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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

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  1. Watagump
    Just wait until someone from Colorado decides they want to use a plant. [​IMG] The 420 special edition will be created.
  2. MuZo2

    How about a hamster ?
  3. dulty
    Hooorayyy!! I've taken the first step in joining the Noble family and pre-ordered a Savant! Color me happy! [​IMG]
    I am sure the Wiz can manage to stick a live goldfish in there, but the question is, how long will it live?
  4. Watagump

    There will have to be some slight maintenance involved with caring for the fish. [​IMG]
  5. fiascogarcia

    I'm on it!
  6. LikeABell
    That'll be a separate model.
    Specially tuned for trippy music.[​IMG]
  7. mscott58
    Just playing around with the BTS some more I'm getting the best results with my source volume at 100% and then controlling the playback volume using the buttons on the BTS. The same dB level using a lower source volume and the BTS making up for it comes across as thinner than having the source at 100% and the BTS at a lower volume. Don't know if this might be the same case for or help others as well. 
    Also please know that I'm not saying that the SQ is exactly the same as being cabled - all my critical listening is still done wired - but that the BTS is more than sufficient for the portable/wireless uses I have for it. 
  8. Chevalierr
    Hey Wizard and Brannan! Just got my BTS and running my K10's from my LG G4 on my commute to work as I type this!

    I can say that running it via cable vs Bluetooth there is a small difference. Other than that, all the key qualities of the K10 and music are still present!

    The additional ability to pause and answer calls without having to remove my iems is a godsend too. Voice quality from the BTS is pretty standard.

    What I like abt the BTS is how lightweight it is and the battery life is pretty good too.

    So far the only gripe I have is the battery life indicator isn't showing full bar on a full charge and i wished the cable was a TAD longer. The indicator issue could be isolated to the phone or Android version issue. Will test and let you guys know

    Those of you thinking abt pulling the trigger, do it. This is a solid offering and you get more than your money's worth
  9. Watagump
    I just have to know, how the heck you guys came up with taking a piece of fruit, so to be, and using it as a faceplate? Do you just find stuff cut it open and go hey, this will rock? Once again, its just amazing what you do and the creative talent behind your entire team.
  10. Taowolf51
    It would be so cool if a set of customs could be made with this method:

    And before anyone says anything, I know it would be extremely unfeasible and nearly impossible, just wishing out loud. [​IMG]
  11. Watagump
  12. Watagump
    Joke time, a quick little one liner.
    I saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switching to reverse and leaving the scene.
  13. fnkcow
    Again, please read what I had already posted before. If I have 3 BT receivers including the BTS and a BT headset for a few months, obviously I would have known better of what I am doing.
    Repeating what I've already said before again and again makes me feel really old [​IMG]
  14. mscott58
    Sorry - Just trying to be helpful and didn't mean to make you feel old! And I've found in life it's best not to assume anything, and in these posts to add more data rather than less, even if it is likely the other person has tried something as the value is not just for the person you're responding to but the other people who might read it as well who might not be as experienced. No harm, no foul and sorry your BTS is not living up to your expectations. 
    Actually, one more idea. Maybe it's because you're in the Southern Hemisphere and the bass waves go the opposite direction than they do here in the Northern Hemisphere? [​IMG]
  15. fnkcow
    I was trying to be helpful too by being as clear as I could be by trying to state all the things that I have experienced and could think of within a few posts so that people can take it for what it is by reading just one or two posts and don't need to read many multiple posts across many pages to get the idea. Sorry if it doesn't come out as I have hoped.
    Lol that would be one heck of a feat to pull off! All my other gears will go bass-less once it reaches the Northern Hemisphere as they are working perfectly fine here and will drive me nuts as I can't live without the bass [​IMG] 
    Cheers mate
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