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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. gav007
    The rubberized covers look nice. Where can I purchase?
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  2. alv4426
    ill take one and click wheel too if available. It looks beast.
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  3. noobzpro
    im interested in the CF and tarkan? does it work with 5.5?
  4. DMinor
    It's still April 1st here, so my answer is NO.
  5. MParrott

    Yes, very well in fact.

    If you are in Europe, a quick way to get the adapter is Tarkan's store here. I bought a bulk order from him thinking I could help folks here in the states, and I've listed the adapter with a CF card that I've used for a time now with good results. Can be found here.
  6. DMinor
    UPDATE on the 850 mAh Miliamp battery - 
    The 2nd full charge lasted about the same number of hrs as the 1st full charge with the Crucial 480GB mSATA mod. No premature shut off. Excellent battery.
    Note Miliamp offers 10 yrs of guarantee on this battery.
  7. the wizard of oz
    Time to try the Samsung 1TB mSATA DMinor :wink: ...
  8. DMinor
    Haha, actually dr408517 already has that 1TB drive and waiting for his update ......
    He had some battery issues with the drive and hopefully the Miliamp is the answer.
  9. the wizard of oz
    That'd be great! If it works, it might tempt me to start dabbling with my old iPod Video again... 1TB is a worthwhile distraction, and I am still haunted by my failed attempt at a DIYMod, since I jumped on the DX100 bandwagon instead (Zero regrets, the SQ is awesome :atsmile: ).
  10. DMinor
    480GB is already sick for a dap. 1TB is nice but I am not too crazy about it, especially if that sucks too much power out of the battery.
    IMO, achieving good audio is pretty simple in concept, just strive for a transparent/neutral source, i.e. clean and resistance-free (least resistance) circuit design for audio path.  With that you have a colorless sounding and the music just flows freely and effortlessly like a breeze. With a transparent source, let the phones to dictate the sound signature of your choice.
    The capless diymod (with lod pins lifted off board) paired with a capable amp (e.g. capless UHA-6S) has proven to be lucky shot for me. People thought I was crazy plugging in the capless diymod and capless lod cable to the amp with that 1.5 volts of dc offsets. Boy was I surprised the moment I did that.  I am still surprised. Cmarti will let me know if I am wrong, hopefully soon. :)  Just make it clear I am not saying you can feed that 1.5 v to any amps, if you do you may risk damaging your amp and/or phones.
    I mostly listen to classical music (anything classical), which is the most demanding for audio covering a broad frequency spectrum.
    I want everything from a dap - the massive amount of GB's, best UI, ability to change anything if needed, and of course the excellent sound. Now I got one, actually one is way under estimated number. [​IMG]
    Anyways, I am glad you enjoy the DX100 very much. I wish one day I could have an opportunity to do some comparisons with these daps.
  11. dr408517

    I am back home tonight. Will work with the Terapod this weekend. Batteries from batteriesinaflah and battery.trade have not arrived yet. I am fully charging a 1300mah i purchased from eForcity tonight so I can do some testing tomorrow. Unfortunately it's an li-poly, and these have not been particularly reliable. None of the li-poly 900mah purchased from commonbyte work with the 1T.

    I dissected a dead battery, and I'm thinking about some radical battery options in the >2000 mah 3.7v range. More this weekend.
  12. cmarti
    I own one of those 1300mAh and it performer horribly on my 160gb iPod video but it worked fine on my 160gb slim 6th generation Classic.
    I would like to try this one on the iPod video but I am not sure how to wire it to work.
    I used this one to replace the battery on my FiiO E17 and the quality is excellent.
  13. the wizard of oz
    I like the sound of that :p
  14. DR650SE
    Cmarti, when you replace the battery in your E17,sis it require anything special? Or what it plug and play? What kind of runtime do you get now vs. The old stock battery? I think I get 5-6 ours at the moment.

    Sent from my XT912 using Tapatalk
  15. DR650SE
    Never mind, I looked at my pics from when I opened the Fiio E17 and see that the battery is soldered to the motherboard of the amp.


    Sent from my XT912 using Tapatalk
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