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Onkyo DP-S1 Rubato / Pioneer XDP-30R Private

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by steve80, Mar 8, 2017.
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  1. audionewbi
    Amazon japan has 6 more unit of dps1 left. I just purchased mine shipped to Australia 500 AUD all together. 
  2. nanaholic
    No not at the moment, these DAPs don't run Android but their own customised version of Linux so Android apps won't run on them.
  3. audionewbi
    From the looks of it the Pioneer dap scales up alot once balance is used whereas DP-S1 is rather the same. Both model are selling alot, early adapters who also have the AK70 commented that the sound is better however UI is where it truly lacks and many are hoping the future FW fix that.
    My guess is if Onkyo can fix the UI this thing will be the hit of the year. I always wanted a DAP that is the size of AK120 and plays everything. Valoq came close however short battery life and gets rather too hot and so that didn't do it for me. AK70 sounds isn't better than AK120, doesnt deal nicely with DSD and also gets warm for me to comfortably carry in my front pocket shirt however UI is the best i have tried.
    I am counting a lot on the DP-S1 specially due to my new interest in MQA which I have been using alot on my DP-X1. MQA counterpart of most of my favourite album, at least the one I can get my hands on are very positive so far. 
  4. Emerald Core
    What is the difference between this and their Smartphone GranBeat ? I see similar specs with only lower noise ground. 
  5. addyg

    Granbeat is based on dpx1. These dps1 xdp30r are new Linux platform. While dps1 is Native DSD and dual clock, not seen in other series.
  6. addyg
    It runs TuneIn Internet radio app, so any Linux capable app may be ported to it. If someone are good at Linux, they probably can develop many special app for this platform.
  7. addyg

    It is always fixing and fixing in UI. For history, the older dpx1 first come out without folder play and without color album artwork. A few months later it added those features.
  8. audionewbi
    I think there will be huge fixes and more feature to be released. Onkyo is trying to make your phones to be the key control component. Imagine browsing your net and having your phone to control the sound of your DAP without needing to take it out or carry a limited function BT remote. 
    Onkyo Dap Controller is going to be a strong partner with the dp-s1.
  9. Tokyoghoul
    Good News!
    Gapless Playback is now supported with the latest update.
  10. audionewbi
    DP-S1 arrived. Did a quick playback and I can hear that DSD playback on this device is its strong point. For a second it reminded me of my LPG.

    As far as pcm it sounded a little too forward and slightly shouty. Need to spend more time with it and let it settle for 40 hours.

    Size it is feeling small, so far doesn't heat up and screen isn't as bad as people make it to be.

    UI is fast and efficient. I hope sound settles, size wise it is my ideal portable dap.
  11. qsk78
    Could you please check if S1 has that OTG feature to send a signal to an external DAC like DX1/300R do? Thanks!
  12. audionewbi
    no otg at this stage. However if that is something they can offer they would have advertised. 
    For now lets just say we need to wait for the 2.0 FW to be fully sure what is Onkyo going to enable. 
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  13. audionewbi
    here is a bit of unboxing for those who are interested: http://earphonia.com/unboxing/onkyo-rubato-dp-s1-digital-audio-player-unboxing/
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  14. audionewbi
    Here are my early less than 40 hour impressions (aging time of the player). I've listened to this DAP collectively for 6 hours:
    1. DSD playback: I'm very impressed by DSD performance of this player. I compared it directly with Lotoo Paw Gold which I use exclusively for DSD playback. Too early to tell, I need way more time, need to use my analytical IEM. But I've to say dp-s1 on DSD album is performing way above its price point
    2. ACG vs Balance: Can't tell any significant difference between the two balance out feature. On my DP-X1 the difference is more noticeable,
    3. Digital filter: This has to be the first DAP that I can actually hear the performance of the difference filters. Whether that is a good thing or not I can only speak of it in the near future.
    4. Batter life: After the 6 hour mark, however with minimal screen usage the battery indicator is near halfway mark. I play a mixture of various files, volume set at 34 using LOW gain. So far so good!
    5. Heat: Cool to the touch which is a change! All my other daps do get warm which means I cannot place it in my shirt pocket. I haven't yet taken it outdoors in the Sydney sun. The black color might be a nice heat magnet!
    For 500 AUD delivered express in two days from Amazon Japan this player seems to slowly wining me over in a big way. Now going back on whether it truly can beat players like LPG or WM1A please remember we are talking about players 3-6 times its price range. Currently out of balance out of 1A I can tell 1A has a more 3D soundstage and a large spatial present compared to DP-S1 but honestly for what I will use the DP-S1 I dont think I will ever care. I just want a player to be truly portable, light weight, fit in my shirt pocket and last a day with plenty of storage space and DP-S1 offers all that.
    For those who wonder how AK70 compares against DP-S1, as a stand alone DAC/DAP DP-S1 wins with no contest. However UI and features on Ak70 such us OTG to other DAPS, AK connect, wireless music download perhaps might make Ak70 a better option. But for me AK70 overheated too much for me to successively use outdoor and I find the sound to too digital and balance out simply wasn't impressive at all. 
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  15. qsk78
    Looking forward to otg function enabling to switch to rubato. [​IMG]
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