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    iFlash 6th Gen. Classic (128GB SDXC modification), with FiiO L3 LOD cable, connected to ADL Stride amp and Beyerdynamic DTX 501p. Great battery life from new 650mA battery installed along with the Tarkan iFlash modification.
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    My current rig, iPod Classic 120GB + FiiO E11 amp with L9 dock cable + Sony MDR-V55 phones.
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    iPod Classic 120GB, FiiO E11 amp, Sony MDR-V55 headphones
  4. ltgem612

    Questions on charging

    If the below have already been brought up and answered I apologize but haven't read all 260 pages of posts.  My questions concern charging when using my M8 and a ipod classic as the source device. The instruction sheet that came with the HiFi-M8 and reviews I've read so far don't really give me...
  5. Fracocci9203

    Hifiman hm 801 sound quality!

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum. I need an help by the experts of audio sound. Hope I am in the right site. I have an ipod classic (160 gb) sixth generation and p5 Bowers & Wilkins headphones. To improve sound quality i have an occasion to buy an hifiman hm801 at half price. Is that a good...
  6. Fracocci9203

    Flac vs mp3 quality

    I have an ipod classic 6g and a sansa clip you think that the differences between flac and mp3 are very audible in this portable player?
  7. Andrei316

    Good Setup?

    ---Delete Thread Please :)
  8. poommizz

    "IMOD" What do you prefer? Whipmod or RWA

    "IMOD" What do you prefer? Whipmod or RWA   I'm interesting to try an IMOD with amplifier, because today I use Colorfly C4 it's too huge for me to carry in jean pocket, but sound is awsome. So I want to try IMOD, what is different between RWA and Whimplash mod?.   Thank You for your...
  9. Maverickmonk

    My 2nd Ipod Classic HD: Rant Inbound!

    Yes Rant inbound. I replaced my HD in my ipod about 2 months ago, and recently dropped it, breaking the screen. I just went through the ordeal of replacing the screen, and now it works again! BUT: Now I have the HD click of death. Why THE HECK DO THEY PUT SOMETHING AS UNSTABLE AS A HD IN A...
  10. Freeze

    Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

    So I've been gathering information on installing 1.8" PATA ZIF SSD's into the Ipod classic. Really couldn't find much info on it at head-fi. So I'll post what I know. Need you all to help make this thread the best place for Ipod classic SSD mod info.   The Ipod classic runs off a 1.8" HDD...
  11. Apple iPod classic 120 GB Silver (6th Generation) [Previous Model]

    Apple iPod classic 120 GB Silver (6th Generation) [Previous Model]