Reverse File Back-Up (Ipod to Computer)...Best Way?
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Apr 15, 2003
I have heard there are programs or software out there where it will take everything on my Ipod Classic and back it up onto a file onto my PC and from there I want to back it up to a portable hard drive.  Is there an easy and inexpensive way to do this and will it keep the same 256 bit rate I downloaded it all with?
It was originally on a computer via Itunes software.  Only 10% of my music was purchased through Itunes.  Maybe another 10% through "Wetransfer" and the other 80% is ripped CD's.   I couldn't care less about album artwork.
(long story short)....Family of 5 users on Itunes on a Mac.  The computer is screwed up in many ways.  The music might be salvageable but I want to avoid trying to transfer the ENTIRE library onto something else and risk bringing over viruses and only 25% of the total library is my music anyway.  So I am wanting to start my own music file/library with what is on my Ipod.  I don't care whether I continue to use Itunes software or not but would want to keep 100% of my music.
I am NOT tech saavy so dumb it down for me.  :)
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Jan 25, 2010
There is also SynciOS-it will back up your iPod/iPhone to a PC without using iTunes.  There is a free version, and a $20.00 pro version.

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