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My 2nd Ipod Classic HD: Rant Inbound!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by maverickmonk, May 24, 2012.
  1. Maverickmonk
    Yes Rant inbound. I replaced my HD in my ipod about 2 months ago, and recently dropped it, breaking the screen. I just went through the ordeal of replacing the screen, and now it works again! BUT: Now I have the HD click of death. Why THE HECK DO THEY PUT SOMETHING AS UNSTABLE AS A HD IN A PORTABLE DEVICE IN THE FIRST PLACE! Ugh. I don't want to have to go back to using a Sanza fuze, and I don't want to have to move my entire music collection from iTunes to another media player (but that's probably unavoidable). I also don't want to have to go back to only being able to carry a portion of my music collection with me. Any budget friendly ideas? I need to plan ahead so when this thing finally does die, I can get something else. I also plan on blowing this iPod the #### up.
  2. alphaphoenix
    What does "budget friendly" mean to you?
    Trying to replace the classic's HDD with a CF of the original size will cost more than a new ipod classic - like 5 times as much.   And there aren't many daps that has 120GB+ of storage without swapping memory cards.
    Unless you don't want to convert your Itunes to whatever bit rate to equivalent MP3/FLAC or whatever format, I would say the cheapest option that preserves your requirements is to buy another second hand classic and maybe purchase a warranty on top of it.
    Good luck.
  3. Maverickmonk

    I could settle for 64gb and switch to another media player (even though I am for some reason hooked on iTunes tile view). My first thought was the Samsung Galaxy mp3, but that is limited to 32gb cards. I'd use my Droid 3 as an mp3 player, but my headphones would need an external amp, and the droid is too bulky as it is to be texting/calling with a 2nd brick attached to the back.
  4. lostid
    My stock HDD for my iPod 5G bought in 2005 still works flawlessly like new. I have used it extensively since bought and it had a few drops to the floor as I can remember. But I always had it in a case for protection against any unexpected impact. Without using a case, these naked pods are prone to be slipped from hands.
    HDD fails just like other drives, and majority of the failures are related to drops. You latest failure in the HDD may have something to do with that drop as well.
    Recently one of my ipods also dropped to asphalt pavement from my hand. It had a case and nothing abnormal happened after the drop.
  5. Maverickmonk

    The device was cased in a thick Elan leather/hard plastic case. I case all my electronics (since I'm a klutz).
    My current thought is another player (suck it up, go cheap and go with another fuze? Or is there a better option for a little more) + a 64gb card
  6. lostid
    Hmm, if the screen breaking occurred even with the case I can't imagine what kind of drop that was. Maybe it was just the bad luck.
    Well I have a pair of ipod 5G's each upgraded to 120GB HDD. I am NOT concerned about failure in any one of those two as long as they don't fail on me simultaneously. It was a lot cheaper than buying the new 160GB classic and I won't hesitate to replace the HDD if it fails. In fact I may just spend $60 to get a spare brand new 120GB HDD now and be prepared.
  7. alphaphoenix
    Alright, get a new 120GB+ HDD and screen on fleabay, and you should be good to go.  Since you already performed the operation, the rest should be easy as pie.  From there on out, try not to drop it, or get one of the tank armor looking, metal case.
    Also, for the price of the 120GB HDD, you can get a 64GB SDXC with a CF card adapter.
  8. Maverickmonk
    I suppose that's a bullet I may have to bite, along with a new shell, since the old one is beant beyond reforming from all the previous operations. Man, something just seems wrong about pouring another $100 into this thing though
  9. lostid
    Well without any accident if the HDD failed in 2 months I must say it was defected. I still believe that drop may have somehow contributed to this premature failure of the HDD. It's my understanding today's new HDD's are designed for 5 years' life with normal hrs of usage. I wouldn't be concerned unless mine all fail prematurely without any accidents.
  10. NoodleBoy91
    I'm on to my third ipod classic.....
    The first one was the old white models and it just wouldn't work anymore without being connected to a charger.
    the second one the hard drive just stopped working.
    Now this new ipod classic 120gb has been okay, although it has frozen a couple of times and i had to wait until the battery ran out..... 
    I can't find my current ipod I think i've lost it :frowning2:. maybe it's time for a different brand.
  11. lostid

    Have you tried to fix the 1st ipod by replacing the battery and the 2nd by replacing the HDD? I am just wondering why you keep buying the classic's if you could easily fix the problems yourself.
    The HDD may not be as reliable as the SSD and flash, but the SSD's cost as much as 4 times the HDD's for the same GB's. Flash's don't even have anything close to the GB capacity of the HDD's. The HDD is clearly the winner to me.
  12. tachyon42
    I nearly traded in my iPod Classic for a Sansa Fuze or something with SD Card capability.
    My advice would be don't get rid of your Classic. I've had mine for two years and its still going strong.
    The best thing about my iPod is that its like carrying around a playable, portable back up of all my music.
    When my hard drive failed on my computer, I would have lost all my music(super rare cuts, hours of metadata tagging, etc.), had I not had everything nicely synced with my Classic.
    Also, to the original OP, I don't know how much the HDD's cost, but you can get a fairly decent used one on eBay for only $100-$120, depending on the generation.
    Sound quality of players like a Cowon aside, I still don't think there is a player quite like the iPod classic.
    And Apple was considering discontinuing the Classic....
    Me owning one is my stand against the Cloud, and for personal high quality lossless libraries!

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