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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. DMinor
    OK it's official! This battery is real.
    Following the 1st full charge, right now it has been running for 11h 49m with 7% (1h 10m) left. I turned off/on the ipod a couple of times after the battery was drained below 10% and there was no shut off whatsoever. It seems the battery is able to be drained to the last drop. LOL. The battery seems very resilient as it's drained low, and I think that's the good sign of a strong battery.
    The iBat is 75 mA while playing (no charging) with brightness at 16.
    Gear used to test the battery:
    Capless diymod with 480GB mSATA to UHA-6S.MK2/EX1000 (most of the time)/All playing 16/44 FLAC's
    UPDATE 1: Now running time 12 h 27m, battery reserve is 6% (1h).
    UPDATE 2: Now running time 12 h 47m, battery reserve is 4% (40m).
    UPDATE 3: Now running time 13 h 12m, battery reserve is still shown at 4% (40m).
    UPDATE 4: Now running time 13 h 37m, battery reserve is still shown at 4% (40m).
    UPDATE 5: Now running time 14 h 02m, battery reserve is at 3% (30m).
    UPDATE 6: Finally the battery was spent at 14h 15m running time.
    I am surprised with the results and I have certainly underestimated its power. With this battery and a 480GB or 1TB mSATA mod, you are golden.
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  2. cmarti
    Super, now we need to test the slim battery to see if it equals in quality.   I will order one in a couple of weeks to test it.
  3. DR650SE
    Which msata do you guys recommend? I may have to jump on the band wagon and order one. As well as this battery.

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  4. DR650SE
    Also which adaptors Wold I need. Right now I'm using a Tarken to CF to SD card. I'm probably do this for my 5.5G iMod, and if I ever had funds I'd also do it to my 4G iPod. I also need a new battery for 4G iPod.

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  5. DMinor
    See my previous post.
    The Crucial 480GB is being sold for $220 only at Amazon. It's too damn a good price.
  6. catchthewind
    I have spend few hours reading this very long topic. I also created a new account to say HI and thank you for all the info here.
    Could someone please confirm if its possible to install MSATA 480GB SSD into iPod Classic 7GEN which originally has 160GB HDD??
    Which parts do I have to buy to upgrade my iPod and are there any cons to that setup??
    Thank You
  7. cmarti
    It won't work, you will get the red X when trying to boot the iPod with the mSATA. This only works so far in the 5th and 5.5th iPod.
  8. neosoul
    So with this new slimmer milliamp battery and msata 480gb drive can I go with the slim 30gb backplate or do I still need to use the 80gb back plate. Hoping this battery will allow the use of the slimmer backplate. By the way I love reading about all the progress you guys are making on modding the 5th/5.5 gen ipod. We have some really talented forum members on this site.
  9. DMinor
    The Miliamp 850 mAh battery is the thick one and it won't fit the thin back plate.
  10. noobzpro
    Guys looking to take the msata route as it seems better than the tarkan. Using a imod 5.5. Other than the crucial msata what else do i need? Looking to get 120gb as thats more than enough for me. Thanks.
  11. DMinor
    For 120GB I would go with the CF card for the power efficiency. Also CF is a proven product for reliability while the mSATA remains to be seen.
    Cost wise there is really not much advantage to use the mSATA instead a CF for that size. While the Miliamp battery seems to handle well the power demand from the mSATA, with the CF mod this battery will likely get you 20 hrs based on its performance with the mSATA mod.
  12. noobzpro
    Oh then i better stick eith cf....also ordering batteries from overseas is a big hassle. With the cf card any oem battery would still power it well right? Lastly the best cf card for 5.5 would be the komouterbay one from amazon right?
  13. cmarti
    Wait, they don't offer the slim battery too?
    By the way, I opened my iPod to check the type of battery it uses (It was removed from e new iPod 7th Classic) and it it Li-Polymer battery. (I was expecting Li-Ion)
  14. DMinor
    If the oem battery is no good anymore, the Upstart battery is one of the best non oem batteries I have tried (except the Miliamp). Great for the CF mod. The Upstart cost less than the Miliamp. Honestly, for CF mod the battery is non issue as it's very power efficient, period.
    Even tho the Upstart is a good one, still not good enough to handle the 480GB mSATA.
    Yes the komouterbay 128GB CF is a good one. Many including myself have used it for the mod.
    I think they do. When you order, you have the option to order it for the 30GB or the 60gb/80GB.
  15. DR650SE
    For me, I'm thinking of going for the 480GB mSata route for the bragging rights. I don't need that much space... Yet. But I love carrying all my music with me, and that would help. Plus, a 480GB iMod, how can you beat that? When a 1TB mSata is out, I'd love to get one of those too. Truthfully, a 256GB CF card would be more than enough, and increase the battery life. But I want the most modded, ultimate iPod. I love tinkering with things and an iPod is no different.

    Sent from my SGH-I897 using Tapatalk
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