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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

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  1. Watagump

    A Prestige with this wood and watch parts would be sick.
  2. BaTou069
    Hello to this noble community and noble themselves :)
    I've actually already asked this, but it stayed unanswered... Are there plans to ever produce a silicone K10 in the future?
  3. FullCircle
    Currently, there are no plans to offer a K10 in silicone.
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    Hello all Noble fans, a new comer here and after auditioning several ToTL CIEMs, now I am also on the impatient-K10-wating-customer list, and after reading some reviews now I think I am also going to pre-order Savant universal too. (Hail to the wizard!)
    For the complimentary BTS, I imagine a scenario that after some casual listening sessions with the BTS connected with the shorter cable, would it be inconvenient trying to switch from the BTS to the DAP? I mean switching cables isn't the easiest thing to do, and I am afraid that changing it too often might loosen the connector.
    The only solution I can think of is getting a quality female-to-male extension cable, any recommendations?
    (I think it would be great if Noble sells them!)
  5. The Life
    That would actually be a pretty great solution. I've been having the same dilemma.
  6. rmullins08
    My solution is going to have the N6 relegated to BTS duty, and Savants for standard usage (guess I will just have two BTS with the complimentary BTS, unless Brannan wants to swap in a glow in the dark cable instead)
  7. longbowbbs
    I am loving my k10's! Exceptional clarity. I also really appreciate the protective case they come in. I can fit my AK120mkII and the BTS inside and have my full portable rig protected! Very handy!
  8. The Life
    1. See pictures posted by happy K10 owners.
    2. Check UPS tracking for my K10s: "The package is awaiting clearing agency review. / The package is at the clearing agency awaiting final release."
    3. Shake fist and curse Chinese customs for another couple of hours.
  9. rschoi75
    ^ So close, yet so far away!  
    Congrats on your upcoming K10's. 
  10. rmullins08
  11. kalrykh
    What's really going to get your panties in a wad is when they try to deliver and you're not home and they won't drop them off because you owe clearing house fees :p
  12. The Life
    That's why I'm getting it delivered to work. With any luck, the receptionist might "accidentally" pay the fees for me and then bill the company.
  13. dulty
    Cool K10s man, but do you have better quality pictures of them, perhaps from Noble? 
  14. Chiyo
    Are the emailed pictures of the finished CIEM only available for those who went with a Wizard design/reprint? Or will everyone who ordered get their set of pictures?
  15. longbowbbs
    I'll get some up later today. I do not have any from Noble.
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