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Hifiman hm 801 sound quality!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by fracocci9203, Nov 24, 2012.
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  1. Fracocci9203
    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum. I need an help by the experts of audio sound. Hope I am in the right site. I have an ipod classic (160 gb) sixth generation and p5 Bowers & Wilkins headphones. To improve sound quality i have an occasion to buy an hifiman hm801 at half price. Is that a good chioce buy the hifiman, or the audio differences between ipod classic and hifiman are little compared to the prices? Sorry for my english but I'm italian. Thanks all
  2. gidion27
    Welcome onboard. The HM 801 is a great player but it has his problems. UI is not to everybodies liking.

    If you can get it cheap I would say: buy it and if you do not like it sell it on to some one else.
  3. Sefelt103
    Hi Fracocci9203 and welcome. The Apple iPod 6th Gen Classic and HiFiman HM-801 have virtually nothing in common. I once owned a 6th gen and didn't really get on with it. It was probably the worst mp3 player I have owned. Very competent with in ear buds but lacking considerably with normal over the ear headphones. I have never heard a HM-801 but they should sound wonderful with over the ear headphones. Storage is limited and the interface common to these type of players is poor. Battery life is short due to the power hungry electronics. So this will be the opposite of everything you are used to with the Classic.
  4. Fracocci9203
    So sefelt I should buy the hifiman at the price of 350?Please can you give me an advice I'm very confused...thanks a lot!
  5. Sefelt103
    350 euros is a bargain so yes you should buy. What are you confused about ?
  6. Fracocci9203
    I'm confused because I'm not sure that this portable player will improove my sound quality...So 350 euros aren't little(sorry for the english)...so i'm not sure if hm 801 is really better than my ipod...what do you think about?
  7. KT66
    No don't buy it- they sound terrible !!!
    but please get the seller to PM me
  8. Sefelt103
    Apple's iPod Classic 6th gen was criticised for its harsh elelctronic like sound quality. Its really a high capacity music video player as well as being a general storage device. It might also have another slightly sinister function. It is a mainstream player. HiFimans HM-801 is a purists music player. Sound quality should improve considerably. You might want to get some Sennheiser HD650 headphones to go with it. I haven't had the pleasure of hearing one of these. People say they have a slighly warm analogue sound which I wouldn't like prefering a cold neutral sound. Bass is also quite dark. This is a WAV/Flac player and compression is not recommended.
  9. Fracocci9203
    I've got a pair of p5 bowers and wilkins...can it works fine with hifiman?
  10. Sefelt103
    Not ideal. These headphones are 'closed back' headphones. This blocks outside sounds but reduces the 'soundstage'. 'Open backed' headphones allow external sound to enter but give a more natural sound. For noisy environments eg. DJ/outside closed is better. For indoor Hi-Fi listening open is better. These headphones have Apple iphone/ipod facilities that would lessen the quality/euro slightly. They have also been optimised for Apple products. They look also to be fashion type of products. All in all not for high end players.
  11. gidion27
    For that price buy it. You will be able to sell it with a profit if you do not like it.
  12. Fracocci9203
    What are the best headphones for hm 801?
  13. Dh1326
    If you can get the 801's balanced amp , it can drive he-500 ok to good sound quality,
    and it's definitely a big step up from ipc+p5.
  14. gidion27
    Get some Heir EIM's they are great value plus the look great:)
  15. Fracocci9203
    Some men tells me that sansa clip + sounds better than hifiman...is that real?
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