LOD to iPod Classic, curious for info....
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Sep 15, 2012
Hey everyone!

I have purchased an LOD for the iPod Classic 5th gen, to go with my portaphile 627x amp when it ships out in January! Can't wait! The eBay listing for the LOD purchased says it is compatible with iPhone and iPod.

It arrived today, So I was curious to see what the LOD does when I plug it into the bottom of the iPod Classic, whilst running music through it as normal with my iem's still plugged in. So when it's inserted It has no effect on the iPod, and I can still hear music playing through my iem's.

When I plug the LOD to my iPhone 4S, it automatically stops the playback if I have any audio running, which confirms it is connected.

is this normal normal for the iPod when using the LOD? Should the iPod automatically know when I plug in the LOD? Maybe because i have to leave the iem's disconnected...? not sure...

Hope you guys can give me some insight on this.

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