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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

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  1. vhsownsbeta

    I really don't see what is so creepy about elijah wood with a moustache in a sweater stroking a garden sculpture while mouthing 'terrific'...

    Watagump. Never to be outdone in the noble thread...
    Me too, although mine are still en route.
  2. krismusic Contributor
    What's this "minor touch up"?
  3. cossie0
    Hi everyone first post and its a question sorry.
    I have just bought a Sony ZX2 which is currently going through its 100 hour burn in process.
    I am looking to buy some quality iem to replace my aged Shure 530's.
    I would love to get the K10 universal but the Noble website is showing out of stock and has been for a while now.
    Does anyone know if they will be making more or is the only way of getting these now having to go ciem.?
    I really cannot be bothered with the hassle of the molds and sending them to the US (I am in the UK) for them to get lost in the post etc etc
    The alternative is the N6 but I am in two minds as I would always know that the sound could have been better.
  4. echineko
    I'm the same actually, have a ZX2 arriving any day now, didn't want the hassle of getting a CIEM and waiting etc, hence I got me a Noble Savant. There's still some waiting involved, but at least you know when to expect them.

    I do believe they have more K10Us incoming, but the guys from Noble would be better placed to tell you more. By the way, any reason you're not thinking of the Savant?
  5. appleteapot
    Hi Noble Teams,
    I just bought my new K10U last week, and like other satisfied users, I signed up Head-Fi forum to say thank you. 
    I decided to buy K10U after about 20 minutes of audition on my LG G3 mobile phone.  Before that, I had no clue IEM could cost >$1.5K, nor I understand how in the world 10 drivers can be inserted into an IEM earpiece.  And they are light weight too.  The earphones didn't look as exotic as many other cheaper ones.  That's an advantage to me, I didn't need to worry to explain to my family, friends or boss.  Anyway, as soon as I listened to it I was addicted to it.  I just loved them.  The music was crystal clear, very detailed but not overwhelming, music was evenly distributed across the sonic spectrum. 
    So I bought them.  After I went home, I plugged them to my Mytek 8X192 DAC, and wow!  I found the sound I have been searching for years.  With a proper source and headphone amp, the sound was even more musical and accurate.  The bass was tight, just right and not overkill, I could enjoy music for hours and hours without feeling fatigue. 
    I then went to your web site and found that K10U was on backlog. 
    So, just one last question is that I am looking for a matching DAP or DAC, in order to fully explorer it's potential.  If you have any recommendation please feel free to let me know.  Or if you have already answered somewhere within this forum just ignore my stupid question :)
    Greetings from Hong Kong! 
  6. 13-7

    Just contact Brannan via the contact form on the Noble website.

    Ordered mine this way a few days ago.

    The K10U is currently being built to order and, according to Brannan, the wait time is around 4-6 weeks.
  7. Malevolent

    What are you talking about? You can never go too far.
    Still, I'm going to refrain from posting one of my own. [​IMG]
    Anyway, I will be out of town for the next few days, and I probably won't have access to an internet connection most of the time, so enjoy, folks! I'll see you guys next week. Till then, long live Noble!
  8. galacticsoap
    Hey Guys,
    Since moving from the AK240 + JH Audio Roxanne combo to the ZX2 + Roxanne I've noticed that everything I loved about the Roxanne with the AK240 is now potentially too much of a good thing with the ZX2 i.e. I thought the AK240's dynamics and pace were the perfect foil for the Roxanne's extremely organic and musical mid-range and bass. With the ZX2 I feel my self feeling as if the mid-range with the Roxanne is a touch too lush, thereby taking away a bit of the sense of timing and dynamics that's so important with relatively complex and layered EDM. Further to this I also feel the high frequency extension on the Roxanne's is again just a touch too rolled off. 
    As luck would have it I have an opportunity to purchase a pair Noble K10 Universals. I'm considering doing that and want to ask the K10 + ZX2 users out there a few questions:
    1) Aside from the discharge hiss you hear when you start the unit is there any hiss when using the K10's with the ZX2?
    2) Has anyone out there gone from the Roxanne's to the K10 with the ZX2 - if so what was your experience?
    3) Are there any EDM fans out there who listen to my genre's with the K10 + ZX2. If so what's your experience been?
    What I'm really after is a little bit more sparkle up top with out stepping into trebble that's bright or etched while retaining a full bodied presentation through the mid-range and appropriate separation and impact through the bass. LOL. Not really asking for much! :) 
  9. Watagump

    People ship molds all the time without issues, just saying. Customs are so worth the little extra money for impressions, just to have a proper fit, no more tips to worry about, not to mention the amazing quality and choices they give you.
  10. wsilvio
    Received my confirmation pictures the other night.  I think they look great!
    THEcoatedwaif likes this.
  11. cossie0
    They really are works of art.
    Thanks for your help guys. I had not realised you could order hem via the backdoor.
    However Watagump has me wondering just to make the effort to get the customs. I expect these will last for a long long time so do it once and do it right.
    I will let you know how I got on
    ekineko I did not consider the Savants as I wanted the best of the range which I suppose is the K10
  12. Watagump

    A custom is the same price as the universal, only when you start going for certain things that the price jumps. You can get the color choice you prefer and even get a nice wood faceplate, still $1599. So for the same price, you get something way way way nicer looking.
  13. bflat

    Well, since you are already in for $1600, go for the new AK380 which is available in Hong Kong now! Or wait another month and you will see many AK240s on classified here for probably $1500 or less. I would recommend you go balanced amp so AK or the new HM 901s is also shipping now. If you want to stay with SE amp, then Lotoo PAW Gold  is a solid choice. On the opposite end of the spectrum of affordable DAPs, the iBasso DX90 and Fiio X3ii and X5ii (not shipping yet) are popular choices. My only comment on the iBasso and Fiio is that the sound is not much better than just iPhone 6 from my limited time trying those. None of em convinced me to carry around both my phone and the DAP. AK on the other has convinced me otherwise and I find myself taking my walks outside with just my AK and no phone.
  14. Watagump

    In true Head-fi fashion, we will show you how to blow your money in no time. [​IMG]
  15. fzman Contributor
    I am really glad to hear that.  I am really enjoying my 846-Sensaphonics custom sleeve-Ted's silver litz cable combo through my Calyx M.  While waiting for my K10s to be finished, I have gone back and listened to my N6 universals, which I used to love, and find that I really prefer a lot about the Shure combo over them, to the point that i have been fretting over my decision to buy the K10s.  Side by side I have regarded the K10 as better than the N6, finding the 10 more balanced and open/detailed/resolving than the 6 (universal versions, both), while the 6 now is feeling a bit too warm/rich for me..... I've ordered a 2-pin silver litz cable from Ted to match my MMCX cable to compare apples to apples, but have not received it yet.
    I am not sure how much of this is the unfair advantage of the customized "tips" for my 846s, as these are the closest thing I have had to customs.  I am also curious at this point how the acrylic is going to perform and fit, vs. the silicone - I was a bit surprised that the customs are a bit "harder/slower" to insert and remove than universals....
    Anyway.... enough rambling 'worrying out loud'.  If any of this made sense or sounded familiar, I'd love to hear your thoughts.  
    Happy weekend! 
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