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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. DMinor
    Yeah the CF compatibility list on Tarkan's site is not 100% accurate. The Komputorbay 128GB 600x works just fine with the Tarkan adapter. The Dolgix 133x 64gb or 128GB card also works fine. Those two brands are probably the least expensive ones you could get.
    This 128GB CF card should work as well, but personally I have not tried it yet. Remember seeing a pic from a head-fi'er of CF mod with this card and the Tarkan.
  2. cmarti
    My battery is Li-Poly, it is a year old and it was sourced from a new 7th gen iPod classic. This battery has survived the 160gb hard drive, the Crucial M400 256gb card and the current Crucial M500 480gb card.
    I took this picture of the battery last time I opened the iPod.
    Edit: The battery reads Li-ion Polymer. (Now I am confused)
  3. DMinor
    How many hrs are you getting from this battery for the Crucial 480GB mod?
  4. cmarti
    Around 8 hrs just listening to full albums without playing with the iPod other than to change albums when the one playing is over.
  5. DMinor
    That's not too bad, but if you frequently browse folders and manually switch albums the number of hrs could be cut by half my guess.
    Also if the ipod is turned off/on a few times, it will suck quite some juice out of the battery.
    I have a bad habit browsing the folders and viewing the cue files. The main reason is to be familiar myself with what albums and where albums are, given such a massive amount of digital contents on one ipod. It's quite a task (but rewarding experience). LOL.
  6. cmarti
    That also might be called ADHD. Just kidding! lol
  7. DMinor
    May well be true  [​IMG]
    cmarti likes this.
  8. dr408517
  9. DMinor
    That sucks Dr.
    One thing is I wouldn't attempt to initialize database for my 480GB drive when fully loaded (only 2 GB's left free). That would freeze the ipod at the minimum. I try to keep it simple by using folders only nothing else.
    How about your 480GB Crucial? Is that one working?
  10. cmarti
    Yeah, initializing the database is a bad idea. My 240gb iPod would freeze when I tried that after x amount of songs.

    Can you charge the battery in another iPod? Is the connector for the battery cable loose at the logic board? They tend to get loose after a while when you keep plugging and unplugging to replace the battery.
  11. dr408517

    I have about 52k songs on the BP4 mSata and the database initializes without issue. The 480g was also working fine until the battery drained last night. It only has about 10 g on it, because i found that loading in small blocks of less than 1000 songs "appeared" to conserve the battery by reducing the peaks in current drawn during the loading.

    I have established that there is nothing mechanically wrong with the 1T. All the parts check, except the battery. New batteries still report sad ipod, however, charging them is the issue at the moment. I am using an old 30g to charge the batteries before placing into the mSatas.

    I've ordered a 2500mAH li-poly from the net. I am still waiting for my other battery orders to arrive. RadioShack had nothing, but the kids behind the counter were not at all aware of their inventory.

    Never give up, never surrender.
  12. cmarti

    That's the attitude!

    Can you post the link for the batter you ordered?
  13. dr408517


    I just finished a voltage test of my batteries. The 900mAH thin Li-poly's report 3.4 to 3.8V. The 1300 mAH report 3.6 to 3.7V. I have some old ipod batteries ranging 650mAH to 850mAH, and several report at 4+V! I took the one reporting the highest voltage (a 650mAH) stuck it in the 480g mSata and Bingo - it's back to running again. I am reformating the 1T again because made a bonehead mistake last night when i pulled it off the computer without ejecting first so it was locked and would not reformat.

    I do more battery testing when my parts arrive.
    cmarti likes this.
  14. cmarti
    I am glad you finally have the iPod running again, The 650mAh battery is one of those third party ones right?
    I am looking forward to the results of your testing of the 2500mAH battery. Goodspeed sir!
  15. Reima
    At 8mm isn't that battery too thick for the iPod?
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