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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. BobJS
    Out of curiousity, are the PM-1's highs rolled off at all?  Dark, neutral, bright?
  2. olegausany
    For me they're dark with no sparkle
  3. mrscotchguy
    Running the HA-1 with asio on my win8.1 netbook.  Anyone know what buffer size is recommended in the OppoUsbAudio Control Panel?
  4. akhyar

    They are dark
  5. tuatara
    They're just right, perfect for me.
  6. Maxx134

    I need more water but it seems like a good idea!
    20140912_201853.jpg :wink:
    Hmm oops!
    I think I should have got a sealed one!
    Liquid & electronics gear make sparks!
    Ok Scratch that.lol
    That's not a true lava lamp that's a fish tank type..
  7. tesox
    After a few month with my HA-1 I'am a very disappointed.
    It's again the Volume control, wich seems to be the weak point on this amp.
    The laggy remote control performance and the +/- jumping db-levels at the 12 o' clock position are an annoying fact
    but a result of the "high-precision" analog volume control, I've been told here.
    But now, I have (suprisingly at the same knob position) a crackling sound at knob rotation.
    It disappears after moving the knob back an forth a few times but after some time it is back again,
    sometimes it takes one or two days.
    The crackling is hearable with and without music playing. Headphone (Audeze) is connected balanced.
    I am totally excited.... I spend lots of money (Germany) for this device wich is designed for one key-feature:
    Pure, clean sound -  and it crackles!
    So what to do ? RMA? - waiting weeks and getting it back with "No faults found"?
    I am [​IMG][​IMG]
  8. Brault
    ooooh, this really puts me off... Please keep us informed regarding this issue!
  9. zilch0md

    With which ear pads?

    With which ear pads?

    With which ear pads?


  10. olegausany
    Can't really remember cause I heard them a good while ago but even EQ didn't help
  11. akhyar

    Their stock leather pads.
    Should be the 1st gen pads as there's no upgrade pads available in Singapore
  12. zilch0md

    Thanks guys.
  13. mrscotchguy

    That's a shame, after a week of heavy use, I'm almost about to buy one. Then again, 90% of my usage was using the knob in the traditional way.

    Sounds like a dirty pot to me...
  14. tuatara

    original pads. Still waiting on the local importer to supply the updated items.
  15. atubbs
    I would at least get in touch with Oppo. I had problems with my first HA-1; we went back and forth a few times and they sent me a new unit and I just had to send back the old one. All was well thereafter. Don't know if it's more complicated in Germany? 
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