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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. Koolpep

    I have been on quite search for ear tips recently. What I found for me is that the former aurisonics (now Fender) silicone ear tips work amazingly well. Fender though changed the ear tips - the old ones are the way to go for me. Seal is perfect and thanks to their slightly weird stickiness they just stay perfect in the ear. I found that an issue with the Nobles as they are a bit on the heavy side. Found them finally here: http://ineargear.com/tipscablescases.html

    And alternatively I am using the spinfits (check on amazon) - slightly better than the supplied ones for me.

  2. incubus8
    Thank you for the recommendations! I really hope that I'll find something that fits, last thing I want to do is realize my ears just aren't made for the K10s and have to sell them :/
  3. petetheroadie
    Was just listening to Snow Patrol's latest on my Encores.

    I sat up straight when the drums kicked in :L3000:

    Great band, worth a listen...

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  4. klyzon
    Anyone can give me ideas for cables?

    am currently using the kaiser encore universal with a fiio q5 and linum super bax. Slightly miss the memory wire, so am looking for alternatives. Was thinking of Leonidas but build time is quite lengthy at the moment.

    anyone can advise me on thor silver ii+ vs leonidas?
  5. Redcarmoose

    As the sun sets.
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  6. SteveKiwi
    I finally gave in to my desire to see what the Katana's were like.
    They have just arrived and Wow!
    I thought the Andromeda's were great but these are on a different level
  7. Redcarmoose
  8. squee116
    A while back I inquired about a mid-centric EDC model, and was told something was in the works. Wondering if that was supposed to be a reference to the Bell or not...
  9. SteveKiwi
    Hmmm I may have been a bit over enthesiastic there
  10. John0405
    I've been listening to my encores for quite a while now; I'm very happy of them, especially paired with my mojo. The sound signature might be just too "neutral" to be fully appreciated while on-the-go (maybe too bass-light) but paradoxically, they seem to give their full potential in more quite environments.
    Nevertheless, does anyone would care to compare them with the most recent contenders, like the the Tia Fourte, the Legend X and others...? Just out of curiosity...
    Thanks to all.
  11. proedros

    you should visit @flinkenick thread , where there is talk about all TOTL ciems around


    a lot of information and feedback about the top models, free from the diseases of hype and fanboyism found in various threads in this forum.....

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  12. John0405
    Thanks for the advice. I have, actually. Great thread. But not a lot of comparaisons with the encores...that why I thought I might as well ask here. :/
  13. Felicitous
    Apparently the Fourté is like a hyper Encore with more everything in all the right places. I’d hope so at double the price. The Legend X is like...BOOM in your face. I would still say Encore is wider and definitely the more detailed of the two in everything but bass. I wouldn’t buy anything this year. With everyone coming out with their new and hybrid stuff late last year and early this year we should be seeing crazy stuff next year as the freshman efforts can always be perfected after the first year.
  14. John0405
    Thanks Filicitous. I’m really satisfied with my gear, but I’m rather surprised this thread doesn’t offer more objective comparisons with other stuff. Anyway... I have no choice but to wait since I already spent quite a lot in my Encores + mojo...
  15. WailingBanshee
    You can make a request for foams if you contact their customer support. I was in a similar situation as you and Brennan reached out to me and was willing to cut a deal.

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