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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. DMinor
    I just got a battery replacement from Milliamp. This is the one I actually ordered but they initially sent me a different one. Nevertheless, great customer service from Milliamp.
    I am gonna drain the battery completely before a full charge to see the potential from this battery.
  2. rbhawaii
    i dont think many people know this but it is very useful to know :
    settings/general settings/system/charge during usb connection
    no = wont charge
    yes = will charge at .100 mah (one tenth of an amp per hour)
    force = will charge at .500 mah (half an amp per hour) this is the max an average usb port can pump out
    "yes" should take over 7 hours
    "force" setting should take like an hour and a half for a full charge
    as its charging you can see whats going on
    pause so no music is playing and go to :
    system/debug (keep out)/view battery
    flick the wheel up and down a little
    one of the screens has "ibat:" information this shows you how much mah the player is using
    voltage x amperage = wattage
    then flick up to see the battery voltage graph (might take a few minutes for graph) when the line is flat line going across your battery is charged - this is normally when the players shows 100% if your wps has that info.
    hope this info is useful to someone out there.
    it would be great to get your ibat numbers with the ssd drives to see how much they actually drain.
    i can give you mine if anyone needs it , let me know
    i have a toshiba 240gig zif drive in my ipod 5.5
  3. cmarti
    This one looks so much nicer and it's li-ion instead of li-po, best of lucks man! We really need to find a good source for the batteries!
  4. DMinor
    Thanks for the info. So the ipod needs to be in the play mode while charging to get the ibat info? I'll try that when I charge this battert after it's drained. So what's your ibat info for the 240GB HDD?
    BTW, currently the Toshiba 240gig zif HDD is being sold for $170 (cheapest) on eBay while the 240GB mSATA SSD cost only $120. What the hell is going on?
    Well let's keep fingers crossed. So far so good. I have been playing it for 2.5 hrs now and the battery sits at 20 - 25% without shutting off. It does look like quite an improvement from all other batteries I have tried at this battery %.
    I will have it drained today and then give it a full charge thruout the night.
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  5. rbhawaii
    does it matter if its on play or pause while its charging? i dont know for a fact but i like to think that it will charge a little faster if its on pause. i have never run that test though.
    yes the 240 toshiba zif is more $ BUT it drains 500mah while the 480gb ssd drains 1700mah (this is according to the stickers on both drives) i think the crucial 240 ssd also drains 1700mah, thats a big deal for the ipods relatively small battery. thats why a few posts back i suggested someone contact crucial and ask them to patch their ssd firmware to be able to put it in slow low performance mode. i think if someone knows how to talk to them correctly and explain our rare situation they will do it.
    toshiba 240gb zif hdd while music playing no headphones & not charging , ibat reads:
    when screen brightness is 1 (lowest)          my ibat is 45ma to 50ma and seen it peak at 330ma with hdd use
    when screen brightness is 22 (my default)   my ibat is about 85ma and seen it peak at 385ma with hdd use
    when screen brightness is 32 (max)            my ibat is 105ma to 112ma and seen it peak to 401ma with hdd use
    can anyone post their ssd ibat?
  6. DMinor
    Ok I just checked one ipod with a 64GB CF card and a Upstart Battery (850mAh). The Ibat is 1186 finally settled down at 11 mA . Battery is 4.218v at 100% charged. This is one of the best non OEM batteries I have tried.
    Update on the Milliamp battery. One word: impressive. I think this is the one you should get. It's been running for more than 4 hrs now (starting from about half way when installed) and still no shut off. I took this pic about 30 mins ago showing the battery status. After taking this pic, I intentionally browsed to another folder and switched the album. Still no shut off. This completely blows my other batteries out of water.
    Milliamp initially sent me a different battery because this one was not in stock. They just received a new batch this week.
    Edit: Correct ibat reading. Took wrong reading initially. Also the ibat reading kept dropping as the battery was being charged. The reading is now 15 mA (100% charged) and still dropping. My LCD brightness is 16.
    Wait, the ibat finally dropped to 5 mA. Too low? [​IMG]
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  7. DMinor
    The Milliamp battery continues to impress me with 6 hrs of running now with frequently activating the LCD screen and browsing folders. No shut off even the battery indication box is almost empty. I hope the battery remains this impressive after it is fully charged.
    People, this battery appears to supply enough power for these msata mods for daily use without the issue of sudden shut off as the battery is drained to the 20 - 25% mark. I see the 1 TB ipod very practical now with this battery.
    Music never sounds this better. :)
    OK I am charging the battery now (not completely drained yet but tired of waiting). The ibat reading appears stable at 305 mA during charging. This is for the Milliamp battery with the Crucial 480GB mSATA mod.
  8. cmarti
    Good stuff DMinor, you ordered it directly from the milliamp site or through another source?
  9. DMinor

    Yes directly from the Milliamp site. If you order, make sure to enter FREESHIP in the coupon code field to get the free shipping. After you order it, you will receive the email confirmation. I suggest you reply to the email just to remind them the battery you want has the Milliamp label and rated 850 mAh as advertised at its web site. I was a little surprised when they initially sent me one which looked like the battery you could get it for $5 off eBay.
    Anyways, with the latest battery there was no shut off  even when the battery indication box was seen empty (actual reserve may be around 5%) while playing music and browsing the folders at the same time.
    EDIT: You may want to wait for my results after running a full test on this battery. I had the battery fully charged last night and let's see how many hrs I can get out of it.
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  10. rbhawaii
    have any of you written your own wps screens? if so can you show what you created.
    i made an all text version with a day mode and a night mode mostly optimized for car use.
    and am working on a 10 band eq static display
  11. Mr Trev
    Is this a 5.5g specfic thing? I checked this on my classic and I have no screen with ibat info. Got the graph, voltage delta(?), but no ibat. Using a current build right now (mar.20 i think), haven't done any mods, but reading the msata joy does make me envious......
  12. rbhawaii
    its very possible this is not available on the 6g or the 7g ipods since the rockbox builds for those models are still in beta , maybe they will have it later or maybe the hardware will never allow for an amperage meter feature aka ibat.
    in my opinion the thick 5.5g is the best ipod to get. because it has the audiophile quality wolfson audio chip. and is very easy to open and mod.
    the only good thing i like about the 6 g and 7 g ipods is their face is aluminum, nothing else.
    not to mention i can buy a refurbished 5.5g 80gig for $55 right now (i just checked) . the 5.5 with rockbox is a dream come true. ZZZzzz.... !   lol
  13. Mr Trev
    I was planning on getting a 5g to mod, but in my corner of the world they're pretty rare/expensive ($100 with a broken headphone jack!!!!). Probably due to you guys talking bout how great they are to modify[​IMG]. Ended up just getting a X3 instead. Been pretty happy with it, but I'm still keeping an eye open to see if I can find one cheap if for no other reason than to hear how different they sound compared to my classic. Plus now that the msata probs seem to be mostly ironed out it's looking cheaper that way than to stuff a cf card into mine (we really do get ripped off here in Canada)
  14. rbhawaii

    sent you some info on ipods in canada
  15. DMinor
    The 480GB mSATA mod works on the thin 30GB model just as good as it works on the fat 80gb model. The fat back plate does give you the option to put in a fat (stronger) battery. So if you can't get the 80gb model, just get a 30gb model and change the thin back plate to a fat one to accommodate a better battery.
    If you guys have the UHA-6S.MK2 amp, get a diymod or iMod without caps and pair it with that amp. You may be surprised by the transparency sounding - clean and colorless. Just make sure you know the capless diymod has 1.5 volts of dc offsets so you can't just plug it into any amps to avoid damaging your gears. But the capless UHA amp has been proven able to handle the dc offsets.
    UPDATE on the Miliamp battery following a full charge. It has now played 7.5 hrs with battery indication at 30% (5 hrs) reserve. It seems 10 hrs is a realistic number for this battery. Most importantly, it does not shut off prematurely when the battery gets drained low.
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