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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. fiascogarcia
    Tight is good.  Just try to pull as straight out as possible, and try to change cables as infrequently as possible
  2. SDBiotek
    Yes, you definitely don't want them to get so loose that you end up losing one side of your iems. Nothing wrong with Noble's stock cables, unless you have a strong aversion to memory wire.
  3. ScottFree
    Noble's memory wire is a lot better than some others I've tried. Looking at you Shure.
  4. Dillan
    The cable and memory wire all seem good, just wanted something a little more custom with balanced connector so got a pure silver 8 wire 2.5mm balanced.
  5. SDBiotek
    Ah yes, I remember the bad old days when I used to fuss with a Shure SE215. Personally I don't have any problems with the Noble stock cables, but fit and feel can vary wildly from person to person.
  6. Antihippy
    Still no impressions for the savanna?
  7. never satisfied

    Well, it's been three weeks starting today since I ordered my Savanna, so hopefully it ships out sometime next week. I'll be sure to share my first impressions here when I've spent a few hours listening to it.
  8. Antihippy

    Cool, would love to here more about it. Just sent my impressions off for my customs so I'll have to wait a bit longer than 3 weeks haha.
  9. ScottFree

    I'll post a quick impression if you want. But i can't guarantee it'll be readable as it's 3am at the moment and I'm half asleep.

    So the Noble Savanna with SpinFit ear tips and standard cable. IMHO One of the finest Universal iems I have heard EVER. Well at least so far.

    Wide and fairly high soundstage with a decent amount of air between instruments.

    Compared to the Noble 4 (Gen 1) and Savant (Gen 1). More bass is present and in some songs the bass impact is just shy of the Savant with just a little loss in bass clarity.

    The Noble 4 did seem to have a peak in the treble which occasionally made the N4 a bit edgy but this seems to have been smoothed out. Vocals are also fantastic.

    I personally am very very very very happy with them. And quite frankly I have officially given up buying any iem at all. For me it's the Savanna that's my perfect iem.
  10. Antihippy
    Thanks for that. The earlier impressions I've read about fantastic vocals is what made me jump on the savanna c in the first place. I'm a bass head but I've found that i also trend towards sound signatures that present mids with clarity and musicality.

    Good to hear that it's free of treble peaks too.

    I would love a comparison with the hd600 as a reference point but that might be a bit unreasonable.
  11. never satisfied

    Wowee now I'm REALLY excited to get my Savannas. Ive heard nothing but good from them so far
  12. warrior1975
    As I'm impatiently waiting, I'm also planning my next purchase. I'm thinking the famed Solar...

    K10 vs Solar. That should be an interesting battle. Both groups are extremely passionate about their IEMS and their respective companies.

    I'm just really looking forward to the K10... Especially since my Heir 8.0, one of them, has a broken shell.

    I truly enjoyed my Heir and with the K10 being an improvement over the Heir 8.0...
  13. y2jdmbfan
    Anyone get any shipping notifications today? I was hoping to have my K10U's by next Wednesday...
  14. warrior1975
    Not yet. You ordered after me, right?
  15. Malevolent
    Very helpful comparison, chodi! In fact, this was what I was thinking myself. The K10 is not a beast when it comes to absolute clarity and soundstage size, but it's a maestro at reproducing excellently textured mids and lows. That's why it's still at the very top of its game for fans of a solid midrange and bass.
    Still, Noble's idea of gunning for 2 flagships is not a bad idea after all. The K10 is not everybody's cup of tea, I suppose. My wife for example, she prefers clarity above all else. I think she's going to find the Katana right up her alley. Which probably means I should prevent her from getting her hands on the Katana. [​IMG] 

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