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Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by freeze, Aug 12, 2011.
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  1. bulletdodger
    I am beyond excited for mSata ssd revelation.

    DMinor, how is your iPod going ? Can the msata drive run the native Apple interface or only Rockbox ?
    I do not know if I will be the first on this board but by the beginning of the Summer I should be able to test the 1TB Samsung EVO. If that one manages to work I think it will the happiest day in my music life since I got my first portable music device in 2000..a Sony Walkman cd player. :)
  2. DMinor
    My ipod with the Crucial 480GB mSATA mod works flawlessly with the RB patch. I am able to manage the battery with one charge per day for daily usage of the ipod, which is not bad. I don't use Apple's OF, and it's known the mSATA mod doesn't work well with the OF due to heat issue and unstable UI.
    The 480GB is sick for an ipod, let alone a 1 TB. [​IMG]
  3. bulletdodger
    480gb would be just enough but having the 1TB would give me absolute freedom. I see the 1TB runs for ~500$ so maybe by late May-June I should be able to grab a 400-ish price which is what my initial budget was.

    you said it was around 10-12 battery life ? not too bad actually. And I think the Samsung one might squeeze another couple more with some luck.
  4. DMinor
    Initially my estimate for the 10-12 hrs was based on my observations of the playing continuously for a couple of hrs. But later it was discovered that the battery took a hit when it was turned on and also it shut off at 25% to 30% battery indication (in my case) while browsing folders or switching album. So with that, you won't get the 10 hrs especially if you browse the folders frequently.
    To clarify, I use an external amp and play only 16/44 flac's when assessing the battery performance. You may get different results if you don't use an external amp or play lossy MP3's. Also if you don't use external amp, you can always charge the ipod while it is playing.
    I am waiting to receive a battery replacement from Milliamp and will see how it goes. If still not much improvement, I will definitely get a battery modded at some point.
  5. bulletdodger
    My usage will be VBR mp3 and 320kbps at most on a pair of Sennheiser MX985. Casual but dedicated listening. My listening habits are by Albums, I'm pretty sure Rockbox should have an Albums playlist and be able to create playlists in general. Thatvis why I am a fan of Apple's UI. But I am willing to sacrifice my Zen Minimalism OCD to using Rockbox just to have 1Tb.

    Btw does RB have a way to customize the album art to take more space on screen while listening ?
  6. DMinor
  7. rbhawaii
    I think this link is better for someone who is new to rockbox .
    you can download any of those themes and and customize them further using
    if you do want to mod a custom WPS (While Playing Screen)
    i suggest starting with this one
    i also suggest using the ipod simulator to save time and your sanity :)
  8. rbhawaii
    The crucial m500 ssd can be made to work better in the ipod . It may even be able to not shut the ipod down due to high amp drain when battery is at 25 per cent or lower
    heres how…
    The crucial m500 ssd drives have “Field upgradable firmware” On 03/25/2014 Firmware Update MU05 was released
    The firmware includes a self monitoring temperature system where if the drive goes above 70c it slows the drive down and uses less power to cool it down. Then it goes back into “high performance mode” . the ipod does not need high performance mode, this is what causes the ssd to get hot and to suck out extra power from the battery.
    There was a program/patch (I think it was from crucial/micron but I cant find it this time) that disables the self monitor and keeps it in high performance mode all the time – I don’t know who would want that but heres the point… we need the opposite of that.
    If someone knows how to rewrite the firmware of the drive and put it in to “permanent low power slower performance mode” I think our problem will be solved. Or maybe we could get a campaign going to contact crucial and ask them to code the firmware or patch for us.

  9. DMinor
    Aloha @rbhawaii, welcome to HF!   From Oahu?
    Interesting point about latest firmware for the Crucial M500 ssd drives. Someone needs to try that and let us know. :)
  10. rbhawaii
    Hi and thanks for the greet :)
    Yes I used to live in Oahu for 10 years (got lucky and lived in Hawaii Loa Ridge for the last 6 months I was there)
    Now i'm back in NYC for a year or 2 maybe will move to Florida next, will have to do research on what a good area is
  11. DMinor
    Yeah Loa Ridge is a nice place to live with all the $million houses there, and you are still searching for a good area to live?  You must be tired of the ocean views from the hill. [​IMG]
  12. cmarti
    Here's an area to NOT consider to living  when moving to Florida.
  13. rbhawaii

    Thanks Cmarti lol
    I definitely dont want to live anywhere simba is not allowed !
    Im guessing a good place to live then would be the Zoo or Disney Land lol
  14. rbhawaii
    Loa Ridge was to strict. They charge you $50 each night you have a car parked on the street in front of your place so if you have guests sleep over , they have to park out side the community and then you have to drive them in and out. plus hardly anyone was friendly nor very happy at that place. it seems money makes people less connected to others. People were a thousand times more friendlier when i lived in kalihi
  15. DMinor
    @cmarti, LOL. I love that movie and Simba.
    Yeah some people have that mentality when they got the money and they think they live in a different world. Same thing here at HF. There are dudes who may own a few of expensive toys start thinking they are listening to music from a different world.
    My buddies at the park where I play basketball a few times a week are mostly from Kalihi. They are very friendly and respectful.
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