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Onkyo DP-S1 Rubato / Pioneer XDP-30R Private

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by steve80, Mar 8, 2017.
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  1. Steve80
  2. nanaholic
    Some more hands on and detail for the Rubato
    Summary of the spec:
    * Dual Sabre ES9018C2M DAC
    * Dual Sabre 9601K amp chip
    * Native playback of DSD up to 5.6MHz
    * 75mW + 75mW @ 32ohm unbalanced
    * 150mW + 150mW @ 32ohm balanced
    * Dual clocks (44.1kHz/48KHz)
    * Dual microsd slot
    * 16GB onboard memory
    * WiFi and Bluetooth
    * 10 band equalizer
    * Custom OS based on Linux kernel (NOT skinned Android) - but will support some Japanese streaming services
    * ACG balanced mode (same as DP-X1)
    * 15 hours playback time (96kHz FLAC on unbalanced output)
    They will also release an Android/iOS remote control app which will let you control playback of the DAP via Bluetooth connection to your smartphone
    The spec for the Rubato looks really good for the size and price, looks like a much better choice than the AK70 for a nicely made entry-level audiophile compact DAP.
  3. qsk78
    No Tidal support, correct?
    It looks like a perfect digital transport for my Vantam.
    Currently I use the 300R for this purpose but would love to go to a more compact DAP but having Tidal is critical.
    Will think it over.
    I does support otg data transfer to an external DAC like the 300R, correct?
  4. nanaholic
    No mention of exactly what streaming support or OTG at the moment I'm afraid.  Though they did mention that both unbalanced and balanced output supports true line out mode, so I'm thinking they are confident enough about the DAC features/capability of the DAP that they think you'll only ever need an external amp, rather than bypassing everything altogether.
  5. qsk78
    Thanks. Need to wait for the manual to clarify I guess.
    The 300R allows to bypass everything, hope they will keep this ability for his little brother))
  6. Tokyoghoul
    The Private looks nice...
    Release date in Japan is March 17th. Might replace my Cowon PD...
  7. NotKunvinced
  8. alwass89
    Wow, a very small and compact DAP with 2 microSD card slots, dual DAC's, a touchscreen and non-Android, pretty much just what I'm looking for.
    It looks like the specs are almost exactly the same. What's the difference between the Pioneer and the Onkyo? and will you be able to choose English as the language for the menus?
  9. pholcus1975
    What a strange name!Rubato means stolen in Italian!
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  10. Tokyoghoul
    It is also a musical term for "playing with expressive and rhythmic freedom"
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  11. pholcus1975
  12. pholcus1975
    I wonder how it compares to iBasso dx80, soundwise.
  13. chaiyuta
    It seems like Aune M1s (ES9018K2M) may sound better by reading specifications e.g. THD+N and SNR. But Rubato and Private design are definitely better.
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  14. Signal2Noise
    A non-Android version piques my interest. I too would like to know what the specific differences are between the Onkyo & Pioneer.
  15. chaiyuta
    The differences are appearance design, provided App inside and sound signature.
    I read on http://www.e-earphone.jp/blog/?p=80811. There is short review below. 
       Private : lively energetic sound and V-shape sound signature.
      Rubato : Clear sound on whole frequency spectrum and there is a good headroom.
    Translated by myself not Google.
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