Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread
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May 25, 2010
So I've been gathering information on installing 1.8" PATA ZIF SSD's into the Ipod classic. Really couldn't find much info on it at head-fi. So I'll post what I know. Need you all to help make this thread the best place for Ipod classic SSD mod info.
The Ipod classic runs off a 1.8" HDD. There are 4 Ipod classic models as follows:
-6Th gen 80GB slim (1.8" PATA ZIF)
-6Th gen 160GB fat (1.8" Ce-SATA)
-6.5 gen 120GB slim (1.8" PATA ZIF)
-7Th gen 160GB slim (1.8" PATA ZIF)
The Ipod video runs off a 1.8" HDD. There are 4 Ipod video models as follows
-5Th gen 30GB slim (1.8" PATA ZIF)
-5Th gen 60GB fat (1.8" PATA ZIF)
-5.5 gen 30GB slim (1.8" PATA ZIF)
-5.5 gen 80GB fat (1.8" PATA ZIF)
SSD mod will work in all the 5 and 5.5g Ipods but if you get a fat Ipod you will need to construct some type of foam frame to keep the SSD from loosely bouncing around. Slim one does not require that.
Notice the fat classic has a different interface. I don't have any information on how to mod that one. It never interested me to find out but if you do have info for that you can share it.
All the slim Ipod classics are equally good to mod with an SSD but there is more information you need. Not just ANY 1.8" PATA ZIF SSD will work. You must carefully read the specs. For the SSD to work in the Ipod the SSD must operate on 3.3 volts or less. I've basically found a few different voltages for 1.8" ZIF SSD's 5V and 3.3V and 3V. If it is a 5V version its not gonna even start up in the Ipod at all.
3.3V and below low power SSD's
Super Talent ZT2  -  Available in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB (256GB is 5V it will not work) - 100% confirmation this drive works from ALO audio who makes an SSD Imod with this - 128GB can be had for 200 on eBay which is only 100 more than the 160GB slim HDD stock Toshiba
Renice K3vlar E - available in 30GB 60GB 120GB 240GB - Even the 240GB is listed at a 3V input sticker on drive confirms 3.3V - I know 3.3V works and 5V doesn't so I'm guessing a little lower should also still work but no confirmation. 30GB models are pretty cheap if someone were to try best to start there.
Photofast Gmonster V4 - 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB - All listed as 3.3V - No confirmation if working but there is no reason it should not work so a good choice to try out. As with all unproven start with the lowest cap and report findings.
Mach Xtreme MX Nano - 30GB 60GB 120GB 240GB - Listed as 3.3V or 5V - but they do advertise on the site that it can be used to upgrade an Ipod video which is 99% certain it will work in the Ipod classic slim.
Sabertooth ZF - 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB - Listed as 3.3V - Untested no reason it should not work.
SAMSUNG 1.8" ZIF/PATA SLC 64GB SSD MCCOE64GEMPP - Listed as 3.3V - Site listed it as compatible with Ipod - Don't know about other capacities but do note that this drive is SLC which offers much increased writing durability - 99% certain this drive will work
Took me a long time to search all these out. My goal is to have Ipod classic SSD modders to come here and make this the best source on the net for Ipod SSD mod information. When I finally mod my SSD I will post pictures with a detailed guide step by step with a picture for each step unless someone beats me to it.
Any knowledge you have on this topic would be very appreciated posted here. I hope my hours and hours of research into this gives other new comers a nice head start into Ipod classic modding. Now I need you guys to really make this thread shine.


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So after trying to find the best prices I found that the most cost efficient 120-128GB ssd is the super talent 128GB ssd for 200
the cheapest 240-256GB ssd is the 240GB renice drive for 600
until the 1.8 zif 240-256GB drives reach 400 they really arent worth it. 200 for the super talent 128GB is a good deal tho.
geez am i the only one interested in ssd ipod mods
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I'm also interested - and I'm glad you were kind enough to start this thread. Now, all I need to do is wait for a 256gb ssd price drop and I'm gonna mod my classic 7G w/an upgraded drive. Thank you for the info - you da' man!!! Or woman,... :wink:
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too bad the HDD are so expensive, I have bot a fatpod video 5gen 60gb, and a 6.5gen 120 gb.
if the fatpod is so fat, would there be a way to put 3 HDD in serie?
edit: I know you can do that in a PC with something like this. but I wonder if they would require an extra battery?
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No that will not work. There is only enough juice to power one low voltage 3.3v drive. It cant even drive a single drive if its a 5V drive so there's no way enough power would be available for 2 drives.
If you think about it 190 dollars for a 128GB SSD is not that expensive. The 160GB slim hdd's cost 100 dollars so the upgrade isn't much more then getting a regular hdd.
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I actualy have an Imod from Red Wine Audio and just installed a Super Talent 256GB SSD in it and it doesn't work. On the Super Talent website, all their ZIF drives are rated at 3.3V. Where did you get the info that the 256GB is rated at 5V?  
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Looks like his info maybe more accurate since it didn't work. I was looking at getting that hard drive also until I read this thread. Even though 6 moons and other sites stated it would work, this thread was enough to convince me not to shell out that much cash for something that may or may not work. Well at least now it's confirmed. I hope you don't have a problem with getting a refund. I think now I will just wait until things are more stable on the ssd front.
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I'm glad I could help. I can't remember what site i read it off of but i did find out that the 256gb super talent is 5 volts as are many other pata ssd's  only the 3.3v drives work in the ipod it does not provide enough voltage to run 5 volt drives.
Funny how all these people say it will work. Trust me I know what I'm talking about you must have a 3.3 volt drive or you will fail.
The renice k3vlar k3e (make sure you get the k3e and not the k3 the k3 is 5 volts and the k3e is 3.3 volts) this 240gb ssd is the drive I would choose. It's almost certainly going to work and is a nice 80gb boost over stock but it cost 600 right now, not worth it till it drops to 400
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now atleast i feel like i didnt waste 10 hours collecting the information i did for this thread.
Even if I only saved one person from buying the wrong ssd it was worth my efforts. Im glad I could help you mood and im sorry imod you didnt see this thread first i hope you can get a refund

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