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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. cmarti
    It was easy to replace, de-soldered the old one and soldered the new one in. I get over 12 hours with this battery, also you can use it to replace the one in the E7 but I wouldn't try to solder it to the board because there's almost no room. I just soldered the wires to the wires of the old battery.
  2. MParrott
    Why not just add male and female connectors to the wire?
  3. cmarti
    Two reasons, the wire for the factory battery on the E7 is super thin and breaks easily when handled. Also I did not have one at hand at the moment.
  4. DMinor
    After my recent experience with the Miliamp, I am wondering whether that mAh number is really that important for a quality battery. I mean the Miliamp is rated for 850 mAh only, but the big voltage dips from the Crucial 480GB mSATA can't knock out the battery even at very low reserve.
    BTW, the other day I noticed my 850 mAh Upstart battery lasted almost 23 hrs for the CF mod with  a full charge.
  5. cmarti
    Wow 23 hours... I am Jelly. [​IMG]
  6. DMinor
    Power efficiency is one big advantage of the CF mod. I wonder how many hrs would be for the CF mod with that Miliamp battery.
  7. dr408517
    Terapod is up and running with the 1300mah battery. When connected to the computer, it drains from full to about 20% in about 10 minutes. When disconnected, however, it shows about 70% charged. I played it for an hour without noticing a change in the charge indicator. Does the charge indicater report correctly in RockBox? Something is amiss.

    I've loaded about 5g so far.
  8. bulletdodger
    Oh boy. I am so pumped for this. I am hoping some good news on the Terapod. But for the single fact that it reads a TB is a great start.

    I am cheering for you Sir.
  9. dr408517
    I'm pretty pumped, too. I was reading that the increased mah would permit the battery to sustain a charge longer and deliver higher current required during peak drains. I don't want to solder li batteries in parallel, but I would solder the connections to an existing phone battery. I think this will work.
  10. cmarti
    Why not to this battery?
  11. dr408517

    Absolutely. I was looking at a similar one here- http://www.adafruit.com/products/328#Technical_Details
  12. cmarti
    Whoa!  Good find.
    If we could use something like that we would be golden. I looked online for diagrams depicting how the iPod battery is wired with no luck.
    I will open one of my extra batteries today and check how they are wired.
    Looks straightforward, just two contacts at the battery so it shouldn't be complicated to solder to the leads of the new battery.
  13. dr408517

    Indeed, the two contacts come from the battery to the protection circuit. The protection curcuit has three, however, from the curcuit to the ipod. I'm looking into wiring of the protection curciut to better understand before i leap into this.
    cmarti likes this.
  14. dr408517
    Obsevarion with Terapod:

    1. The Samsung 1T runs as cool as the BP4 256g. The BP4 has been on two international week long trips and has performed marvelously. I am currently running it on a 1300 mAH Li-poly battery and can get at least 4 hrs continuous playing time. (I haven't truly stressed it yet, i am sure it will go longer). Battery is pictured below.

    2. The same battery used in the Terapod works fine, but drains to a shut-down state during song loading. The shut-down is probably due to the battery protection circuit trying to save the battery when the amp draw is too high. This probably explains why the battery appears to completely discharge when loading 2g or more of files at a time. If the loads are broken into smaller batches, the battery does not fully discharge, the circuit does not shut the system off, and loads above 2g can be made.

    The last observation strongly suggests a higher mAH battery will increase the Terapod's overall stability. I am heading to RadioShack tonight to get a Li-poly battery to test with a PCB board recovered from an old battery.

    BTW, the thin LI-poly batteries, up to 900mAH failed in my tests. Cmarti, were your batteries Li-poly or straight up Li-ion? This might also be a clue to you success.

    Terapod now has about 20g on it. I will keep going until it is full (or until I run out of files). Still hoping my batteries arrive today.
  15. makincheez
    Hi guys, I have a 30gb ipod 5.5 running RB on the OEM drive. Love everything about it but would like a little more storage. I ordered the Tarkan CF adapter and am now shopping a card. I'm really just looking for a 64gb card; the >64gb cards are going for a little more than I was looking to spend at the moment. I've read through this thread forwards and backwards and some of the info concerning CF compatibility conflict with the list on Tarkan's site. I've seen the Komputorbay cards recommended here but on Tarkan's site he notes potential problems with the gen 5 and 5.5 ipods. I see the Dolgix 133x 64gb card on Amazon for about $50. List on Tarkan doesn't note any issues with it; has anyone here used it and how did it work out? Any others you can recommend? Any 128gb cards for under $100 known to work with the 5.5 gen and the mk2 Tarkan adapter?
    FWIW I listen to it with TF10s with Fiio replacement cables and am very happy with the sound as-is. Thanks everyone!
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