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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. uzi2

    Longer nozzles should allow for a deeper fitting tip and better isolation. I would prefer the aluminium shells to have longer nozzles. The Ety ER4S has unrivalled isolation among universals because of it's deep fit.
  2. musiclvr

    I stated "I am a bass head in the sense that I love high bass quality not quantity." Let me clarify. In my opinion High Bass Quality= Bass that is linear, extended, with quick PRaT (pace, rythm, and timing), detailed, and doesn't overlap into the lower mids (giving male/female vocals a boxy or hollow sound). In no way do I look for bass emphasis in an iem that is supposed to be a balanced sound unlike what is known to be had with the Dulce and Trident. I bought the Savant for its description which stated "Perhaps the most subjectively balanced in-ear monitor Dr. John has designed thus far..." To be clear.

    Correct. I should have stated that I feel that the aluminum caps might increase or introduce a dampening like effect for the balanced armatures to reduce resonance. If this is true or that iem material can affect the overall sound of any given iem is just pure speculation on my part. I thank you for your response right from the source though. I love your work.
  3. musiclvr
    @ScottFree The Savanna is advertised as being "linear" in sound, hence my interest.
  4. Koolpep

    Maybe people got mislead a bit with "basshead" I think you are a bass lover for sure, but not a basshead as per the definition prevalent here in basshead threads in this forum which I am part of - as the bassheads here value their impact and quality - but a boat load of impact is an absolute MUST for the local bassheads.
    Check this thread out: 
  5. Malevolent
    Geez. I'm pretty bad with fashion. I wear tees, bermudas and flip flops on weekends. [​IMG]
  6. Malevolent
    I love both types of bass - quality and quantity. A good mix of both is ideal, but there are times when I prefer moving as much air between my ears as possible. For such times, something like an XB1000 is absolutely perfect. For times when you just need quality, a K10 is one of the best options for bass texture, quality and resolution. It's a fine time to be an audiophile, with so many stellar options available.
  7. musiclvr

    Yes I do love my Bass! I am still a recovering Basshead then in the general sense. Hahaha I like to pull out my VModa M100's or Cardas EM5813 iems and play some solid hitting EDM pretty frequently too. Otherwise I like the sound of a precise sounding cello string pluck that's rendered in a small jazz ensemble or a detailed thunder clap say from ambient music....so a more neutral type bass presentation.

    Thank you for making me aware of the bass head iem thread. I never thought to look up a thread like that. I always do my searches based in the iem/hp that I am using at the time. So its gonna be cool to peruse.
  8. Dillan
    The K10s for me are the perfect amount of bass in an IEM. Once you go beyond a certain amount of quantity then you inevitably lose some of the quality. It's got great presence IMO
  9. Sorensiim
    The Katana sounds like a perfect sidekick to my K10, a position currently filled by the Savant...

    Does a man REALLY need all these kidneys? We have "free" health care here in Denmark, so I'd probably get free dialysis if I sold both of mine...
  10. Dillan
    See what you're doing noble
  11. darinf
    FYI, my Katana impressions posted in the Katana thread:
  12. dulty
    @Sorensiim you'll be fine with just one buddy, don't worry. In Rainbows is on Spotify, finally :wink:
    @darinf thanks for the impressions. Need more though...
    So I finally got my Savannas. To put it briefly, they are awesome! Much better than I expected, almost flat with just a touch of adjustment to the FR so it's more fun. The focus seems to be on the mids, treble coming in a close second. General detail and transparency are quite good, but comes in behind the K10s (naturally). Bass quantity is more than I expected, which was a nice surprise. I think the quantity is just right, the only thing that could be improved is the bass extension. Seems to me the bass roll off comes in just before the sub-bass sweet spot. If you only listen to acoustic music, you probably won't notice this. 
    The Savanna could be the one final IEM for many people, it is very versatile and handles most genres and badly recorded tracks with ease. I must also mention the new shells, the alu face plates are really beautiful and very finely machined. The corners of the Noble logo are very crisp, I was very impressed.
    So as expected, Noble has made another great IEM, may be the best price/performance ratio in their lineup. If the signature suits your tastes, you owe yourself an audition!
    Sorensiim likes this.
  13. musiclvr

    Thank you for your impressions. Any pics????:thumbsup_tone2:
  14. Dillan
    When was the Savannah released?
  15. ejong7

    Around March. CanJam SoCal.

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