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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. PinkyPowers
    All DAPs have internal amps. That's why you can plug headphones into them.

    The AK KANN is a great choice in that price range. Plenty of driving power. Great sound. Updated version of the AK120II.

    I also highly recommend the Opus#2 and the iBasso DX200 with the AMP3 or AMP4 module.
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  2. Stranger Than Fiction
    ^ Of course, although the way in which Addicted to Audio were spruiking the player it led me to believe it was superior over most. Twas the KANN too.

    If I’m lucky I could go in for the AK320, although there is the 240 and 320 to choose from. I’d be looking for the most neutral sounding of these.

    The DX200 is also worth considering even though I didn’t much like the GUI of the DX90.
  3. PinkyPowers
    Yep. KANN does have what amounts to an add-on amp, but on the inside.

    But you mentioned the AK120, which does not. It has a fairly basic amp for a portable device.
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  4. Stranger Than Fiction
    Ah okay.

    I arrive back into Melbourne on Wednesday so I might head out to A2A for more testing (and perhaps even a hot sauce exchange lol). An all in one solution would be ideal so I’m not lugging too much around. An amp tethered to my iPhone certainly isn’t an option given how much reading and writing I do with it.

    A cable can come later.
  5. PinkyPowers
    lol. You may still feel like you're lugging an amp around. KANN is a fat boy. :D

    The DX200 with it's high-current models (AMP3, 4 & 5) is also extremely powerful and capable of driving practically anything, and driving it well. :wink:
  6. faithguy19
    I have been using the Bell for about a week or so now and I am pretty impressed. I agree with what someone stated a few posts back. Noble just knows how to make a do no wrong type of sound headphone. Even though it is indeed different than my K10 I was instantly reminded of my K10 when I tried these. I think of these as my baby K10. A few things on my wishlist.
    1. Better L/R markings (I know this has already been mentioned)
    2. Removable Cable (I use these almost exclusively with my iPhone and it would be nice to be able to use my noble lightning cable with it) Or perhaps make a lightning version though I know that is unlikely.
    3. Cable Cinch (not that important just preference)
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  7. TN1023
    I have been the user of noble K10u for around 3 years until lately one side of the earphone starts giving broken sound. I am sure I handle them with care all the time but it just happened. Disappointed at the short duration of such an expensive product, but I still trust it was my bad luck only as I don’t see other users reflecting this in the forums. I contacted Noble for a repair and immediately the next day they replied and offered me to purchase the new Encore or Katana universal at a discount instead. I accepted and paid immediately. Afterwards I have been asking for a tracking ID for delivery and no reply at all for 3-4 emails ever since I paid. I tried PM them in here as well and still nth. I was told to expect delivery within 2 weeks and now it is one month already. No earphone, no reply, I can feel that I am of no value as a customer after I paid them. All I was asking for is a tracking ID for delivery so that I can better arrange my time. Such a basic thing for online purchases I don’t see what is so difficult for a simple reply. I would be happy if they just tell me it is out of stock or they have too many orders to handle so they need longer time or whatsoever. Though I like their product, I am disappointed with their customer service I must say.
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  8. TN1023
    By no means I wanna post this to bad mouth the company, but I think I should let other ppl know my experience. I wish it is of constructive discussion for improvement only. We can always blame others easily but we all are human and we can’t always do perfect. I am definitely not those “customers are always right” persons.
    Last edited: May 2, 2018
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  9. PinkyPowers
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  10. antaresenis
    I have the same problem. everyone at Noble seems to have vanished - I order a pair of CIEMs, and it's been a long time since the product should have been mailed, but I have not heard anything from them. I tried emailing and calling but no one got back to me.

    In the past, they usually reply within a day or two, and products are shipped within a reasonable time frame. I don't know but something feels off.
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  11. Gilles De Rais
    Fellow Antipodean here. At A2A try the Sony's (ZX300 and WM1A) as well as the AKs. They're in the same ballpark for cost. While I think the AK70 MkII may also suit, I think the font issue may pop up there - it has a smaller screen than the Kann (though I prefer its sound signature). I agree with you on the Fiio range not a fan. The Sonys and AKs play well with Noble - I'm using an 8c and a Massdrop Noble X with the WM1A and have used a AK70 mk I with both - all are quite euphonic!


  12. John0405
    My expérience s
    I had more or less the same experience. When I ordered my 8c a couple of years ago, they were quite responsive and very helpful. I purchased the encores a few months ago and they were not as responsive as before. I also purchased a balanced cable; they sent me a lightening one and never replied to me emails after that. Come on, Noble ! Your products are good but you need to get back on track !
    Last edited: May 3, 2018
  13. FullCircle
    Agreed. Growing pains are no fun

    Got to get back on the rails
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  14. jacc
    I bought my first CIEM in 2013 from Noble and up to now I still don't think there exist another audio company which can match Noble's customer service quality.. keep it up!

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