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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. dr408517

    Well, i found a 2600mAH 3.8V made by Samsung. I am charging it now with mt trusty 5th gen 30 g.

    Oh yes, too thick. But i was looking for something to test the concept. Since I have the Samsung now I will cancel the order. I also tested a 3.6V 2450mAH thinking maybe this would work. It did not. The 30g would not even start up. I'll charge it and try again, but I think this means 3.7V is the absolute minimum.

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  2. seeteeyou
  3. cmarti
    Maybe you can use one of those covers for the 60 or 80gb iPod and fit it behind.
    Are you using the ribbon and charging protection board from one of the iPod batteries? The little board looks different that the one that's in the battery I opened yesterday.
  4. dr408517
  5. DMinor
    Haha, you guys are crazy with the batteries. Make sure they won't blow out your ipod. [​IMG]
  6. dr408517

    Yes, I disassembled one of my dead batteries, and removed the cable and PCB as a set from the battery. I soldered the + and - terminals of the Samsung battery to lead wires which I then soldered to the bare terminals previously connected to the iPod battery. This probably means I am running two PCB boards - one imbedded in the battery and the one connected to the old iPod battery cable.

    I attached it to the 30g iPod I have been using to charge the 1300mAH Li-ion batteries. These do not say they are Li-poly as I previously thought. Fully charged, they will power the Terapod for regular use, and for restoration. They lose their charge pretty quickly when loading a lot of files (2g or more). The Samsung has four terminals. Only two of them were powered.
  7. rbhawaii
    maybe you want to try this
  8. cmarti
    But can you use your LOD with this adapter?
  9. rbhawaii
    im  not sure but its not expensive so it should not be any real risk to order it and try it.
  10. cmarti
    I am going to pass on this, it would make my iPod too bulky. Just imagine the iPod, the battery and then the amp. [​IMG]
  11. rbhawaii

    None of this is ideal, i know.
    it seems to me if we cant get the ssd manufacturer to bring the power needed from 1700 mah (and even more for the 1tb models - if im not mistaken) down to around 1000 or 800 mah then having a crazy ass amount of music on a "portable" player does not seem practical (for my needs).
    I am always browsing folders on my 5.5 rockbox so that means i will have 4 hours or less of play time on a full 850mah battery? the idea of having 1tb or 480gb of my music with me at all times excites me a lot but ... with a 16 hour loss of playback time? its not exciting
    we would need 4 times the power reserve to keep the ipod at 20 to 24 hour playback time that i now have with my 240gb zif toshiba. so the battery would have to be 850 x 4 = 3400 mah at least?
    i guess we could find a batt and mount it externally to the back of the ipod via a hole in the case with wires going straight to the circuit board....? i dont know its starting to look to me like the 240gb toshiba zif drive is the ideal balance between storage and time. what do you guys think?
  12. DMinor
    I am completely pleased  with the Crucial 480GB mod powered by the 850 mAh Miliamp. 14 hrs is damn good for my aggressive browsing habit.
    At current price $170 for the Toshiba 240GB zif drive, $220 for the Crucial 480GB mSATA is a no brainer.
    If you really need that 25 - 30 hrs, go with a CF card and the Miliamp. Even with a Upstart battery, the CF mod can squeeze 20 hrs easily.
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  13. rbhawaii
    yes 14 hours sounds acceptable for 480gb. on newegg the highest capacity CF cards are 256gigs and there are 2 kinds. one costs $960 and the other costs $670 so CF mod is out!
    how do you get 450gigs (or so) of music on the ssd ? can you just let it copy using the ipod for a night or two or do you have to go in 10 gigs or a 100 gigs at a time? or do you have to preload all the music externally using the pc with a usb adapter?
  14. DMinor
    Yes, the 256GB CF is costly except the Wellcore 256GB CF. I don't recommend the Wellcore anymore given Cmarti's bad experience with that card (twice), although mine has been trouble free since day one. Should the RB patch be available at that time, I would have probably not pursued the 256GB CF card. But I have no regret to add that one to my collection.
    I used CopyInOrder to copy the files to the 480GB mSATA in batches, with each batch no more than 40GB's. No problem was encountered. I don't recommend copying overnight for non-stop 8 hrs. Not saying that won't work, I think it's better to let the drive take some breaks in between batches and cool down a little bit before next batch.
    If I start from fresh and only have one mod, the 480GB mSATA powered by a 850 mAh Miliamp is no doubt my choice. But that's me as I don't use Apple's OF and the RB is exactly what I want for playing my music.
    For those who wish to own a terapod, I would actually recommend having a pair of 480GB's instead of one 1TB. That way you won't stretch the ipod and the battery too much, while you can always have one ipod fully charged ready to play music.
  15. dr408517

    It's all about the battery. After much trial and error, I finally landed on a working 450g mSata when the battery would stay charged during the load. And I can confirm, the loads really need to be in batches small enough to keep the chip from overheating and forcing a shutdown.

    I am convinced the terapod will work as well - again with a quality battery installed. I'm working on one now with an 850mAH, and I am keeping the batches down to 10g in blocks of 2g. Tedious, sure. But no more tedious than all of this silly testing and formating!
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