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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

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  1. galacticsoap
    Hi Guys - Any ZX2 + Noble K10 owners out there notice any hiss aside from the usual discharge hiss upon start-up when using the K10's?


  2. kalrykh
    send me your ZX2 and I'll test it :)
  3. Watagump

    I approve of this idea, I will take a AK380, Hugo combo. The only difference is I wont return them. [​IMG]
  4. Taowolf51
    It's also worth noting that deeper bass does not equal more bass.
    John, does the Savant have a noticeable bass rolloff in the subbass area?
    Also, unrelated, any insight on how the availability of the Savant Uni will look over the coming months? Will it be hard to find for the first month, or should there be adequate stock?
  5. kalrykh

    I never mentioned returning anything :p
  6. Watagump

    I have taught you well, my work is done here. [​IMG]
  7. FullCircle

    Regarding the bass roll off, the bass roll off is less aparent than the n4

    As far as availability it depends on our dealers response, which has been strong. Those wanting a savant asap should contact our thai dealership as they have some currently in stock.
    Noble Audio Stay updated on Noble Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/NobleAudio https://www.twitter.com/noblebywizard https://www.instagram.com/nobleaudio https://nobleaudio.com/en/ contact@nobleaudio.com
  8. fnkcow
    As I have 2 other BT receivers as mentioned before that offer the exact same capabilities as the BTS, and I've tested all 3 of them with the same relatively new phone and laptop, the difference is very apparent so much so I can say it's night and day, so no I don't think it's the effectiveness of the sources and their Bluetooth capabilities, which point to the BT receiver itself instead, which in this case is only the BTS out of the three. And do check again, the loss in bass is not only me. I happen to be the only one who voice this out is all, and I happen to have 2 other similar BT receivers afterall that I can compare side-by-side.
    Then again, keep in mind that BTS is most probably tuned using Noble IEMs so will probably be most compatible when paired with Noble IEMs, IMO.
    fiascogarcia likes this.
  9. SAR14
    I lost bass too.
    fnkcow likes this.
  10. theUKMrT

    That would be precisely my assessment too.
    So based on what's been said on the last couple of pages (& in Sorensiim's review), seems the Savant is lushly mid-centric with a bass somewhere between the N4 and the K10 (which seemed like iem perfection when I was lucky enough to try for a couple of hours when on demo here in the UK)... Like a S***e 535 with body & that can actually deliver bass perhaps? I'd be into that.
  11. bangkokkid
    Fruit from an American Sweetgum tree (Liquidambar styraciflua).
  12. VisceriousZERO
    That looks amazing
  13. Loquah
    I assume the fruit is quite dry?

    They look amazing - like something astronomical
  14. MuZo2
  15. Watagump

    Until I saw this picture, I had no idea what they were. I have seen these things. If they can put plants in a faceplate, the next logical step is my live goldfish idea.
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