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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. squee116
    I was wondering if we could get a consolidated segmentation between the Noble EDC Velvet, Luxe, Bell, and Noble X.
    If I'm not mistaken, price wise, it goes Luxe -> Velvet -> Bell -> Noble X?
    How are they different soundwise? I own the Velvet and X, as points of comparison.
    Are they all targeted at different audiences?
  2. Alexdre119
    Another option would be to go with custom tips with the universal version. I got micro snugs for my Encores because I have small ears and I couldn't be happier.
  3. squee116
    Was hoping to hear about the Bell and Luxe before the sale ended, but I guess that was unrealistic of my expectations...
  4. SteveKiwi
    Hi this is a quote from the wizard from the Massdrop discussion thread. He was asked about the differences between the EDC models.

    "Luxe Bass more bass focussed of the three, bare bones IEM relying on the essentials, housing, cable, and a quality driver
    Velvet, somewhat warmish sound, surprisingly hard hitting bass for such a small package, bare bones IEM with a bit more focus on portability due to the over all size.
    Bell, more balanced sound, high frequencies more robust than the Velvet, more amenities in the build
    Bell Brass housing
    PVD finish
    4 core braided SPC tinsel cable, with a pull strenght of 150lbs at center length
    Small housing
    5.8 mm dd
    Currently the most refined EDC offered by Noble"

    I own both the Velvet and the Bell and I would agree with the wizard's assessment.

    They both have their merits, but I use the Bell's more.

    In my opinion they are outstanding even not just "for their price" but they stand on their own two feet as a quality iem
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  5. squee116
    Thanks for the response! Would you say the Bell's are reminiscent of the Noble X's? What are the mids like?
  6. SteveKiwi
    Sorry I can't help you with the comparison with the Noble X's.

    The mids on the Bell are, to me at least, excellent.
  7. squee116
    Would you say the mids are forward, or are balanced pretty evenly with the rest?
  8. SteveKiwi
    I'd say they were reasonably balanced, if you were going to be hyper critical then maybe slightly recessed.
    Having said that it really does depend on the tracks you are listening to.

    Also for me when using large spinfits. The mids are brought that extra bit forward.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2018
  9. Jazza517
    Finally hocked up my Katana with Tri Cu, with 1960, it seems the potential of Katana is being held back but with the Tri Cu, the mid is now more forward, Bass is punchier and overall brighter. Really echoing what Pinky mentioned earlier on Encore with Tri Cu.
  10. drm870
    Wait, is the Bell an IEM in limited release for now? I can't seem to find any info on it anywhere.
  11. squee116
    i think some people got early units, they aren't on sale yet, or something to that effect...
  12. darinf
    Just received a pair of Noble Bell's today for evaluation. (Thanks Brannan!)
    First of all, MUCH different than the Velvets. The Bells are brighter and more detailed in the highs. But still with lots of bass. I'd say a slightly V-shaped signature.
    I prefer a brighter sound, so for me, the Bells are right up my alley. They have lots of air due to the elevated highs. To me that makes them sound more clear and resolving. But I also have no tolerance for any harshness in the highs and the Bells, while bright, are never harsh.

    I used to have Noble X's, but it's been so long since I've heard them, I don't know if a comparison is relevant. Sorry.

    But I do have a pair of Katana's and Encore's and K10 Customs. To me the Bells are more like the Encore's than the Katana's. The Katanas are more neutral than the Bells. The Bells have more bass than the Katanas and elevated highs compared to the Katanas.
    The Bells remind me more of the Encores in terms of frequency response.
    No, they're not as good as either the Katana or the Encore's, but that's to be expected considering the price difference. But the Bells are REALLY good for the price. (I think $199? that's unbelievable in terms of the sound quality vs. price!)
    Compared to the K10, I agree with @Kunlun . The K10's are darker, thicker, more bass.

    I also tried some Comply foam tips and that seems to smooth out the highs a bit and yields better bass response. But I've always gotten a much better seal with Comply foam tips compared to any silicone tips I've tried. I pretty much always use Comply tips with all of my IEMs.
    (And lastly, WOW! These things work great for movies in 7.1. The detail and clarity really help the imaging.)
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  13. faithguy19
    I can't wait until the Bell's go on sale. Want to try them so bad. Love my K10's.
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  14. Stranger Than Fiction
    Just one week to go and then I’m done with the Cicerone exam. Then I can start reviewing!

    Watch this space for a comprehensive review of the K10s!
  15. chengsta
    The encores sound so good with everything. But right now I'm especially enjoying some good modern folk music. It stirs up creativity so easily.

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