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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. DMinor
    I am constantly looking for new music to listen. My main interest is classical and there is an ocean of classical music for me to explore, especially music by those unknown and less known composers. That's why I appreciate these big GB bad boys.
    Also with these bad boys, you no longer need to have separate drive(s) for backup of your music library. This is supposedly the way to back up your digital music contents, to portable DAP's not to portable drives.
  2. DR650SE
    Exactly. I love exploring new music. And I love having all of it my fingertips. I'll still keep a backup to another large drive, but having another backup in the DAP is huge.

    Also, I prefer the stock iPod software, I'm assuming that works fine with the msata?

    I tried Rockbox, and may try it again, but flipping between albums and songs, had more lag then the stock iPod software.

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  3. DMinor
    Nope, the stock apple firmware does not work well with the mSATA mod due to known issues (over heat, unstable UI).
  4. DR650SE
    Hmm, that's a bummer. I wonder why that would be. It may be worth giving Rockbox another go.

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  5. neosoul
    There is a someone on ebay selling 480gb ipods, according to the seller they are using the original ui with no issues with heat or stability. Hmmmm.....
  6. DMinor
    Interesting as the seller claims. I don't see any other options other than using a mSATA for the 480GB at this point. Hopefully he has tested the mod long enough with actually copying all the files to the drive to see if there was any limit. Also it could be he is using a different adapter (which we don't know).
  7. neosoul
    I don't know what adapter he is using either but there is also a second seller out there selling the 480gb ipod. 
  8. cmarti
    Wait until the buyer syncs music and plays and starts hearing the songs cutting in at the intro and also the skipping when the iPod starts heating up.  I did this with the 256gb Crucial mSATA and it does work but it's not perfect.
  9. cmarti
    Another thing, watch how Apple shuts down the listings for these two sellers. They did it before when people were selling on eBay the modified 240gb iPods.
    P.S. I like this idea:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-iPod-160GbGb-5-5-Gen-Thin-Black-Rubberized-/261371771429?pt=Other_MP3_Players&hash=item3cdaf8ba25
  10. MParrott

    Ah man! Stole my idea :) I think I posted how to do this a couple weeks ago, and just got some backs in from freakin China. Was going to put'em on ebay. May still.
  11. cmarti
    How to do what? The rubber coated front and back covers?
  12. MParrott

    Yeah, thought the front cover was not my idea. I think another user was keen on doing that. Anyway, more power to the interweb, and congrats to the man who got there first. I hope I can at least make my money back on the batch I'm working on. I figured most folks, especially in the city, wouldn't have a place to sand and coat themselves. Hope someone can find a use for both.
    Actually, I like how they used the 6 cover on the 5.5 too. Smart! Lower profile...
    Cest la vie!
  13. cmarti
    Hey I am buying some of those covers from you, just let me know once you have them ready :)
  14. MParrott
    Thanks man... Just to share the love for those who want to try on their own...
    Sand all surfaces and clean oils off with turpentine.
    I spray the wheels and buttons directly
    Then spray with self-etching primer.
    Then after the primer is fully dry.
    They come out pretty awesome and hold up well too...
    Shoot, I even made some arrangements with Tarkan and some folks in Hong Kong to try and make the package even sweeter with a CF that will draw as little power as possible, while also providing space large enough for most with no moving parts.
    I have enough for ten kits, and I was going to offer prices that would be just as good as buying direct, but with shipping here in the US... Trying to help Tarkan, and make this mod more readily available to people who don't want to study and make the mods themselves...
  15. cmarti
    Wow! It looks awesome! Will definitely get a kit from you, I need the click wheel, back cover and front cover for my cap-less iPod.
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