1. jcw-mini

    What is the best Portable DAC for iPod Classic 160GB to buy?

    Hello everyone,   I am a newbie to the portable headphone amps.  I just bought an Apple Ipod Classic 160GB and a pair of Shure SE353 and Sennheiser HD 650.  I am looking for a portable DAC with amplifier but not shure what to buy.  I was leaning toward the Fostex HP-P1 and not sure if this...
  2. Brian_the_King

    Do Budget HDMI DACs Exist?

    I do not follow hi-fi audio so closely as I used to, but in three weeks both my iPod and DCM-280 have expired... I'm thinking it would be really nice to use the bitstream from my laptop's HDMI port -> DAC -> analog receiver / LDI+. Is this an option without spending many hundred dollars?
  3. monoboy

    LOD to iPod Classic, curious for info....

    Hey everyone! I have purchased an LOD for the iPod Classic 5th gen, to go with my portaphile 627x amp when it ships out in January! Can't wait! The eBay listing for the LOD purchased says it is compatible with iPhone and iPod. It arrived today, So I was curious to see what the LOD does when I...
  4. alasam

    Note 3 + e18 dac/amp VS iPod classic/nano +e18 amp

    Hi everyone, So I recently received a Fiio e18 as a present and currently use it with my Note 3 smartphone as a dap/dac/amp combo. On the go I am satisfied, but at home and in the office I find myself the combo a bit cumbersome because I cannot use my phone for its everyday purposes with the...
  5. noxa

    Ipod to rca cable

    I'm looking for an ipod to RCA cable, does anyone know anywhere to get a decent :)one and prefferably in the UK?
  6. Bytor123

    240GB iPod Classic

    Hello folks, Has anyone got experience with one of these modded iPod Classics? I love collecting music of all sorts and my 160GB is on the way to being full (I'm happy with 320's; can't tell the difference with anything higher I'm afraid).  Also, any thoughts about what Apple will be doing...
  7. vivalacarlo

    which hard drive can i replace my ipod classic's hard drive with?

    So my 80 gb ipod classic is running out of space and i really need my fat 160gb ipod back up and running again. I dropped it and im guessing i broke the hdd because it keeps telling me to restore it even though i tried restoring it a couple of times already. I saw a hard drive from toshiba in...
  8. nonamedude

    Large storage alternative to Ipod

    Hey guys I am looking to get an mp3 player again. I have terrible luck with them and have been without for about two years. My last ipod classic was stolen and the video before that konked out on the logic board so its been probably 5 or 6 years since I have had a steady constantly working...
  9. FilipinoAko

    iPod Classic 5.0 30gb and iPod Classic 7.0 160gb

    Hello everyone, I got the chance to buy a used iPod Classic 5.0 and iPod Classic 7.0 at Craigslist. The reason why I bought these is to compare their sound quality. On a blind test, I played same set of songs same volume level, same headphones (Grado SR 80i) and I realized that iPod Classic 5.0...
  10. magicalmouse

    problem with rockboxed ipod classic 6g - any solutions

    Hi, i think my emcore installation is corrupted as the ipod shows up in windows as apple mobile device and cannot be formatted or otherwise used, when i boot it it loads into rockbox but i cannot add files as it is not recognized by mediamonkey or itunes   Thus i cannot reinstall emcore  or...
  11. abablitz

    Hi, I'm new and need help with choosing components

    My Headphones: -Maddog T50RP -Senn HD 650 -Monster Copper Turbine Pro   My Amp: Fiio e09k Fiio e11   Sound Card: Creative Titanium HD   So I'm selling my computer and will no longer have a sound card, but I really liked the sound of the titanium HD. What dacs/amp combos are out there...
  12. bigeye135

    iPod Classic 5th Gen Sound Issues

    Hi there, new to the forums.    I haven't found anything regarding my issue so I'm asking here.   After not using it for ~4 years, the sound just sounds bad.  I have multiple sets of headphones, from older bose to cheap over ears.  Even with my Meelec M9P's the bass is lacking, and the sound...
  13. Hifi Man

    Is there anything that holds over 160 gigs?

    I'm looking to upgrade from my iPod classic 160 gig
  14. magicalmouse

    Comparison ipod classic rockboxed versus fiio x3

    Hi, i use classic ipods 5.5 and 6 both rockboxed with an external portable amplifier, i listen to 1920-70 jazz and blues mostly with some more modern material. Some of the earlier music is not well recorded.   My question is will the x3 sound better using 16/44 files than the ipods, there are...
  15. Spyro

    Reverse File Back-Up (Ipod to Computer)...Best Way?

    I have heard there are programs or software out there where it will take everything on my Ipod Classic and back it up onto a file onto my PC and from there I want to back it up to a portable hard drive.  Is there an easy and inexpensive way to do this and will it keep the same 256 bit rate I...
  16. Ardian

    New DAP for natural sound.

    Hi to everyone :) I have bought a Martin Logan Mikros 90, and the sound is incredible in my opinion. The Sansa Clip+ that I have, seems a bit poor in body for the Martin, anche I need to high up the volume too much!! Can you suggest me a new DAP that can easily drive the ML and that would be...
  17. vkalia

    $500 DACs - Audio GD, Peachtree, what else?

    I'm in the market for a good DAC.   The main source is going to be the USB output from my Mac, but I also have a 160GB iPod on a dock with a coax out that I can use.   Does anyone know the difference between the various Audio-GD DACs in the $350-500 range - the NFB2.32, the NFB-3 and the NFB...
  18. vkalia

    Q about Rockboxed iPod Classic 160GB

    Hi all -   Had a couple of questions about a rockboxed iPod classic:   1/ Will it output higher-res files than 16/48?   I believe iDevices are unable to output higher-res digital outs, right?   2/ Will Rockboxing it change the ability of an iDac to extract a digital out from it - I have a...
  19. ostewart

    Review: Spider Surround Pro headphone amp/Dolby converter

    Spider Surround Pro headphone amp/dolby surround decoder review Firstly i would like to thank Spider for sending me this amp to review, I will write as honest a review possible. This amp received over 50hrs of burn in, no changes were noted. Gear Used: IPod Classic 160gb (rockboxed) > Standard...
  20. I<3SQ

    Any Zune owners out there?

    I had an iPod for a couple years but then the battery died so began the shopping for a new portable media player. I ended up with a Zune2 80gb and have not regretted the decision for a single second. It does all I need it to do and then some, it's sexier than the iPod and the screen, OMG, that...
  21. eke2k6

    [Multi-Review] Hifiman HM901, Fiio X5, Sony ZX1, Hisound Studio 3rd Anv, iPhone 4

    Foreword         I've personally wanted to see something like this for a long time now. As a techie, I've long been intrigued by the idea of these top of the line DAPs. They bring with them the promise of high level engineering that will make the most out of your files and headphones. I've...
  22. strrstarrynight

    dx50 or ipod classic with a amp

    Looking to upgrade my rig, currently using the color fly c3, sounds pretty good but keeps crashing and bugging out. Which provides better sound quality? A ibasso dx50 or a iPod classic with a semi decent 200-300 amp, when paired with se535?
  23. rarebear

    DIY iPod LOD Cables

    I just finished last night making my first Ipod LOD cable and thought I would share how I did it..   I used 28 gauge Silver wire that I think is under sized so I use two strands per lead.. It is 16 strands per wire so I have a total of 32 :)   I use green, yellow and purple which is...
  24. xplus93

    Does this exist?

    I've been looking for a portable media player that uses 2.5 inch hard drives, plays lossless audio, and has a good built in DAC and amp with a 1/4 jack. Does something like this exist? So far it seems a 320GB iPod classic is my best choice. I wan't an all in one device that can hold my entire...
  25. ostewart

    Hippo CriCri+ (Amp+DAC) Review

    Hippo CriCri+ Review   I would like to thank Hippo Audio for sending me this CriCri+ for review, I will try and write as honest a review as possible.   All opinions expressed are my own, others may not agree.   Gear Used: Toshiba netbook – Foobar2000 – CriCri+ - SoundMAGIC HP100...