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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

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  1. Sorensiim
    FWIW, I never noticed a bass drop on the BTS, using it with both the Savant and the K10. A coworker let me borrow his Sony SBH20 and comparing it to the BTS I noticed the Sony lacking the clarity of the BTS but having a slight bass boost. 
    The BTS also helped me notice that the bluetooth implementation on my ludicrously expensive AK120II is nothing short of useless. Seriously - expect 3 feet of range at the most, but only if there are no obstacles between the AK and whatever BT device you're using. 
  2. DartFrogs
    My N3s are on the way wootwoot! [​IMG]
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  3. fnkcow
    Yeah, I did theorize that BTS is most probably tested using Noble IEMs so will probably be most compatible when paired with Noble IEMs, and that might be the maximum efficiency of what it can work with IMO
    Wont comment on the Sony SBH20 as I never have heard it before. But the bass drop is apparent comparing the BTS even with directly plugged into my phone or laptop, not to mention the other 2 BTS receivers or sources I have. And my IEMs sound fairly consistent across the half a dozen or so DAPs I have and have tried so I have a good idea of how they should sound like if feeded enough juice.
    I read about AK's Bluetooth issues before, but still glad to hear you point it out for the benefits of those who might not be aware
  4. Saraguie
    Just curious, how would a BT device be tuned to a particular sound signature? IEMs have drivers and bores so that us how they are done. Any ideas?
  5. fnkcow
    I wont say tuned, probably wrong choice of words on my part, just saying it works best since it was tested with Noble IEMs, and they are like mini dac/amps in their own way to power up the IEMs
  6. Sorensiim
    Forgot to mention that I tried the BTS with my Sennheiser HD25-1 II as well. Sure, they could do with a little more raw power than what the BTS pumps out, but there wasn't a drop in bass to be noticed. I'm starting to think you might've gotten a bad unit [​IMG]
  7. fnkcow
    I was asking for that as well initially which is also one of the reason I posted it here
    But the mids and highs were fine and got too loud if I go maximum volume on the BTS, but the bass didnt pick up still like the rest did
    And all the indirect answers I got in short were "BTS is for convenience not sound quality"
    And there are a few others who admitted the drop in bass too
    I would have liked to believe I got a lemon since I wanted it to work, that's why I was one of the firsts to buy it in the first place, but I think the answer is clear to me from the responses I got
  8. krismusic Contributor
    Very nice. I'm literally on route to pick up my K10's :) Hoping they fit nicely!
  9. miguelito

    Yeap, same experience with source volume and SQ on an iPhone. I have not tried the BTS thoroughly with my ZX2 yet, but initial impression is also very good though it is not as good as the headphone out in this case. I also like the functionality of the buttons.
    Question for the Noble team: Is the unit firmware upgradable? Wondering b/c it would be cool to support LDAC if Sony decides to allow for that.
  10. voyage
    How long usually the custom made K10 ship out?
  11. FullCircle
    trying to maintain a sub $100 blue tooth package, including a cable was difficult to do. I imagine having an upgradeable feature would have brought costs up as well.
    FAQ states " appoximately 30-40 business days"
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  12. miguelito
    Yes, makes sense. Amazing job with the BTS, and including the short cable is a really nice touch - although I don't use it since I am using the K10s mostly with the ZX2's headphone out now. I use the BTS mostly at the gym with my gym earbuds.
  13. voyage
    they got my earmold six week before[​IMG]
  14. M Coupe
    I am doing some work and listening to Pandora when I stumbled on this artist that does Piano Renditions of some great alt rock songs. The one that caught my eye was, "Where is my Mind" by the Pixies.

    The K10 expresses the tonal richness of the piano. Very cool...and interesting interpretations that transform hard songs into beautiful and peaceful piano pieces. Check it out-

  15. dulty
    I'm sure you mean 'his' piano [​IMG]
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