on my setup. 
  4. mrscotchguy
    After running the demo one night for 8 hours straight, I thought I'd share my thoughts. Class A runs hot, that's just what it does. I'm sure Oppo did extensive testing before it went to the beta testers. Had Oppo run into problems with its current design, they would have changed it.

    Not once in that 8 hour window did any part of the unit felt too hot to touch with my bare hand. My old Asgard 1 got much much hotter, uncomfortably so.

    So no need to worry here. I think we forget just how much heat Class A can put out. :cool:
  5. Badas
    I ran mine that long in the weekend. Headphone listening and Pre-amp. Mine only got warm on the top grill. Not on the body. However we are in winter here. Not freezing inside but not hot either so that would make a difference.
  6. webstaa
    Just a question - there is a short related thread I found in search, but wanted to add it here instead.

    Background - I demo'd a Japanese unit for a couple of weeks, and want to buy one. I live in Japan, but am from the US. The Japanese version is 1.5x the cost of the US version, and its back-ordered. I could just get a US one when I visit the States and take it back with me. I'll be moving back to the States anyways in just over a year or so.

    I emailed both Oppo US and Oppo Japan to ask them these questions:
    1. Will a US HA-1 work on Japan's 100v 50hz power?
    2. Will a Japan HA-1 work on US's 120v 60hz power?
    3. What's the time frame for backordering a HA-1 in Japan? (I didn't ask the US branch this question.)

    Here's the response I got from Oppo US: "The player has a switching power supply that supports 100~240V 50/60Hz power switching, so the player will work in Japan and a Japanese player will work in North America."

    Here's the response I got from Oppo Japan: "The source voltage is different between Japan (100v) and the United States (120v), as you knew.
    The tolerance of the input voltage in any CE products is generally +/- 10%. Thus, your HA-1/US can accept 108v – 132v.
    This basically means that your HA-1/US does not work with the source voltage in Japan at 100v.
    While you may use 100/120 step-up transformer, we cannot commit the operation with 100% credibility, because it depends on the specification of the transformer. It could be worth trying for you, though.
    So, we basically recommend you to buy HA-1/JP instead. "

    So which is correct? And what do you think is the best course of action?
  7. Badas
    Sounds like BS from Japan to me. I ordered from the US and we are on 220V. A mate in the US used mine first for a weekend then shipped to me. The voltage switched itself no problem at all. I would believe Oppo US. It is there product.
    If you want to be safe see if you can take a look at the back of a Japanese Oppo. If it has 100-240V then there is no difference.
    Oppo does not have a reputation of making different products with different voltages for different parts of the world. They keep it simple.
  8. webstaa
    Thanks for the quick reply! The one I demo's only had the standard Japanese power rating listed - 100v 50/60hz. Printed right under the socket just where 100-240v 60hz is printed on the US version. Although on the Japan website they have pictures of the US version. Unfortunately, when I demo'd it (I've since had to send it back) I didn't think to check more in depth.
  9. Raptor34

    With all due respect, both the heat and vibration issues are nothing but hot air and the result of not finding much at all wrong with the HA-1 in the first place!        Class A amps run hot. 
    As for the 'vibration' issue, ah, what vibration?   From headphones?   Really?   The HA-1 is first and foremost a headphone amplifier. 
    "Poor English as it is translated but you get the idea."   Yep, I get the idea.  The reviewer is shilling  expensive isolation feet that you don't need  but have bragging rights about,  just like speaker wire isolation feet.  Yikes guys!   
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  10. Badas
    Agreed on not finding much at all wrong. They loved it and it was a good review. Yes Class A runs hot.
    A lot use as a pre-amp. I have three very powerful subs (over 1000watts each) in my system. Vibration would be a concern. However I get your point. If using for headphones only then not a issue.
    I didn't get that impression and they talked about the Oppo stand being an option. I was just trying to help. Mine is most definitely running cooler. My outside case use to get hot. Not now. Only the top heat grate gets warm.
  11. atubbs
    Somewhat short (and will argue how sweet), but I've now spent a decent amount of time with a pair of HA-1s. The first one I received had a power LED that would dim and go out after being on for some amount of time. It had nothing to do with the LCD dimming; it seemed instead to be that interaction with anything on the front panel of the device or any amount of extended listening would cause it to blink out. This unit also had a high pitched sound that would come on intermittently and sounded like a camera flashgun charging up and discharging. Went back and forth with Oppo a few times and they finally concluded they should send me a replacement unit.
    The replacement unit has had neither of the issues and has worked solidly and without issue since.
    As far as normal operation, yes, the unit gets warm. By specs, it consumes 70 watts, and seldom few of those watts are going into headphones. This is hardly a fair comparison, but if you put a 60 watt bulb in a metal box for a while, I'm pretty sure you'll find it warm to the touch. Make up an efficiency factor to your preference, but an amplifier that can drive a low-impedance load to a few watts in pure class A is going to be blowing an order of magnitude more watts as waste heat.
    In terms of sound quality, the amp does relatively well and is incredibly versatile. There are a ton of inputs, there's preamp capability, and there's enough power to drive the HE-6. There aren't a lot of bells and whistles, but the ones that are present are useful. Build quality is solid. Design seems to be well thought-out.
    The thing is quiet, but not dead-quiet. There's a decent range of gain and precision of control of said gain. That is, I have plenty of level control for the HE-6 but I also can make the volume levels comfortable without the steps being too big when using a set of JH13s. With that said, there's enough noise with the JH13s that I wouldn't describe the listening as pleasant; I would not recommend the HA-1 for IEM use. I did not notice the noise with any full-size cans.
    The sound signature struck me as relatively neutral in my listening; I've spent some time with its USB, coax, and optical inputs. All seem to work well enough with my sources. I've experimented with a few DSD tracks, but have a hard time saying that the performance is leaps and bounds better than red book PCM material. May be the source material isn't anything special.
    As an all-in-one DAC, head amp, and pre amp, I think the unit delivers at the price point. For me, this hits a great niche as a home office or bedside listening station. The versatility definitely is a win.
  12. Maxx134
    The strange thing I noticed is that the ha1 sounds a bit sweet and tube like in signature when paired with the he6, giving the he6 a sweet detailed relaxed sound.

    On the he560 the sound was much more neutral and energetic. .
    Probably has to do with the he6 more than the ha1..

    Anyway the ha1 is my preferred equipment now as the hd800 never sounded better in my trials with it...
    Right now I have those and the he560 and the ed12 and they all sounding fantastic out of the HA-1..
  13. zilch0md
    Hi Maxx134,
    Regarding your enjoyment of HA-1 > HD800...
    Which HA-1 input do you prefer with the HD800, if any?
    Are you going balanced out to HD800?  If so, which cables?
    Is your HD800 modded in any way?
  14. zilch0md
    Hi Northman,
    Are you saying that an hour after turning on your HA-1, your USB cable becomes "pliable and soft" only near the Type B connector (at the back of the HA-1) - or are you saying it becomes "pliable and soft" along its entire length?
  15. Maxx134
    HD800 anax2.0 moded without all the creatology foam which alters the soundstage, rather only on the metal ring of driver..
    White carpet liner is used without stock black felt which dampen sound when using both..

    Going balanced into HA1 with Cardas cable..
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